Monday, October 15, 2007

Six Weeks Completed...

Week 6 just finished for the NFL and many thoughts are racing through my head. Well let me stop the suspense. Enjoy.

Cincinnati Bengal Fans: Panic!

Bengals were a disappointment last year finishing 8-8. Right now the team looks like 8-8 could be a reach as Cincy is currently 1-4. The defense was going to be a concern coming into the season, but turns out it is worse than expected (giving up 31 points per game). Furthermore, the offense is not clicking like it was expected to. Fact remains team is 1-4 and fingers are starting to point. Marvin Lewis was known for his D, but Cincy does not seem to have that. Or a winning record.

Awakening of the Saints!

N'Awlins started out the 2007 season 0-4. Super Bowl hype went out the window. Sunday night the hype did not return, but hope definitely surfaced. For once, the offense woke up as Drew Brees threw for 246 yards, 2 TDs, while completing 25 of 36 passes. Even better, Bush had 44 yards receiving and 97 yard rushing. Wait! The defense showed up as well as the Saints got 5 sacks on Matt Hasselback of the Seattle Seahawks. Is this 28-17 Saints win in Seattle speaking volumes for the season, or was it simply just a "win"?

New York Giants are 4-1?

The Jints were supposed to be at the bottom of the NFC East. Supposed. After losing the opening week, Tom Coughlin has his clan rolling as the New York boys are on a 4 game winning streak following the 31-10 Monday Night win in Atlanta. Eli Manning's stats are not incredible (1076 yards; 9 TDs and 6 INTs), but he is starting to show the ability to do the only thing that really matters: win games. Question everyone is asking is how legit is this 4-1 record for the Giants? Only time will tell.

Patriots Pacing for To Become Greatest Team Ever?

Through 6 games the Pats are undefeated. Okay that is not that surprising, what is how N.E. is doing it. Belichick's clan is absolutely beating the tar out of competition. (Average score: Pats 38, Opponents 15) I am really starting to the think this team has the best chance ever at going undefeated like the 1972 Miami Dolphins. And then there is Tom Brady's stats. (Try and hold yourself together after reading this.) 1771 yards thrown, 21 TDs and 2 INTs. 21 TDS 2 INTS! IN THE NFL, NOT NCAA! Wow. Brady has a chance to break Manning's 49 TDs in a season record. Really take into account this past week's so called "big" game. Dallas vs. New England: Game of the Week. Final Score: 48-27 Pats. So much for a game.

Coach Magician: What's with the Jets?

Last season there was the amazing story of Eric Magini and how he led a Jets team to the playoffs despite having a team that was seen by many as one of the worst in the league. Well, that story is dead. 2007 season record: 1-5. Ouch! Biggest issue for the boys in green is who is going to play QB and put up decent stats. Chad Pennington has thrown for 939 yards and 6 TDs, but there are those 6 INTs. Overall, that is not going to cut it in NYC.

Pack Continues Climb to Top with Steady Wins

Week in and week out the Green Bay Packers put together a solid performance and always at the end of the game the team has a shot to win. For the most part, a "W" has resulted when the Cheeseheads have been in that situation in 2007. Currently at 5-1 the team is still seen as "unproven," but have it be known Coach Mike McCarthy has built a team around Favre. Look for the Pack to win at least 10 games this season.

Victory Does Not Diminish Future Troubles for Philly

Yes, the Eagles won this weekend 16-9 against the Jets, but have it be known Philly is going to have a rough year. My call? No playoff berth will be coming to the City of Brotherly Love. The defense is still solid as Defensive Coordinator Jimmy Johnson is still there. But the offense? Dead as a door nail. McNabb is going to feel the heat from the fans, as well as calls for Kyle Kolb. And yet again, Westbrook is battling injuries. Do not worry, come December Coach Reid will have the "luxury" of telling his players Christmas shopping starts early this year.

Death of a Defense

In recent years the Chicago Bears have had trouble with getting a soild offense to go with their stellar defense. Rex Grossman is no longer QB, Brian Griese is, but rest assured he is no Peyton Manning. Griese is workable though (unlike Sexy Rexy). Nonetheless, the biggest problem for Chicago is the troubles arising on defense. The team fell to 2-4 after a 34-31 loss to Minnesota. Minnesota! Worse is Adrian Peterson ran for 200+ yards against the Bears so-called "top defense." In Total Defense is 27th! Scoring Defense? 22nd with 25 points per game.

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