Monday, March 31, 2008

Final Four Thoughts and Tourney Analysis

I must admit I never would of thought 4 No. 1 seeds would make it to the Final 4 and I would also be satisfied with the tournament so far. I always imagined myself rather upset if 4 No. 1 seeds made it to the Final 4 because that would mean the tournament had no upsets.

Well, as we all know that is not at all the case for this year's tournament. Before I breakdown the Final 4 matches here are 5 thoughts I say...

1. Texas faithful do not be upset your Longhorns lost in the Elite 8 for the second time in three years. This Texas team was a year ahead of schedule. I expect to see them in the future as Augustin continues to develop. Oh and that Memphis Tiger team was pretty darn talented too! Yeah Texas was over matched.

2. One of my friends is right, Kevin Love makes everything go for UCLA. Sure he can rebound, block, and score, but he really does even more. He is incredible at creating endless opportunities for the Bruins. Without him on the court I think UCLA is a completely different squad.

3. Throughout the year the two main men I knew that were great ball players for Memphis where Douglas-Roberts and Dorsey. I didn't really see how good Derek Rose until his game against Texas. Wow he's a sure lottery pick. Absolutely blew by Augustin countless times. I remember one instance that took my breath away. Rose grabbed a board, went coast-to-coast and drove right down the lane for layup in the Longhorns face. Wow.

4. Who hit those big shots for Xavier against West Virginia? BJ Raymond. Mr. Raymond was a fellow classmate of mine at St. John's Jesuit high school. I was happy to see him in his golden moment, but sad his team did lose that weekend to UCLA. Don't hang your head Raymond you lost to a UCLA team that could very easily win the whole tournament. Good job on putting St. John's Jesuit back on the map!

5. And finally no team lost with more honor than Davidson. Sorry Wildcats but I never gave you a chance in hell against the Jayhawks, yet in the end you had Kansas right where you wanted them. Stephen Curry seems to need about as much of an opening as Reggie Miller to get a shot off. Despite his 9/25 shooting I was overly impressed on just how successful he was at times despite KU players chasing him all over the court.

Memphis vs. UCLA

Storyline: Last week was not too difficult for both teams, especially Memphis which won both it's contests by 18 points. UCLA is entering a Final 4 matchup for the third consecutive year.

My Call: This tournament I have done better than in the past, which is why I am sticking with my original prediction that the Memphis Tigers will advance to the Finals. Everyone seems to be banking on UCLA winning the whole tournament, but I was really impressed with the Tigers thrashing of the Spartans and Longhorns this past week. I look at the lineups and I have to say the Tigers are going to bring it 100% at Love. Joey Dorsey, Robert Dozier, and Pierre Niles are all either 6'9" or 6'8". They are going to be putting a body on Love all night.

Plus, I look at Antonio Anderson the 6'6" who suffocated numerous opponents in the tourney so far. Prime example is sharpshooter Drew Neitzel.

And finally the exceptional play of Derek Rose. Rose is going to give Collison trouble all night.

76 Memphis 67 UCLA


North Carolina vs. Kansas

Storyline: These teams have faced-off 3 times in NCAA Tournament. One of the most notable showdowns was the 54-53 triple overtime win the Tar Heels had over Wilt Chamberlin's Jayhawks in the championship game. (How do you only score 50 something points after 2 halves and 3 overtimes? Beats me.) UNC comes into this game with the best player in the nation in Tyler...oh let's stop with that nickname! His name is Psycho T. The Heels held off a strong Louisville team to reach another Final Four for Roy Williams. Kansas comes into this game with Coach Bill Self finally getting the monkey off his back. Kansas held off a the Cinderella story Davidson Wildcats with some clutch defense down the stretch.

My Call: I would hate to think one of these fan bases is going to be crushed come this weekend. Who will that loser be? North Carolina. Kansas will prevail in this game for a couple reasons. For one, I like Kansas's style of play. They are constantly running the court. I guess when I see Kansas I keep thinking there are a heck of a lot of seniors on that team. Not to say the underclassman for UNC are not serious about the game, its just there is a certain something dramatic for a basketball player to know in the back of his head, "This could be the last game I ever play in college."

Also, I like this Sasha Kaun character. Psycho T will outplay him, but Sasha will be the X-Factor in this game. If he gets hot, trouble could start right from the get-go for Roy Williams and Co.

Final Score: 73 Kansas 68 North Carolina



Storyline: Can Kansas finally win their first championship after Danny and the Miracles did it in 1988? Will Memphis's John Calipiri finally bring home some hardware?

My Call: Enjoy this Bruce Pearl, your Tennessee squad is the only one that beat the National Champion Memphis Tigers. Memphis will beat the Jayhawks in a very evenly matched game. First and foremost the athleticism on the court will have any NBA scout drooling. But the difference in who wins this game will be Derek Rose. I firmly believe this guy is a very dangerous player who is going to make some big shots in the final moments against Kansas to pull out a W. He will be a top 3 NBA draft pick.

Final Score: 72 Memphis 65 Kansas

Note: All Memphis, UNC, UCLA, and Kansas fans enjoy this moment right now because come this weekend it could be gone like that (for three of you). I am an LSU fan and loved the 2006 season, but just like that UCLA ripped our hearts out. Still, be proud your team got this far.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Missing the Big Picture

It's funny how the sports world works. I mean in the end when you retire all that matters is the championship column. Who you were as a person, how you were as a player are all really irrelevant.

Lets look at Chris Webber an All-Star power forward who just retired this past week. No one seems to point out how he was one of the greatest big men passers ever, or how he averaged 21 points and 10 rebounds for his 15 year NBA career. No the only thing that comes to light when Webber is brought up is he never won a title.

Nothing about his teams, no him. Never is it pointed out that maybe the Kings could of taken the Lakers in 2002 if Peja could of hit the right side of a barn.

No, all that is pointed out is Webber did not win a championship. Webber did not beat the Lakers.

Here's a thought, why do we the fans hold this no title aspect of a player's career in the same regards as someone suffering from a disease?

I am a sports nut and I understand the great value a title is, but do not rip a man apart for all he did for a sport. Webber will be remembered for his majestic style of play for year's to come. No he is not a Hall of Famer, but regardless he is worthy of being remembered. Not tarnished.

Webber is a 35 year old man who is financially set for life. He did a terrific job contributing to the continuously growing game of basketball. He has kids who I expect will become the focal point of the remainder of his life.

What is so wrong with that? What is so wrong with what he did?

The constant talk shows bashing Webber's career flat out sicken out. Stop sitting there and treating Webber like he was useless because he did not get a title. Believe me I am still ticked off the Kings could not close the deal against the Lakers in 2002, but I am a fan. I was never on that court.

Webber was.

He was busting his butt and for him to lose that game, and for that matter countless others during his quest for an NBA title I can't help but tip my hat to him.

He did his best for 15 years game in and game out.

I would like to put a quote below that Webber said after officially retiring. It is short and sweet, but has a big meaning behind it.

"I just felt it was time to let the game go and be able to be happy about what I accomplished without trying to keep coming back."

The man did his best, it is now time for him to hang his coat up.

Honor that, respect it...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Analysis After Week 1 of NCAA Tournament

The first week of March Madness has passed and despite reason for me to believe I was doing well for once, I, in the end did nothing short of average.

I got 20 out of the 32 teams correct for the second round, and 10 out of 16 teams for the Sweet 16. In case you are wondering for both rounds I correctly made my picks 63% of the time.

Below are 5 thoughts on my good and bad selections of the tournament so far...


1. I successfully called the Western Kentucky and Davidson upsets on Friday. Aaah doesn't get any better than this!

2. Thank you Xavier for being a second half team. I was sweating in the first and some of the second half, but the X-Men did turn it around!

3. I was on the money on selecting Butler to lose to Tennessee in a nail biter. That was my golden moment.

4. I figured Louisville would be a dark horse coming into this tourney, but the way they are playing now I would be pretty sure that dark horse image is gone. Pitino's crew is kicking tail and taking names.

5. The USC/Kansas State game was a coin flip for many people, yet for me I always imaged Michael Beasley getting the upper hand against OJ Mayo in the end. He did.


1. Thank you Clemson! You are up 36-18 and can not hold a lead? Pathetic. Don't talk to me. And then there is Oregon and St. Mary's who can't even hold second half leads . Yes, I will be getting sick thinking over this.

2. Um, yeah, never thought that Davidson would win another game. That completely screwed my bracket!

3. Are you kidding me Duke? You enter the tournament expecting to make noise and you nearly lose to Belmont then you get outplayed by West Virginia. What's going on Coach K? Wait! You can't forget about lovely Pittsburgh! I think the Panthers ended their season disappointing for the 27th consecutive year. Will this school ever live up to expectations.?

4. I would of done better in the first round had I just chosen the higher seed each time. Wow.

5. At least I did not have Kansas State going to the Sweet 16. Whew. Nah, I had them going to the Elite 8. I knew I never should of made that gamble official!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2008 March Madness: My Pathetic Attempt...

Again, I'll try my best to predict March Madness. Let me be honest as much as I love this tournament I have come to realize I am terrible on predicting.

It's awful. It's pathetic...but here I go. Enjoy.


Opening Round

1 UNC over 16b Mount St. Mary's
8 Indiana over 9 Arkansas
5 Notre Dame over 12 George Mason
4 Washington State over 13 Winthrop
11 St. Joe's over 6 Oklahoma
3 Louisville over 14 Boise State
7 Butler over 10 South Alabama
2 Tennessee over 15 American

UNC will cruise by the Play-In winner Mount St. Mary's with little effort; Indiana will defeat the Hogs because of their stellar guard play lead by Eric Gordon; ND will get past the first round for once and defeat a George Mason school with lofty expectations; Wazzu will beat Winthrop in a nail biter; St. Joe's will prove they deserved a bid by defeating an Oklahoma team by nearly double-digits; Louisville (my underdog for the region) will pull away from BSU in the final 5 minutes; Butler will get by South Alabama by 10+ points because of their experience and American's magical run will be over before it started as UT has a chip on their shoulder after the disturbing showing in the SEC Tourney.

Second Round

1 UNC over 8 Indiana
4 Wazzu over 5 Notre Dame
3 Louisville over 11 St. Joe's
2 Tennessee over 7 Butler

UNC again will not have much trouble with their opponent, Indiana, who will really have nothing in store to stop Pyscho-T; Wazzu will again creep on as they defeat Notre Dame in an old-fashion defensive showdown; Louisville will prevail over SJ easily and for my big early missed opportunity game, Butler will lose a heartbreaker to a Tennessee Vol team poised to win the region.

Sweet 16

1 UNC over 4 Wazzu
3 Louisville over 2 Tennessee

With nothing to stop Mr. Tyler, UNC will again move to the Elite 8 with not much trouble; Louisville will defeat an over hyped Vol team that nearly lost to Butler the week before.

Elite 8

3 Louisville over 1 UNC

Definitely the upset of the region. Pitino finally gets his club deep into the tournament with an unlikely upset of the tournament-favorite Tar Heels. Bottom line: Hansbrough can't win the game by himself.


Opening Round

1 Kansas defeats 16 Portland State
9 Kent State over 8 UNLV
5 Clemson over 12 Villanova
4 Vandy over 13 Siena
11 Kansas State over 6 USC
3 Wisconsin over 14 Cal-State Fullerton
10 Davidson over 7 Gonzaga
2 Georgetown over UMBC

Kansas, without a sweat, rolls past PSU in the second half after a slow first half; Kent State trips up UNLV to again make a statement the MAC is overlooked; Clemson beats 'Nova convincingly to show the Duke upset was no fluke; Vandy defeats a Saints' team that will give the Tennessee school a run for their money; Wisconsin defeats Fullerton with their old boring style of basketball; Davidson finally gets it right and gets past the first round with a closing moment victory over John Stockton's Alma mater and the Hoyas win over UMBC because I don't know what "UMBC" stands for.

Second Round

1 Kansas over 9 Kent State
5 Clemson over 4 Vandy
11 Kansas State over 3 Wisconsin
2 Georgetown over 10 Davidson

Kansas gets huge scare, but comes from behind to beat the Flashes; Clemson takes down Vandy in one of the best games of tourney; Michael Beasley and Co. continue their tournament run with the defeat of the 1940s style basketball squad of Badgers and Georgetown easily prevails over Davidson as Roy Hibbert becomes too much to handle.

Sweet 16

1 Kansas over 5 Clemson
2 Georgetown over 11 Kansas State

Odd thing is I actually had Clemson winning this game for a while, then I changed it at the last minute. Kansas will win this game because of the superior level of talent AND the Clemson's inexperience in such big games in the tourney. And much like the Clemson game, I switched my decision on this one as well. The Hoyas head to the Elite 8 for the second straight year.

Elite 8

1 Kansas over 2 Georgetown

I see a very lopsided win for the Jayhawks on this day. I have never been overly impressed by the Hoyas this year and a juggernaut team such as Kansas will prove my point. I think this is finally the year the Jayhawks stop tripping up in the tourney early on.


Opening Round

1 Memphis over 16 Texas-Arlington
9 Oregon over 8 Mississippi State
12 Temple over 5 Michigan State
4 Pitt over 13 Oral Roberts
6 Marquette over 11 Kentucky
3 Stanford over 14 Cornell
10 St. Mary's over 7 Miami (FL)
2 Texas over 15 Austin Peay

Memphis is my favorite for the tourney so Arlington should be no trouble; Oregon wins over MSU simply because choosing the 8/9 games is nothing short of a coin flip; Temple takes down Izzo's squad only because every now and then the Spartans choke in the first round; Marquette (tough one) makes the committee realize that yes, UK did not deserve to get a bid; Stanford wins over Cornell because it's Cornell; St. Mary's is victorious over The U because the Gaels have a reputation for making noise in the tourney and the Longhorns prevail because of the guard play differences amongst the schools.

By the way this is the best cheer ever. In the 1970s, Fly Williams was a basketball at Austin Peay. The stands use to yell, "The Fly is open! Let's go Peay!"


Second Round

1 Memphis over 9 Oregon

4 Pittsburgh over 12 Temple

3 Stanford over 6 Marquette

2 Texas over 10 St. Mary's

Memphis cruises past the Ducks in what will be known as a No Contest; Pittsburgh wins simply because they are the ultimate sleeper; the Cardinals defeat Marquette because I really think this Stanford team is better than given credit for and Texas defeats St. Mary's it what will be a surprisingly close game.

Sweet 16

1 Memphis over 4 Pittsburgh

3 Stanford over 2 Texas

Memphis beats Pitt in a nail biter because I thought about this match up too long and changed my mind. On the contrary, Stanford again moves on as the Longhorns yet again do not live up to expectations.

Elite 8

1 Memphis over 3 Stanford

This is a team on a mission. The Tigers lost a mere one game during the season. This squad is not going down this early. Memphis will win this by at least 7 points.


Opening Round

1 UCLA over 16 Miss. Valley St.
9 Texas A&M over 8 BYU
12 Western Kentucky over 5 Drake
4 UConn over 13 San Diego
11 Baylor over 6 Purdue
3 Xavier over 14 Georgia
10 Arizona over 7 West Virginia
2 Duke over 15 Belmont

UCLA will handle MVSU; A&M beats the Cougars because of a coin flip; Western Kentucky defeats this Drake squad because of more March Madness experience; UConn squeaks one out against St. Diego; Baylor defeats Purdon't as the team begins playing like it's the start of the season; Xavier, my big sleeper, ends UGA's dream week with a brutal thrashing of a Bulldog; 'Zona takes down WV with superior guard play and Duke, without error, takes down Belmont.

Second Round

1 UCLA over 9 Texas A&M
4 UConn over 12 Western Kentucky
3 Xavier over 11 Baylor
2 Duke over 10 Arizona

UCLA defense is again too much for the Aggies as the Bruins advance with ease; UConn continues to sneak into another round by defeating the surprising Hilltoppers; Xavier lets the magical run continue and Duke exploits the Wildcats nationally on why the team had 14 losses.

Sweet 16

1 UCLA over 4 UConn
3 Xavier over 2 Duke

UCLA defeats UConn by at least 10 points because of an absolute mismatch in talent and Xavier slays the Blue Devils in a game for the ages.

Elite 8

1 UCLA over 3 Xavier

The run is over as UCLA stops the Musketeers from continuing there magic anymore. Bruins make third consecutive Final Four.

Final Four

1 Kansas over 3 Louisville
1 Memphis over 1 UCLA

Kansas stops Pitino's team's race for glory behind senior leadership and Memphis takes down the Bruins for their second straight Final Four exit because of Memphis's team of destiny standing.


1 Memphis over 1 Kansas

No surprise but the Memphis Tigers win the national championship for the first time ever. Memphis pulls out a 7 point win because of the team's consistency throughout the season. The Tigers have been waiting for this!

I'd be happy to read the predictions you guys have. Do not think you have type as much as me. Just let me know who you have in the Final Four and what big upsets you have.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Top 5 Worst Songs Ever Composed in the History of Mankind

Music is a an extremely big part of the our daily lives. Artists are constantly coming up with the newest "jams," and we the consumers are constantly being given new ways to enjoy our music more and more, i.e. the iPod.

With that said, there are indeed some songs are in this world that are God foresaken awful. They need to be deleted.
Here is my list of the Top 5 worst songs ever composed in the history of mankind. This list is subject to change.

5. "Get Low" by Lil Jon

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away rap music use to have meaning (gasp!). Yes, young child there was a day. A day when men such as Grandmaster Flash, Run DMC, Tupac Shakur, Nas, and Biggie Smalls made music that had something to it. That music officially died the day Lil Jon composed this crapshoot.

Wow. Wow, wow wow. Where do you start with this song? Do you start with the fact it's written by someone who looks like the Predator? Or the fact the lyrics are so cheesy and flat out stupid that was hip-hop itself was sent back 15 years because of it?

No, I know where you start. One verse, one lyric.

"From the sweat drip down my balls..."

I don't even have to explain it. Geez, I hope Lil Jon gets hit by a car. Enough said.

4. Move B*tch by Ludacris
I have never been a fan of Luda's music. All so modern-rap-clique-like. But this song. Wow. I don't think music gets more degrading to women than this song. Someone told me Ludacris made this song about his frustration with traffic. Well, not really sure I can see that because all he seems to emphasize during this "masterpiece" is about getting the b*tches out of your way.
So deep Luda. So deep this song is. It really touched my soul.

3. Chicken Dance

I remember first hearing this garbage. It was elementary school and the song was fun to dance but...

along came the 4th grade and I was done with it, but not America. Oh dear nothing "makes" a baseball game than to hear that stupid song through the PA system. But as we all know the song is half of it. The dance is equally as disturbing.

I guess I just do not get it. I don't get why people play a song and say, "Hmm I'll waddle my butt to the ground!"

Chickens don't even do that! I think the chicken race would hate this song as well!
Me too...
2. Mm Bop by Hanson

I am in 4th grade heading to Mrs. Skapik's math class. Some kids where in the hall dancing...dancing to the newest poison. Hanson's Mm Bop. I can proudly say I never took a sip of this poison aka danced to it/liked it/cared for it.

Years will pass, but every now and then for some unknown Satanic reason the song will be played again...and all those bad memories again return. This song is awful for 3 reasons:

1. It's song by 3 girly-looking boys. Where's the masculinity?!

2. What the hell is it about?

3. Mm Bop? Is that a noise? WTF?
4. I told you there are only 3 reasons so why are you reading this one?

The four songs I have so far discussed are bad. They are rough and pure garbage, but there have been moments I have been able to bit my tongue and deal with Mm Bop coming through the speakers or Move B*tch playing at a party, but not this next song...
No, not this song...
Since the first day I heard this song I HAVE NEVER REMOTELY LIKED IT PERIOD! I would rather walk into an oncoming truck than dance to it. Just the thought of it someday coming through the airwaves again makes me cringe.
It makes me cry.

1. Cha Cha Slide by Casper

All that stupid dancing in unison is pure Hell to experience. If you are at a bar and trying to dance, do you want to go all Brady Bunch and dance as a family? Or better yet dance together with 25 other strangers? Heck no!

Someone needs to do something. Someone needs to delete this song forever. Destory any records of it. I hate it. I hate every single thing about it. There is not one moment of it I can for the slightest second stand.

For the Chicken Dance, for exactly .3 seconds I think to myself, "Kind of a cool beat." After that I hate it, but I stand it for a moment.

For Move B*tch I think Ludacris said one cool verse, but not for the Cha Cha Slide. Nope nothing in this song is standable.

Give me a glass of Clorox, for I'll drink that before Casper verbally destorys me once more...

Note: I am really interested in hearing what you guys consider are the worst songs you have ever experienced. Let me know because comments are appreciated.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Mongolia, Genghis Khan Would Be Ashamed!

Today I am ashamed for the nation of Mongolia. I am ashamed, and I can assure you Genghis Khan is too.

Courtesy of Wikipedia, I was recently surfing the net when I stumbled across the nations of the world and when they joined the Ally side during World War II. The US joined after Pearl Harbor, Bolivia joined after the Declaration by United Nations, Turkey and Lebanon joined after D-Day, but only one nation joined after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Are you kidding me? I mean come on Mongolia after the nukes where dropped the war was over! The only reason you joined was to be on the winning team!

What Mongolia pulled over 63 years ago is nothing short of that little dork in high school who joins the football team as the team is doing really good.

No! It's worse. It would be like the little dork in high school joining the football team right as they scored the go-ahead touchdown in the final seconds of the state championship!

Genghis Khan was a ruthless leader who helped bring the Mongols to the top of the world. He left a legacy and then Mongolia pulls this? Come on man WWII was going on for 5 years and you decide to finally choose a side after the two nukes are dropped!

What happened to dignity!

I'm apalled, but most of all I'm disgusted by the act of bandwagoning the Mongols put on. I'm sorry, Mongolia you aren't a member of the Ally side. You joined too late. That's final!

But I must not forget, God bless you Wikipedia for letting me finally see the terrible secret Mongolia has been hiding for all these years.

The truth must be released, regardless of the tears streaming from Khan's face...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Au Revoir Favre...

The decision was made by Brett Favre. The great QB finally decided to hang his cleats up.

No more speculation; it is official. Brett Favre has retired.

Since the day he took over the starting QB position for the Packers, amazingly, Favre never once missed a single start. An NFL record that surely will hold the test of time.

Still, when one examines all his victories, all his records, you can't help but feel sad. Sad that a grown man has to call it quits on a game he has played since he's been a little boy. Sad that a QB you, as a fan, have always assumed would be on the television, is well, not going to be there come September.

I won't lie I am a bit shaken by all this. Just strange that I feel a sort of connection with Favre, despite the fact I have never met him.

I never met the man, but I feel for him at this moment.

That's how much he met to the game; that's how much he to sports in general. He can make fans like me feel for him without ever having met us.

You can only hope that in our lifetime someone will come along and have the impact on football the way #4 did. You have to give him his credit, you have to acknowledge his ability to continuously play season after season regardless of criticism or pain.

Much like Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, and countless other legends; he played the game because he loved it.

Only now "love" is not enough to continue his playing days, if anything exhaustion has overtaken it all.

Thanks for the good memories Brett Farve, thanks...