Monday, November 10, 2008

Apocalyptic Weekend: Double-Loss

I am a fool. I should of known this day would come again. I should of known.

It was 1074 days ago and the year was 2005. The day, December 3rd. LSU loses to Georgia 34-14 in the SEC Championship Game. The following day, December 4th, the Saints lose to the Buccaneers 10-3.

Unlike this past weekend that was the last time I experienced the dreaded double-loss weekend. Yes, every sports fan has experienced this awful set of circumstances. Not only does your college team lose, but your NFL team as well.

This December would of been three years since I last felt the horror of a double-loss weekend. I am an LSU and Saints fan. Countless times I have not had to focus on the LSU loss because the Saints won, or better yet I did not have to focus on the Saints' loss because of an LSU win

Well, that didn't happen this past weekend. First, LSU lost to Alabama 27-21 in overtime, and then when all my chips rested on the Saints. Sadly, New Orleans did not cash in. They lost to the Falcons 34-20, and in turn the apocalyptic weekend I was experiencing really kicked in.

Maybe the sun will come up tomorrow. Just maybe. But it will be difficult. I must remove myself from all sports media for one week. So no Internet, television, or telegrams.

I can only hope this article serves as a shoulder for those other fans who, too, have had to experience the apocalyptic weekends known simply as double-loss.

Hold strong and be strong.

Did I mention both my fantasy football teams lost too?

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