Monday, November 24, 2008

5 Thoughts for Final Week of Regular Season

The college football regular season is about finished, and to no one's surprise the BCS is again pure chaos. Even so, with one final week much is still to be determined. (Let's not forget the upcoming conference championship games.)

Without further ado I know give you my thoughts and predictions on some key match ups.

1. Florida and Oklahoma will both roll this weekend. Florida will handle the Seminoles by at least 17, and I think the Cowboys of Oklahoma State will give Oklahoma some trouble. Yet, in the end, final score will be the Sooners by at least two touchdowns.

2. The SEC is inferior to the Big 12. Sure, maybe the SEC's best is better than the Big 12's best, but from top to bottom: Big 12 is superior. No ifs, ands, or buts. My main reason for this is the strength of teams like Texas, Oklahoma, and Texas Tech. The SEC has Florida, Alabama, and Georgia, but I honestly don't think they compare. It would be a coin toss between Texas/Florida or Oklahoma/Texas. With that said, I think Oklahoma, Texas, and Texas Tech would all beat the Tide. Let me stop the rambling: it's the Big 12's year.

3. Most teams would be happy to go to the SEC Championship Game at 11-1. Not Alabama. The Tide have lost an amazing six straight games to the Auburn Tigers. As great as this season has been it will be extremely disappointing if Saban's crew loses to their arch rival...again. Tuberville has had a nightmare season at Auburn and knows a win can bring some sort of salvation. Two things make me think this will be a close one. 1. Alabama has not been pummeling opponents like Florida and Oklahoma and 2. Auburn nearly beat a good Georgia team. If the Tigers can keep it close with defense then maybe a victory might happen. But I don't see it happening. Auburn will be close. Very. But again, Bama will do just enough to move on...and that's all that matters.
Final: Alabama 24-20

4. I have not looked at bowl projections, but I really, really hope that Utah does not play the ACC champion in their BCS bowl game. I say this because people want to see the underdog go against the juggernaut. Remember the Boise State/Oklahoma game? How could you forget! Sure, Hawaii got embarrassed last year, but in the end one Boise State game every five years makes putting a mid major team in the BCS all worth it.

5. I am sure this has been touched upon by a couple of people. Maybe a couple more. I do not understand for the slightest second why Oklahoma is said to be the team that will get in the BCS National Championship game. Yes, they beat a good Texas Tech team 65-21. I 100 percent agree that is acceptable to make a riot about the Sooners' win. OU looked good. Real good. But, but keep in mind that people are now saying they should go to the BCS National Championship game over a team THEY LOST TO. Reread that. That is all that needs to be known. Texas 45-35. That's it. No debate needs to be started. How can you possibly say OU should go over Texas? They beat them! Remember 2001 when Florida State went over Miami-Florida to the national championship game? How unjust was that?! Let's not repeat it again.

Monday Night prediction: 34-29 Packers over Saints

Friday, November 21, 2008

Big Fly Sports

Holidays are almost here and I'm helping you guys do your shopping. A sports merchandise website called BigFlySports gave me a free shipping code to pass on to all my loyal readers! They specialize in NCAA Merchandise and I was pretty impressed by how much LSU Gear they had. To get the discount, simply enter the promotional code LSURULES and the free shipping will be applied! It's that easy. I think their coolest stuff is in the LSU Tailgate Equipment section. Take a look and if you find something you like, don't forget the to enter LSURULES for your free shipping! Don't say I never did anything for your guys.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Apocalyptic Weekend: Double-Loss

I am a fool. I should of known this day would come again. I should of known.

It was 1074 days ago and the year was 2005. The day, December 3rd. LSU loses to Georgia 34-14 in the SEC Championship Game. The following day, December 4th, the Saints lose to the Buccaneers 10-3.

Unlike this past weekend that was the last time I experienced the dreaded double-loss weekend. Yes, every sports fan has experienced this awful set of circumstances. Not only does your college team lose, but your NFL team as well.

This December would of been three years since I last felt the horror of a double-loss weekend. I am an LSU and Saints fan. Countless times I have not had to focus on the LSU loss because the Saints won, or better yet I did not have to focus on the Saints' loss because of an LSU win

Well, that didn't happen this past weekend. First, LSU lost to Alabama 27-21 in overtime, and then when all my chips rested on the Saints. Sadly, New Orleans did not cash in. They lost to the Falcons 34-20, and in turn the apocalyptic weekend I was experiencing really kicked in.

Maybe the sun will come up tomorrow. Just maybe. But it will be difficult. I must remove myself from all sports media for one week. So no Internet, television, or telegrams.

I can only hope this article serves as a shoulder for those other fans who, too, have had to experience the apocalyptic weekends known simply as double-loss.

Hold strong and be strong.

Did I mention both my fantasy football teams lost too?

Sunday, November 02, 2008

BCS Chaos Theory in Full Force

At this moment working on my school should probably remain a top priority, but honestly who can work on homework when the college football season has yet again taken another incredible twist?

Many thoughts are running in my head. I will attack them one by one.

First, Penn State...

Nittany Lion fans do not start fussing at the BCS just yet. I can understand your frustration on Texas losing and you not moving up at all, but keep in mind (as cliche as it is to say) lots of football remains to be played. By no means think this this season is over. Alabama at No. 1 still has LSU and the possibly the SEC Championship, meanwhile Texas Tech still has Oklahoma State and Oklahoma.

Secondly, Florida...

Wow. Is there a team out in America that strikes fear into the opponent more so than Florida? Not only are the Gators winning against good competition, they are destroying them. First, LSU 51-21, and then Georgia this past weekend 49-10. Sadly, I have trouble focusing on Florida's impressive win, but rather Urban Meyer's classless demeanor. Why do you, Coach Meyer, find it necessary to throw the ball downfield late in the fourth quarter with a huge lead? I am sorry, but Coach Meyer has that same "respect" as Steve Spurrier. There was a lot of angst in Meyer and the team prior to Saturday's game considering how Georgia danced in the end zone following the game's first touchdown last year, but still that does not legitimize running up the score.

Thirdly, Texas Tech...

Maybe just maybe the Red Raiders are for real. Who am I kidding? They are for real. Down by one with eight seconds remaining Graham Harrell connected with Michael Crabtree on the 28 yard game winning touchdown. Honestly, I was imagining new kicker Matt Williams missing a field goal to give Texas the victory. Not much can be said to soothe the pain Texas feels right now. Crabtree made a play. That happens and unfortunately with every amazing play in sports comes that player on the other side of the spectrum who is nothing short of devastated.

Fourthly (yes that is a word), LSU...

Despite my allegiance to LSU football I must say how I see things. I want LSU to beat Alabama, but after the Tulane game I did not see much improvement. Tiger Stadium will be rocking Saturday night when Nick Saban makes his return to Tiger Stadium. Despite all that, I think the Tide get the win. Again this is my prediction. I will be screaming my lungs out for an LSU win. 'Bama might not be as good as the media makes them out to be, but they are still a better team than LSU. If I am bashed, criticized, and tar-and-feathered for picking against my Tigers so be it. Jarrett Lee has not shown an ability to navigate games during tense situations. But with that said, I think the Gators of Florida will end Bama's magical season with a win in the SEC Championship Game.

Fifthly, USC...

Is there a one-loss team out there in more of a pickle than the Trojans of USC? I think not. The Trojans slip up against Oregon State could be enough for Carroll's Crew to not reach the BCS Championship Game. Yes, plenty of time remains in the season, but as of now USC is No. 7 and behind a plethora of one-loss teams (Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma), plus undefeated teams (Alabama, Texas Tech, and Penn State). You can be sure each week USC will be rooting for the upset just to get closer at a chance at possibly winning their second National Championship of the 21st century. How's this for something ironic? This weekend the USC Trojans will be rooting for LSU to beat Alabama. Strange world isn't it?

That is all I have for now. Relax this week, and go enjoy yourself a sandwich.