Sunday, November 20, 2005

NFL: 11/20/05

New Orleans 2-7 @ New England 5-4

Synopsis: The Patriots got a much needed win, while the Saints got a much needed Bye week. Saints have lost every possible way this year. Changing that is going to be very tough when you are going to play in the backyard of the two time defending Super Bowl champs.

Spotlight Player: Aaron Brooks. Being Saints fan I am obviously going to have a Saints player as the guy to watch. Brooks has thrown 7 TDs and 12 INTs. I think you can pretty much say this has been a nightmare season for him. Despite this forgettable season, Brooks is still the leader on the team. A 'W' can only be a remote possibility if #2 plays well.

Prediction: I would like to think the Saints will run the tables and finish 9-7. But let's be honest, they are going against Tom Brady in Foxboro. That's like fighting a crocodile in the water. Disaster is bound to happen. And happen it will. Plus, the Saints D is too weak to stop a winner like Tom Brady.

Patriots 37 Saints 17

Detroit 4-5 @ Dallas 6-3

Synopsis: Dallas is coming in off of an amazing come from behind win against the Eagles. The Lions on the other hand are coming off one of the few games Harrington looked good. Problem is Harrington always looks good against Arizona.

Spotlight Player:
Joey Harrington. Once again I am going to have to go with a QB as being the spotlight player. Harrington has lost the fans and now the coach. Mooch prefers Garcia more than Joey. Even though he's as inconsistent as Aaron Brooks, Harrington will get yet another chance to prove his critics wrong come Sunday.

This one may seem easy, but don't think so fast. If the game where in Detroit things would be different. It's not so I am going to go with a Dallas team that is starting to look like a real sleeper in the Super Bowl race.

Cowboys 30 Lions 18

Miami 3-6 @ Cleveland 3-6

Synopsis: The Fins have lost the past two weeks because their offense couldn't punch the ball in the endzone when they had it inside their opponents 10 yard line. Miami could easily be a 5-4 ball club, but the thing of it is...they aren't. Cleveland, as suspected, is having a tough season under Coach Romeo. Though more success has occurred than anticipated. Biggest issue for the Browns is the QB situation...again.

Spotlight Player: Trent Dilfer. In Cleveland's 3 wins he's thrown 6 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. In 6 losses, this Fresno State graduate has thrown a horrid 3 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. He's no Peyton Manning, but Trent is a heck of a leader. Browns need him to help out as much as he can both mentally and physically.

Prediction: Matching up, the Fins are a bit better than the Browns. Matching up. Though, I think all that goes out of the window when the game is in Cleveland. The Dawg Pound can be an intense play for a visiting team. Also, Dolphins will still be down after last week's loss. I don't know what he has in plan, but Romeo is going to have some trick plays to help his team jump out to an early lead.

Browns 22 Dolphins 17

Carolina 7-2 @ Chicago 6-3

Synopsis: Carolina has won 6 straight, Chicago has won 5 straight. Both teams are at the top of their divisions. Not much respect is being given to the Bears so Sunday's game against the Panthers is going to be a big measuring stick on how good this Chicago team really is.

Spotlight Player: Adrian Peterson. This is the other Mr. Peterson. Don't get him confused with the RB at Oklahoma. With Cedric Benson out, and Thomas Jones banged up, Peterson will again be getting many looks. A lot of people are thinking big things for the young man considering he busted out for a 100+ yards against the 49ers. Was it a fluke or just the tip of the iceberg?

Prediction: This is a major game for Chicago. Everyone knows the Panthers are good, but the Bears? Not so much. They have a good defense, a smart quarterback, and can run the ball. Sorry I don't see this team being able to put up enough points on a top notch Carolina defense. This loss will only add more coating to the fact that the NFC North is only average at best.

Panthers 28 Bears 16

Pittsburgh 7-2 @ Baltimore 2-7

Synopsis: When this game was scheduled this was suppose to be a late season grudge match. Though the trouble with that is Steelers have a solid offense (with Big Ben) and a furious D. The Ravens have no offense and a slipping D. Baltimore's season is only going to get worse.

Spotlight Player: Kyle Boller. I was going to put who ever was the Steelers' QB, but this is bigger. Last week was Boller's first time on the field since Week 1. He was 19/33 142 yards and 3 interceptions. Oh and the Ravens finished with an astounding 3 points.

Prediction: For a second I was thinking that maybe Boller might come out and prove his doubters wrong. Yet, when I thought about it I realized Boller has really never lived up to his expectations. Even without Big Ben the Steelers will still get more offense with their backup than the Ravens can get with their first round draft pick.

Steelers 30 Ravens 14

Tampa Bay 6-3 @ Atlanta 6-3

Synopsis: Well nothing is better than a nice second place showdown. Tampa is going off an awesome win against the Redskins. Going for two like that was so gutsy and thrilling to watch. The Falcons are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Pack. Vick had 3 fumbles and the team lost by the score of 33-25.

Spotlight Player: Chris Simms. Who is this guy? Is he that guy who's lost 2 games and has thrown 2 TDs and 4 INTs? Or maybe he's that guy who threw for 279 yards and 3 TDs? Come Sunday people are going to start to see whether this guy can really be a quarterback. One thing is for sure. If he plays like he did last week, Mr. Griese will be out of the job...again.

Prediction: The NFC South is very unpredictable. Right now the Bucs, Panthers, and Falcons are all about even. One week it looks like Carolina is the best, and the next week Atlana looks awesome. Though just when you think you understand this division BOOM! the Bucs come out and beat a good Redskins team. I like Chris Simms. When he plays you saw what he can do.

Buccaneers 34 Falcons 27

Oakland 3-6 @ Washington 5-4

Synopsis: The Oakland Raiders are on a 2 game losing streak. This team seems to keep sinking each week after that epic Kansas City loss. The Redskins are coming off a loss to the Bucs in which they lost on a late two point conversion made by Tampa.

Spotlight Player: Randy Moss. Randy Moss has not had over 100 yards receiving since Week 4. With all this Terrell Owens hoopla you don't think Moss wants to show the media who's the real WR in the league and put up some All-Pro numbers?

Prediction: Coach Gibbs has been in control of this team long enough to the point where they are starting to become an elite club. Of Washington's 4 losses, 3 of them have come by an average of just over 3 points. Oakland on the other hand is in disarray. Norv Turner's coaching career for the Raiders is starting to look like former coach Bill Callahan's last year under Al Davis.

Redskins 27 Raiders 17

Jacksonville 6-3 @ Tennessee 2-7

Synopsis: The Jaguars are coming off a win in which they scored 30 points. Until last week Jacksonville had not scored 30 points or more in over 50+ games. Jacksonville is going against a young Titans team that is still maturing. Despite this, you never know what to expect with a coach like Jeff Fisher.

Spotlight Player: Chris Brown. This powerful Tennessee running back has yet to run over 100 yards this season. Criticism seems to be on the fact that Brown seems to be injured a lot. If he does not start performing better, than Travis Henry may be the go-to guy in the future.

Prediction: Jaguars are notorious for losing those easy games. I want to think that they will slip up again, but I think Del Rio is getting this team to notice it's potiential. Titans will keep it close, but in the end the defense of Jacksonville will ultimately seal the W.

Jaguars 28 Titans 23

Arizona 2-7 @ St. Louis 4-5

Synopsis: Kurt Warner is going to face his old team. The team he achieved the award of 2 MVPs along with a Super Bowl trophy. Arizona has been a huge disappointment this year. The Rams have gone through quite a bit of struggles this season. Coach Martz is unable to aid the team, and injuries to Bulger and Hort have really hindered this once offensive juggernaut.

Spotlight Player: Arizona running backs. The Cardinal have one rushing touchdown this season. Period. The offense can not be effective if everyone knows that Warner is going to be throwing the ball 90% of the time. Marcel Shipp and J.J. Arrington have to do something against a weak Rams D or the city of Phoenix can start getting use to a 2-8 record.

Prediction: Dennis Green's dream season is more like a nightmare. The Rams offense will overwhelm the Cardinals all day. Fitzgerald will be terrific, but the score is all that will matter in the end.

Rams 38 Cardinals 20

Philadelphia 4-5 @ NY Giants 6-3

Synopsis: Wow! Where do I start? The troubles in Philly are only getting worse. McNabb is done for the year and an inexperienced Mike McMahon is the QB who is suppose to save the season. Giants played awful last week against the Vikings. Eli Manning is going to come out and make a statement that last week was an absolute fluke.

Spotlight Player: Mike McMahon. He is being thrown in one tough situation. McMahon is not a savior, but he is not expected to be one. All he needs to do is HIS part. In order to accomplish this mission he'll have to do it against a hungry, underrated Giants D.

Prediction: I think the Eagles will suprise a lot of people on their performance Sunday. McMahon will do better than expected. Giants are still going to beat them because I can assure you Coach Tom Coughlin is still aggravated after the team's poor performance against Minnesota.

Giants 33 Eagles 21

Seattle 7-2 @ San Francisco 2-7

Synopsis: The Seahawks are really starting to play like an elite team. Shaun Alexander is a touchdown machine. I can't explain it any other way. The guy lives in the endzone. He has at least 15 TDs in 5 consecutive seasons. Phenomenal. San Francisco is seems to be running out of QBs. Don't worry Ken Dorsey is here to play.

Spotlight Player: Shaun Alexander. I think this one is pretty obvious. If Shaun Alexander can be hindered from his typical days of stardom then, and only then, will the 49ers have a chance. Fat chance on that considering San Fran is last in total defense.

Prediction: Seattle is looking good right now. I mean goooood. Hasselback is doing his part and Alexander is once again tearing run defenses apart. Even though San Fran has had it's upsets this year, don't look for it Sunday. The D the 49ers have is horrendous. Some NBA teams I think give up less points than the 49ers.

Seahawks 38 49ers 17

Buffalo 4-5 @ San Diego 5-4

Synopsis: San Diego is coming off of a bye week. Maybe this team is finally going to start winning week after week. They are going against a Bills team that is great on defense, but inconsistent on offense.

Spotlight Player: J.P. Losman. Losman got his starting job back when Holcomb went down with an injury last week. He was able to get the Bills a win over the Chiefs and to be honest he looked like he had the offense in control. Earlier in the year J.P. was having lots of difficulty, but during all that time on the bench he seems to have grown a better understanding of the game.

Prediction: Buffalo has the better D, and San Diego has the better offense. In the end, the main difference will be the run defense of both teams. San Diego has the best run defense and Buffalo has the second to worst run defense. Good news for LT, bad news for MaGahee.

Chargers 35 Bills 10

NY Jets 2-7 @ Denver 7-2

Synopsis: Herman Edwards is doing his best with a team that is QB-less. The season seems to only be getting more and more chaotic. To make matters worse the Jets have to play the Broncos in Denver.

Spotlight Player: Jets Offense. The D in NY is awesome, but you need an offense to put up points. When Pennington went down so did the team's season. The RB situation is a nightmare. Curtis Martin can't seem to get anything going. He has only one game this year of over a 100 yards. The WR position isn't much better. Offseason acquisitions Laveranues Coles and Doug Jolley are struggling to get in a consistent rhythmn of being productive every week.

Prediction: I know I haven't picked many upsets if any, but come on! I mean the Jets are hopeless right now. The QB situation as I stated is pathetic. The Broncos are going to pound the ball all game. By the time the game ends, the Jets's D will be exhausted and the Broncos offense will be grinning.

Broncos 32 Jets 13

Indianapolis 9-0 @ Cincinnati 7-2


Spotlight Player: Chad Johnson. He loves the attention of the media like T.O. He just can't help giving his 2 cents on every issue. Chad didn't predict a win, but he did predict he'd have a big day. The whole Colts D is going to be doing everything they can to stop #85. If Chad can still achieve a big day than that is what I call backing it up.

Prediction: Everyone is thinking the Bengals will be victorious. Sorry, it ain't happening. Dungy is going to have the Colts ready. It'll be close, but in the end the play of #18 will crown the Colts the winners.

Colts 30 Bengals 27

Kansas City 5-4 @ Houston 1-8

Synopsis: I am going to have to agree with the fact that this is in fact a playoff game for Kansas City. They have a gruesome remaining schedule and if they lose to the Texans than kiss your playoff hopes good bye.

Spotlight Player: David Carr. This is not what we expected. 4-12, 5-11, 7-9 to a current record of 1-8? Where they not getting better? What has happened to this organization that looked to be a potiental playoff contender this season? As the losing continues so does the scrutiny of #1 draft pick David Carr. If Carr wants to keep his starting job for next year he better play these final 7 games with absolutely everything he's got.

Prediction: Hmmm. Quite the intriguing matchup. I am pondering of what I think shall happen in this unique matchup. KC rolls over the already steamrolled Houston Texans, or Houston wins in a classic fashion and KC's season has self-destructed. I have concluded that the Chiefs know just how important this game is and improve drastically on that weak 3 point performance against Buffalo last Sunday.

Chiefs 27 Texans 19

Minnesota 4-5 @ Green Bay 2-7

Synopsis: The Vikings are on a 2 game winning streak and Brad Johnson is playing well for the injured Daunte Culpepper. The Pack are coming of a big upset in Atlanta. Favre is showing that he can still muster wins out of a team plagued with injuries.

Spotlight Player: Brett Favre. Yes, you could say Brad Johnson, or Gado is more important, but I disagree. Favre is having a really rough year. He leads the league in INTs with 15. And his team has so many injuries that the towel boy might be playing come Sunday. Favre needs to have another complete game like he had last week to prove once again he is Da Master.

Prediction: Don't start talking about the Vikings turning around a disappointing season. Tice's crew is going into Lambeau against a Packers team that is coming together. Favre is going to be glorious on the Monday Night stage once again.

Packers 30 Vikings 20

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