Friday, September 28, 2007

Saints' Rant

Okay, let's me honest. The New Orleans Saints are 0-3. START PANICKING!

0-1, that's workable come on they lost to the Super Bowl Champs!

0-2, alright so Tampa Bay creamed them, still only 2 losses it's manageable.

0-3, pray.

The Saints were clobbered on live television 31-14. All the goodness surrounding this new era of Saints football is now gone. Pretty crazy how in one year things can swing to being absolutely awful. And let's face it N'Awlins is not just losing they are getting destroyed.

The Offensive and Defensive Line are looking a lot like folding chairs. So hey Brees has got about 0.5 seconds to make something happening. It doesn't help that the one play Brees does get time, he throws a boneheaded INT.

Coach Payton must feel fortunate for a bye week because I frankly am sick of all the losing. Since losing 39-10 in the NFC Championship game. The Saints have been outscored an astounding 142-48. Since walking into Soldier field Saints are losing to opponents by an average score of 36-12.

What's that you want to know how they are doing this season? So far in 2007, Saints are getting outscored 103-38, that comes out to an average whoopin' of 34 to 13.

The thing that really gets me is N.O. had the Tennessee game. Bush just scored his second TD and the stands where rocking. It was 14-10 N'Awlins and it looked like the offense was finally in sync.


Defense gives up a TD so it's 17-14. Well that's fine Saints will just have to do this Old West shootout style. Then Drew Brees fumbles and just like that it's 24-14.

Okay, still time! C'mon Brees! Cha-ching another pick and shortly another touchdown for Tennessee.

Saints feel over and croaked hard. Shame, shame shame. Bottom line: What the hell is going on Coach Payton? I wouldn't get too discouraged because LSU is winning (Geaux Tigers!), but still I'm lost for words.

Don't know why I'm saying this, but it's only been 3 games! C'mon they can turn it around! Is it really too much to ask for in having back to back seasons with playoffs appearances?

(4 weeks later, "Hey they are only 0-7!")

Well that's my Saints' rant now please do me the honors and push the button labeled PANIC.

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