Friday, November 04, 2005


Sorry I am quite late with the latest LSU game analysis. Coming into the game there wasn't much hype considering UNT is 2-4 and from the Sun Belt conference. None the less the game was important for various reasons. A lot of games this year the Bayou Bengals have left the field forunate with a win. Despite there many wins, they have still made mental errors numerous times throughout the year. Even though LSU steamrolled UNT 56-3, I was still unsure about one aspect of the team. The LSU football squad is still getting silly penalties. I am becoming more and more surprised on how many offsides penalties they have gotten this year. As a critical as I seem, I was pleased with the Tigers performance Saturday. LSU won like they should have. JaMarcus was rolling out great balls to Bowe, Doucet, and Jones. And for once we got to see Bowe run on the field. Unlike the last few weeks Bowe was not catching the ball in the endzone or while falling down. Even though it was against a weak UNT team, Carey and Vincent showed they can still play. I have a feeling that one of them is going to be a very critical person in the Alabama game. The most impressive stat of the game did not take place until the fourth quarter. Backup quarterback Matt Flynn was 7 for 7, 139 yards, and 3 touchdowns. Flynn's first pass was a touchdown due to the excellent athleticism of Xavier Carter. His next two were to Early Doucet. After seeing how well Flynn can play, I think he should get even more plays come each game. JaMarcus is the starter, but Flynn should still get his share of turns. I just do not think he has gotten that far chance he deserves. Overall Tigers are playing good this year. They seem to be coming closer as a team each and every game.

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