Monday, October 08, 2007

LSU/Florida Thoughts

Saturday night's game against the Florida Gators in Death Valley was one of epic proportions. For much of the game the team looked doomed for defeat, but somehow Miles got the squad thinking they could still win this game - and they did just that. With the game officially in the record books I thought I would share with you my postgame (and some during the game) thoughts:

Early Doucet: No game has it been more evident that LSU misses his presence on the field A LOT. Brandon LaFell is a growing WR, but he does not have the credibility yet to be a receiver who will make that third down catch every time. Doucet is.

Brandon LaFell: As the No. 1 WR for the Tigers, LaFell showed quite a bit of trouble against the Gator defense Saturday. LaFell bobbled his first pass to give Florida an INT on the opening LSU drive. Overall, LaFell did have some big catches, but far too many drops (3).

Tim Tebow: I knew he was one of the nation's best QBs, but I did not realize he was borderline unstoppable. Tebow was manhandling the LSU D for the majority of the game. He will throw the ball down your throat, or just plain run over you. Definitely a Heisman candidate now and for years to come.

Colt David: I am the first to say I will stick by the field goal kicker longer than most people. I have had faith in David for a while, but this past weekend my support for him went down a bunch. Two missed field goals against Florida was just too critical of a mistake on his part. Too be honest, I am going to be rooting for Miles to go for it now on 4th, rather than risk another shanked kick attempt. David obviously has something mental going on.

Defense: For most of the game I began thinking to myself made this unit is overrated. I obviously jumped to conclusions rather soon. This D is for real and they proved it when they helped jumpstart a huge fourth quarter rally.

Kentucky: So the team beat Florida in an epic fashion. Is there going to be a letdown against Kentucky? Let's hope not because this is not your old Kentucky team that was a simple "W." Kentucky very well could have an offense better than Florida's. Let's hope the Tigers can keep their head on straight and not pull another "Tulane first half."

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