Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Most Important Email To The LSU Fan...

The college football season is already more than halfway done. The Tigers has surprised me this year in turning around there season after that 4th quarter collapse against Tennessee. Though the latest piece of news in every LSU fan's head is the BCS. Believe me I am as confused as anyone as to why LSU is so far back. Yes, I realize the last two weeks for the team have been cake walks. I am not going to get into the discussion on why the Tigers should be higher up. In fact I am only going to tell you why it is really pointless to even care about it at this point in the season. In the past I would be hollering at the television on my great disgust for the low ranking LSU has in the BCS. I would be constantly running my mouth on my daily thoughts. Even if I were right that's not the point. The point is LSU's season comes down to this weekend. The pollsters have not noticed the Tigers much this year, but you can be sure that will change if the Tigers roll this Saturday. If there is anything to take from this short little (hopefully not pointless) article it's to BE PATIENT. If the Bengals keep winning they will get the recognition they deserve. Les's crew controls their own destiny. After all the last time the whole 'BCS-unfair' talk took place, the Tigers were having one of their most memorable seasons. It just happened to be the season they won their first national championship in 45 years.

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