Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pre-Week 17 Harsh NFL Thoughts

With the final week of the NFL regular season approaching I couldn't help but write down a few thoughts streaming through my head.

Straight to the point there are some teams I'd like to touch upon.

First, the Kansas Chiefs. If the Chiefs lose Sunday to the Bengals they will finish 2-14 on the year. This will be the franchise's worst record since 1977 when KC went 2-12. With that said, I have to tip my hat to the Chiefs on fighting each and every week. So far the team has lost an amazing 7 games by 7 points or less! It's an impressive thing for a team to be 2-12 and take a playoff team in the Miami Dolphins and lose a very close one. Herman Edwards might be back next year...

Second, the Green Bay Packers. I can't remember another time where the Packers, continuously, found ways to lose games. Monday Night was a classic example. Packers had control of the game and still found a way to choke. That is not a good thing to develop. Since being blown out by New Orleans 51-29, Green Bay has lost four straight games. They lost by 4 points to the Panthers, then 3 points to the Texans, then 4 points to the Jaguars, and finally 3 points to the Bears in overtime.

If you are an Atlanta Falcons fan I am sorry. I am sorry for so much of this year constantly and continuously doubting your team. Mike Smith has done a terrific job as well as MVP Matt Ryan. About two weeks ago I came to the conclusion that Atlanta is for real. Coach Smith has the 'Cons drinking some sort of Kool-Aid because every time that team steps out on that field they think they are the better team. Just a little FYI if the Saints beat the Panthers this weekend and Atlanta beats the Rams; Atlanta has the number two seed.

The New York Jets collapse is nothing short of phenomenal. I think Eric Mangini is a good coach, but for some odd reason things just keep falling apart for them. I mean they lost to San Fran earlier, now Seattle? 13-3? That's just pathetic. I expect New England to win the AFC East as the Jets will defeat the Dolphins, even so the Jets collapse is about as bad as the Mets...every year.

The recent run by the San Diego Chargers reminds me of the amazing run by the 2004 New Orleans Saints. The Saints that year fell to 4-8, won four straight, but where still denied a playoff spot. (That's another story for another time. Still angry about that one.) Anyway my point is during the Saints roll back then they were playing as crisp as San Diego. Playing good towards the end of the year can always turn out well for a team. (Cough! New York Giants 2007.) Who cares that they are 8-8! All that matters is they got a spot in the playoffs. Right now no one wants to play them. San Diego is a healthy team right now that will easily beat Denver Sunday. Question is, can they defeat the Colts?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

LSU's Fall From Grace

Before you start, realize this is lousy writing. Even so, I just needed to get some points across.

LSU football is currently 7-5.

LSU football is currently 7-5.

Here at Baton Rouge that is a losing season and the whole Tiger team is aware of it. Coming into this season there was hopes of LSU repeating their glory from last year. Even after Ryan "Airhead" Perrilloux was kicked off the team this dream was still strong.

And on September 20 LSU would beat the SEC West favorite Auburn Tigers 26-21 on Auburn's field. The dream would only grow...

My, oh my, have the mighty fallen.

The LSU football team would lose to Florida (51-21), but that was ok because it was a mere one loss; LSU would rebound. Then the Tigers lost at home to Georgia 52-38. Hey Jarrett Lee played awful! Then LSU lost 27-21 in overtime to the No. 1 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide. Again, the loss was painful to say the least, but worst was over, right? I mean Lee would get better?

Two weeks later. LSU loses at home for the third time 31-13 to Ole Miss. The defense is lousy.

And finally the nail in the coffin for the 5th time this year, LSU loses to Arkansas 31-30.

Again, 7-5 and the finger pointing is not stopping anytime soon. Let me be very clear.

LSU stinks in all facets of the game. Offense, defense, special teams, and coaching. You name it, that unit stinks.

All of us in Tiger Nation knew this would be a rebuilding year, but not like this.

Not this bad.

In one year, just like that, Les Miles has a target on his forehead. The question on everyone's mind is can he rebound? Can he make the necessary changes to the LSU staff? Can he keep the big time recruits from backing out from coming to LSU?

He has to or next year will be Les's last. Plain and simple.

Two actions must be done to turn stuff around for LSU:

1. Fire every coach working on the defensive side of the ball. Anything short of that and LSU will fail again next season.

2. Make sure Russell Shepard comes to LSU.

It's one thing for a team to finish the year up with five losses (Florida 2007), it's another thing when a team finishes with five losses and the general perception is that anarchy is taking place on the field. That's what I saw on the field Friday against Arkansas.

Thank God LSU basketball has started...

Monday, December 01, 2008

The Politics of College Football

As I sit here in the computer lab on a crisp Monday afternoon I can not help by ask myself the age old question, honestly, what has to take place for a playoff to be implemented in division one college football?

Honestly, nothing. Nothing can ever take place for that to happen. Each year is more crazy than the next in the lovely relationship between the Bowl Championship Series and college football. And each year the old men who keep the BCS so blindly look away from the obvious...

This is not right. This is not just.

The Oklahoma Sooners will be going to the Big 12 Championship game over the Texas Longhorns. Yes, Little Johnny the same Texas team that beat Oklahoma.

When the announcement of Oklahoma jumping Texas hit me, I knew the BCS failed again, and during it's existence that seems to have happened quite a lot. For the moment I would like to indulge on the mishaps the BCS has delivered.

2000: During the season the Miami-Florida Hurricanes defeated the Florida State Seminoles. Amazingly, Florida State still jumped Miami to go play Oklahoma for the title.

2001: Miami-Florida finally gets into the championship game where they will play the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The same Cornhusker team that was beaten to a pulp by a two-loss Colorado team. Which leads me to my next statement? Why, oh why, where the Oregon Ducks overlooked? Strength of schedule I suppose...

2003: LSU beats Georgia for the SEC Championship and Oklahoma gets pummeled by Kansas State (35-7). So it should be LSU vs. USC, right? Nope. Oklahoma was so ahead of everyone that despite a 28 point conference championship loss, Oklahoma still went to the Sugar Bowl to play LSU for the title.

And now that leads us up to this year, 2008. I can not understand it. Listen, the Sooners have a terrific team hands down, but to go over Texas?

This is madness.

I have to agree with many college football fans across the country. The BCS is turning into a political game. I mean collecting votes from voters and you can be in office (at the championship game)!

Here's my thinking! Why not have a four team playoff? It does not have to be the typical fan sought after eight team playoff. Oops! I did it again. I am starting to do that "hope" thing again. The hope that the numbskulls running the BCS finally realize a playoff is needed.

Stay tuned for later this week I will rip LSU the lashing it deserves...