Thursday, October 25, 2007

The 10 Best College Football Uniforms Minus LSU's

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One of the best features of college football are the uniforms. They add a certain flare to those Saturday games. As a fan I have many jerseys I adore, but since I am an LSU Tiger I will not include them in my Top 10 because let's be honest nothing can top that purple and gold, white uniform the Bayou Bengals wear nearly every Saturday. are my Top 10 College Football Uniforms Minus LSU's

10. Baylor Bears

When the Baylor Bears wear their green uniforms it looks classical, yet stylish. Now, I understand ND has a green jersey, but keep in mind Notre Dame wears their green jerseys about as often as Haley's comet comes around. The mild-colored green jerseys seem to go hand-in-hand with the solid gold helmets for this Waco, Texas university. Now if only the school could get a decent football coach.

9. UCLA Bruins

Light blue is a hard color to make look both respectable and intimidating, while staying away from that "baby" image. The Bruins due just that as the uniforms seem to say to opponents, "I'm going to score, and I'm going to look damn good doing it." Also, it helps that the school's letters are written in Greek-esque cursive. Love it.

8. Michigan Wolverines

There is something about that Michigan uniform that is so intimidating and fearing. I really can not put my finger on why the maize and blue suits strike fear in all who look at them. For me personally when I think of those uniforms I think of a wide receiver who runs like the wind and is built like a linebacker. And I imagine that wide receiver on the line of scrimmage glaring at the cornerback, watching the ball, and waiting for the snap...

7. Hawaii Warriors

Back when they were the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors the jerseys the school wore looked like something Barney the Dinosaur wore to bed. Not even joking. After dropping "Rainbow" from the name things have only gotten better. In the past couple years the black jersey Hawaii unis have been stunning. Believe or not, you actually fear the Warriors when they are all dressed in black, while showing a little green on the helmet...the lovely "H."

6. Fresno State Bulldogs

All red. It's so vivid. It's so there. I'm sorry not sure what the heck those two sentences I just wrote mean. Anyway, FSU's red uniforms make bright red look dangerous because danger seems to always be associated with the color red. Not sure why. More importantly, the red unis are a trademark of Fresno. You see red uni it is Fresno State...or maybe Rutgers. Anyway, you get the point.

5. Colorado Buffaloes

The helmet art is one the biggest reasons the Colorado uniform is so awesome. That "C" and "U" going through that crazy Buffalo. Love it all. But then there's the black jerseys. All black, no color. I can still remember when Coach Gary Barnett was there and the school actually had a team. Or how about when Rick Neuhesel was coaching? Those were the days the unis were at there best. They were the purest definition of pain on the football field.

4. North Carolina Tar Heels

The Smurfs is what they the call baby blue uniforms the Tar Heels wear. Not going to lie, they have grown on me. When the defense was looking good (back when Mack Brown was there) it looked like a tidal wave was hitting the QB during a sack. But as we all know, it was not a wave, but rather a group of Tar Heels wearing some breath taking uniforms.

3. Oregon Ducks

Whoa, calm down! Before you badger me for liking one of Oregon's 324 uniforms let me state there is actually 325 if you saw the Washington game last week. Oregon wore some white unis I fell in love with. They seem to fit Dennis Dixon and Jonathon Stewart perfectly because white seems to be a mystery color, and let's be honest Oregon is a mystery team.

2. Penn State Nittany Lions

White. The one color (it's a color don't give me that shade crap) that seems to have no feel. No emotion. It's nothing. It's white. Well, that use to be true until the all white Penn State uniform. That's a uniform. That is college football. It really is the something that makes college football, college football. Indescribe is the best word for the PSU uniform. the color white.

1. Washington Huskies

And the No. 1 uniform (minus LSU's) is Washington University! Why? Got to be honest I love the purple and gold jerseys. Yes they are LSU colors, but so what the Huskies look superb when they are wearing the purple jerseys and solid gold helmets. It's a look that is the very definition of beauty in college football. Did I really just say that last sentence? Sorry, I get passionate about my college football uniforms.

Hey, I'm interested in hearing what you guys consider the Top 10 uniforms in college football! Just feel free to leave a comment!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rebuttal to Pete Fiutak's "Hail Miles"

As I was searching the web yesterday, I visited one of my favorite college football web sites ( I came across the weekly Cavalcade of Whimsy by Pete Fiutak (

For the most part I agreed with Fiutak's observations...for the most part.

After reading Fiutak's thoughts about LSU coach Les Miles's late game decision against Auburn, I could see that Fiutak, much like many other writers, is still confused on Miles's call.

Fiutak's entire claim is based around how "unnecessary" it was for Les Miles to take a shot at the end zone.

I have got two words for you Pete: Colt David. Those two words together are what makes Miles's call the right one. Why? On the season Colt David is 14 of 19, which is not that bad...until you look at the fact that during LSU's last home game against Florida he was 0 for 2, and on the season David has never made a field goal past the 40 yard line. Had LSU needed to kick a field goal it would of been from about 40 yards out. In the eyes of many, Colt David is seen as an inconsistent kicker.

I hope you realize these thoughts had to be in Miles's head in the closing moments of the game.

Furthermore you make the claim the call was downright "stupid." Referring to something as "stupid" is clearly a statement with no validity. When I think of "stupid" I think of two grade school kids arguing over whose favorite basketball player is the best. When one kid says his favorite player is better, the other kid simply states, "I don't like him. He's stupid." There's no substance to saying the call was just "stupid."

Now let me say, LSU should of managed the clock late in the game much better. As we all know that did not happen. Even so, Miles wanted to take two chances at scoring rather than one. He did not want to put all his chips on Colt David winning the game just right yet.

Miles basic thinking was, "There is time for one more play before the field goal. Let's take a shot at the end zone. If we don't get anything we'll go for the field goal. Let's just try it."

Well his attempt did work. Now I am sure it's been said countless times, but when Demetrius Byrd hit the ground after his TD catch at least 3 seconds were left on the clock. So what if the pass was tipped? There easily would of been time left in the game. How about an interception? In single coverage that is not nearly as likely. It was a small risk.

But if you are going to sit there and play the "What-If Game," how about this: what if there was a bad snap for the field goal attempt? What if Colt David shanked it?

And finally the reason I felt inclined to write my rebuttal to your "Hail Miles" paragraph Pete, is for the simple fact that you fall into the category of the many people who consider Les Miles to be stupid. Face it, Pete, you think the guy is not that great of a coach and is only winning off of pure luck, or as you would like to say it "stupid" calls. Now granted, I do not think Miles is a god, but I will give him his credit when it is due. (Cough! Auburn game.) I have heard all the excuses regarding how Les Miles's being a good coach is overrated. "Come on the coach has gotten so lucky this year. He coaches LSU! How can't you win there?"

Pete, I do not know why guys like you continue to shy away from giving Miles any credit. Is it because of the way he comes across during interviews; that long, slow speech of his? Or maybe it's the hat? One thing is for sure Les Miles is not an idiot (Degree in Economics from Michigan), and his call against Auburn was not "stupid."

It was gamble, that can separate the good coaches from the great ones.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hyping Down the Situation

I have read my share of sports web sites since LSU's dramatic 30-24 victory against Auburn Saturday night. I have carefully kept my mouth shut and my mind open, but enough is enough.

The constant criticism of Coach Les Miles's daring call is by all means being blown way out of proportion.

LSU started off that final drive on their own 42 yard line. In four plays the Tigers had gotten three first downs. For the first time in about three games the LSU offense was really playing to it's potential.

Once the Tigers got inside Auburn's 30 yard line, as a fan, I could notice LSU's play calling became much more conservative. This was upsetting to me, as well as, may other fans because LSU was banking on the winning points coming from the inconsistent field goal kicker Colt David. Sure you could point out David was 3 for 3 on the day, but that still did not erase his past blunders. For example, against Florida David missed two key field goals.

These thoughts on David were common for all LSU faithful.

Leading up to the winning touchdown, LSU was very slow on getting the play onto the field. Watching this was nerve-racking. Of course as we remember, QB Matt Flynn called hike with the clock running at :09 seconds. When Demetrius Byrd caught the ball and hit his shoulder in the end zone at least :03 seconds were left.

Reread that. At least :03 seconds. Now granted LSU should of managed the time a bit better. For instance, getting the play out to the QB should not have taken so long, but as we all know it did take longer than expected.

Why did the clock run to :01 second? Not sure. Maybe the clock was celebrating the touchdown. The point is, yes, Tigers should of snapped it sooner, but that really is not that big of deal considering there was at least :03 seconds left. You could easily make the case :04 seconds should of been left.

When you take into account how much time really should of been left you begin to realize that the worries of an incomplete pass go out the window.

What if a DL had tipped the pass? That was very unlikely considering the play called for Flynn to immediately arch the ball after the snap.

What about if the cornerback intercepted the pass? This situation would of been just as unlikely. Why? Demetrius Byrd was in single coverage. INTs in those scenarios are rare.

Overall, Miles was preparing for a field goal to win the game, but before laying the game in the hands of a so-so kicker he wanted to take a shot at the end zone. He wanted to take a shot!

Former Auburn coach Terry Bowden said Miles call was a stupid play gone good.

Bowden, my only response is you did not assess the whole situation. "Stupid" does not describe the play accurately. Gutsy is more like it.

And if there is anything you know about college football is to be the best you have to take chances.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Six Weeks Completed...

Week 6 just finished for the NFL and many thoughts are racing through my head. Well let me stop the suspense. Enjoy.

Cincinnati Bengal Fans: Panic!

Bengals were a disappointment last year finishing 8-8. Right now the team looks like 8-8 could be a reach as Cincy is currently 1-4. The defense was going to be a concern coming into the season, but turns out it is worse than expected (giving up 31 points per game). Furthermore, the offense is not clicking like it was expected to. Fact remains team is 1-4 and fingers are starting to point. Marvin Lewis was known for his D, but Cincy does not seem to have that. Or a winning record.

Awakening of the Saints!

N'Awlins started out the 2007 season 0-4. Super Bowl hype went out the window. Sunday night the hype did not return, but hope definitely surfaced. For once, the offense woke up as Drew Brees threw for 246 yards, 2 TDs, while completing 25 of 36 passes. Even better, Bush had 44 yards receiving and 97 yard rushing. Wait! The defense showed up as well as the Saints got 5 sacks on Matt Hasselback of the Seattle Seahawks. Is this 28-17 Saints win in Seattle speaking volumes for the season, or was it simply just a "win"?

New York Giants are 4-1?

The Jints were supposed to be at the bottom of the NFC East. Supposed. After losing the opening week, Tom Coughlin has his clan rolling as the New York boys are on a 4 game winning streak following the 31-10 Monday Night win in Atlanta. Eli Manning's stats are not incredible (1076 yards; 9 TDs and 6 INTs), but he is starting to show the ability to do the only thing that really matters: win games. Question everyone is asking is how legit is this 4-1 record for the Giants? Only time will tell.

Patriots Pacing for To Become Greatest Team Ever?

Through 6 games the Pats are undefeated. Okay that is not that surprising, what is how N.E. is doing it. Belichick's clan is absolutely beating the tar out of competition. (Average score: Pats 38, Opponents 15) I am really starting to the think this team has the best chance ever at going undefeated like the 1972 Miami Dolphins. And then there is Tom Brady's stats. (Try and hold yourself together after reading this.) 1771 yards thrown, 21 TDs and 2 INTs. 21 TDS 2 INTS! IN THE NFL, NOT NCAA! Wow. Brady has a chance to break Manning's 49 TDs in a season record. Really take into account this past week's so called "big" game. Dallas vs. New England: Game of the Week. Final Score: 48-27 Pats. So much for a game.

Coach Magician: What's with the Jets?

Last season there was the amazing story of Eric Magini and how he led a Jets team to the playoffs despite having a team that was seen by many as one of the worst in the league. Well, that story is dead. 2007 season record: 1-5. Ouch! Biggest issue for the boys in green is who is going to play QB and put up decent stats. Chad Pennington has thrown for 939 yards and 6 TDs, but there are those 6 INTs. Overall, that is not going to cut it in NYC.

Pack Continues Climb to Top with Steady Wins

Week in and week out the Green Bay Packers put together a solid performance and always at the end of the game the team has a shot to win. For the most part, a "W" has resulted when the Cheeseheads have been in that situation in 2007. Currently at 5-1 the team is still seen as "unproven," but have it be known Coach Mike McCarthy has built a team around Favre. Look for the Pack to win at least 10 games this season.

Victory Does Not Diminish Future Troubles for Philly

Yes, the Eagles won this weekend 16-9 against the Jets, but have it be known Philly is going to have a rough year. My call? No playoff berth will be coming to the City of Brotherly Love. The defense is still solid as Defensive Coordinator Jimmy Johnson is still there. But the offense? Dead as a door nail. McNabb is going to feel the heat from the fans, as well as calls for Kyle Kolb. And yet again, Westbrook is battling injuries. Do not worry, come December Coach Reid will have the "luxury" of telling his players Christmas shopping starts early this year.

Death of a Defense

In recent years the Chicago Bears have had trouble with getting a soild offense to go with their stellar defense. Rex Grossman is no longer QB, Brian Griese is, but rest assured he is no Peyton Manning. Griese is workable though (unlike Sexy Rexy). Nonetheless, the biggest problem for Chicago is the troubles arising on defense. The team fell to 2-4 after a 34-31 loss to Minnesota. Minnesota! Worse is Adrian Peterson ran for 200+ yards against the Bears so-called "top defense." In Total Defense is 27th! Scoring Defense? 22nd with 25 points per game.

Friday, October 12, 2007

0-5? Likely...

As a fellow New Orleans Saints fan I can vividly remember growing up and year in and year out the watching the Saints fail miserablely. It was almost clockwork to watch the 'Aints start off 0-5, and always win that sixth game.

I thought those days were over. I thought the suffering of Saints fans was officially a thing of the past. After all this is the Post-Katrina New Orleans Saints. This is a new era.

Well, I was wrong. Dead wrong.

Four games into the 2007 NFL season, the Saints are winless. That's right winless. The same squad predicted to go to the Super Bowl has yet to win a game. I would love to sit here and tell you Saints will run the tables and make the playoffs. But sorry, this ship is going down.

Is it too much to ask for to have back-to-back Saints playoff appearances? I guess so.

Sunday Night Football will sadly be between the Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints. Even worse is the game is in Seattle, one of the loudest home crowds in the NFL. Well, long story short look for the Saints to go down Sunday.

Final: Seahawks 35-20

Why? There is no running game with Deuce out, and we already know Bush can not carry the load by himself. So? That forces Brees to throw a lot, which is not good considering the QB has a 100 INTS for every TD this year.

...Having a a DL (and OL) similar to folding chairs does not help either, thank God for the LSU Tigers!...

Monday, October 08, 2007

LSU/Florida Thoughts

Saturday night's game against the Florida Gators in Death Valley was one of epic proportions. For much of the game the team looked doomed for defeat, but somehow Miles got the squad thinking they could still win this game - and they did just that. With the game officially in the record books I thought I would share with you my postgame (and some during the game) thoughts:

Early Doucet: No game has it been more evident that LSU misses his presence on the field A LOT. Brandon LaFell is a growing WR, but he does not have the credibility yet to be a receiver who will make that third down catch every time. Doucet is.

Brandon LaFell: As the No. 1 WR for the Tigers, LaFell showed quite a bit of trouble against the Gator defense Saturday. LaFell bobbled his first pass to give Florida an INT on the opening LSU drive. Overall, LaFell did have some big catches, but far too many drops (3).

Tim Tebow: I knew he was one of the nation's best QBs, but I did not realize he was borderline unstoppable. Tebow was manhandling the LSU D for the majority of the game. He will throw the ball down your throat, or just plain run over you. Definitely a Heisman candidate now and for years to come.

Colt David: I am the first to say I will stick by the field goal kicker longer than most people. I have had faith in David for a while, but this past weekend my support for him went down a bunch. Two missed field goals against Florida was just too critical of a mistake on his part. Too be honest, I am going to be rooting for Miles to go for it now on 4th, rather than risk another shanked kick attempt. David obviously has something mental going on.

Defense: For most of the game I began thinking to myself made this unit is overrated. I obviously jumped to conclusions rather soon. This D is for real and they proved it when they helped jumpstart a huge fourth quarter rally.

Kentucky: So the team beat Florida in an epic fashion. Is there going to be a letdown against Kentucky? Let's hope not because this is not your old Kentucky team that was a simple "W." Kentucky very well could have an offense better than Florida's. Let's hope the Tigers can keep their head on straight and not pull another "Tulane first half."