Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Damaging Effect

For second time in a month LSU reserve linebacker Derek Odom got engaged with the law, unlike the first time, I do not agree with the decision made by Coach Les Miles regarding Odom's future.

Odom should of been kicked off the team. End of story.

For those of you unaware of the situation Derek Odom seems to be a common name under Police Encounters in Baton Rouge. First during the month of August, Odom was at an apartment complex where he lost he temper. Odom wanted to enter some one's apartment, but that person was not having it...and neither was Odom. Long story short, Odom did damage to this person's property as well as key his car.

The apartment complex had every reason to press charges against Odom. He was an idiot and was not apologizing. But considering the apartment landlord was probably an LSU fan, he did not want to cause trouble. The charges where dropped and Odom would apologize...eventually.

Strike 1.

As for his most recent encounter with law enforcements, Derek Odom has done that in this recent, beautiful month of September. Odom was hanging out with former LSU wide receiver (and current professional track runner) Xavier Carter. Apparently Carter and Odom were not too pleased with the views by a certain girl. She was sitting in her car when Odom proceeded to ram himself into this female's car as well as shatter a window with his fist. To make matters even better, Carter was jumping on the hood of the car.

Strike 2.

Two strikes for Mr. Odom surely had to spell an end to his LSU career, right? Wrong! Coach Miles has only suspended Odom an extra two weeks from playing on the field. He can practice, but come game time Odom is on the sidelines all four quarters. This simple decision by Miles is echoing farther than he can imagine. When a coach starts letting the "loose cannon" players stay on the team, a certain aspect of a school's credibility is lost.

A prime example is Miami-Florida. The University has always been heavily criticized for letting troublemakers play on the team while getting only a slap on the wrist. All the negative thoughts about Miami players reached it's peak when the FIU/Miami-Florida brawl broke out last year.

The same can be said for Florida State. FSU is not as bad as Miami, but let's just say it's not uncommon to hear about serious charges against Seminole players being dropped because Coach Bobby Bowden said, "they learned their lesson."

Now do not jump to conclusions. I am not implying LSU is anywhere near the level of Miami-Florida or Florida State for that matter. All I am saying is Miles's seems to be handling discipline in some manners and little lighter than previous LSU coaches, and in time that will take an effect on the University's image to the college football world.

And believe me, that is something more damaging than Miles realizes...

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