Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ruined Reputation

When the 2007 college football season ended I could not help but think that Nebraska Cornhuskers' head coach Bill Callahan would not be getting hired for a head coaching position anytime soon.

It doesn't have anything to do with the fact that in six years of being a head coach (2 with the Oakland Raiders) he has coached a team with a losing record three times. It simply has to do with the fact that Bill Callahan has developed the reputation as a head coach who has players on his team who quit.

Quit: give up; throw in the towel. You name it, Callahan's players do it.

Just look back at the records. A year after losing the 2002 Super Bowl 48-21 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Callahan's Raiders went 4-12 in 2003.

4-12! Cornerback Charles Woodson said things got so bad in the locker room that he feared for Callahan's life! Okay so that was one bad time Callahan had with his players, give him a break.


This past year the second team he's been the head coach of quit on him much like the Raiders did. The Cornhuskers had improved every year since Callahan had arrived in 2004. 5-6, 8-4, 9-5, and then 5-7?!

Don't attempt to convince me the Huskers did not give up on this season! Yes, they did put up 70+ points one week late in the season against Kansas State, but I can honestly say that seems to be the only time during the season following a win 35-17 against Iowa State September 29 the Huskers played a full four quarters.

At one point during this season Nebraska was 4-1. They would lose 6 of their final 7, while giving up a pathetic 46 points per game!

I know that sticks out the most about Callahan's resume; he builds teams of men who occasionally quit. Check that: EVENTUALLY quit. I would be very surprised if Callahan ever got a major college coaching job again. Much less ANY head coaching job.

His reputation is cemented...and so is his head coaching career. Enough said.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Ultimate Wish

I was thinking the other day of what I would do if I had three wishes. First would be for more money (of course), second would be to run out with the LSU football team in Tiger Stadium (that's a given), and thirdly? Well, that's the newest dream.

My dream would be to fire a ginormous machine gun. Plain and simple: I want to fire a huge machine gun. No, not a sissy little handheld pistol. I'm talking about one John Rambo would fire. This dream gun is known simply as GAU-21 or M3M. This device of destruction is mounted on helicopters for the Navy and Army, as well as inside the new V-22 Osprey. The price for each turret is $7.3 million. What only makes it better is the GAU-21 fires .50 caliber ammo.

Now don't accuse me of being mentally disturbed, if anything accuse me of showing off my masculinity. Listen, I do not want to shoot this craft of pain at people. I would simply like to sit back and fire it for a good 20 minutes as it vaporized whatever laid in my path.

The sound of a 1000 bullets coming out a second, the adrenaline pumping in your veins, the ear-piercing noise that!....okay, okay sorry got a little carried away.

So, anyone out there capable of granting this wish of mine?

Awful Similarities

Within the past week big news came out again from the Atlanta Falcons' organization. But for once he was not dealing with Michael Vick.

Bobby Petrino the first year head coach for the 'Cons darted back to the college ranks. Petrino recently accepted a position to be the head coach at the University of Arkansas. Petrino's exit from Atlanta was nothing short of pathetic and sickening, but if anything it is, oh so, very familiar with another incident of this magnitude one year ago.

Remember the fellow Nick Saban and his cowardly exit from the Miami Dolphins? How can you!?

Well Petrino and Saban are two coaches who were both successes in the NCAA, but both failures in the NFL. Lets not forget the word "quitter" either.

To add to the sting these two fellows created you have to emphasize the manner in which they left their NFL jobs. Saban repeatedly denied any interest in Alabama and then went there after proclaiming 2 years earlier his "deep" love for LSU. Petrino left Atlanta after the owner had called him the CEO of the team. Oh, but Petrino did really leave like a "champ". He did not even have a final talk with the players. Just fled like a fool.

(Let me state there are similarities, but I do find Saban's more disgusting considering he a) repeatedly lied about the situation and b) went to LSU's arch rival. That's excusable.)

There was something my dad told me about Saban last year that I have to say goes along with Mr. Petrino as well.

"When someone does what he did it will stick with him. People do not forget that."

Indeed they won't. Indeed they won't.

By the way I can not wait for the Georgia/Arkansas game next year. I'm pretty sure a lot of Bulldog fans are also Atlanta Falcon fans as well. I can hear the blood boiling already.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

War and the Media

(This was written by Dominic Anderzack, a friend of mine I had graduated high school with. This note he had written represents something I agree with 100%.)

One way the media distorts America’s' view of the ongoing war against terrorists is by focusing on just one side in the conflict: ours. Whether it's the daily body count or alleged abuses at Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo, the public could be forgiven for thinking the U.S. is not only losing the war, but behaving badly in doing so.

But neither is true. This year, for instance, the U.S. has killed roughly 650 terrorists a month, according to published reports and Defense Department estimates. That compares with about 37 U.S. combat deaths per month, through May.The ratio, thus, is about 18 terrorists killed in combat for every allied soldier killed.

And that doesn't include the offensive in Diayala Province, Operation Arrowhead Ripper, which dispatched 159 enemy combatants in just the first five days.Since the war began, we've lost about 70 troops a month. This compares with 526 a month in Vietnam, more than 900 a month in Korea and 6,639 a month during World War II.In other words the U.S. is winning this war.

But it will never be reported that way because of all the liberal anti- Bush media. Even the democrats are jumping on this wagon. All any of the democratic presidential candidates have done is bash President Bush and have not declared a strong platform for themselves. It’s becoming the Anti-Republican party instead of remaining the democrat party.But lack of media support is nothing new. Go back to Vietnam. Remember the "five o'clock follies," when the press routinely ridiculed Pentagon casualty reports? The Vietnam syndrome continues to this day.Only now it's the media misreporting the numbers.

Just weeks into the war in 2003, we started hearing the now-oft-repeated canard that Iraq was worse off with the U.S. than with Saddam. This is so plainly wrong that it must be called what it is: a lie.And yet, it's repeated to this day. Here again, the numbers tell the tale. In his 24 years as Iraq's Stalinist supreme leader, Saddam Hussein killed at least 2 million people. That averages out to about 6,944 a month for the better part of three decades.Most responsible estimates show that, at most, 60,000 or so civilians have been killed since the war started, about 1,200 a month.Moreover, no one doubts that Saddam was responsible for all 2 million of his deaths.

In the case of the U.S., most of the civilian deaths come from al-Qaeda and other terrorists, not U.S. troops.We got to thinking about this as a result of Operation Arrowhead Ripper, which involves some 10,000 U.S. troops trying to rid Diayala Province of al-Qaeda terrorists. It's one of the biggest, if not the biggest, operations since the war began.And yet, when we looked for news of how this huge effort in the war on terror was going, the focus was all on American fatalities.

Since Vietnam, the media have approached each military conflict with the same template: "U.S. Wrong, Foe Right." And they've reported accordingly. That's why unjustifiable murderers of women and children are generously called "fighters" by our own media, while errors by our own troops are tarred as war crimes.In conclusion in a sense we are losing a war, the war for Americans' hearts and minds, fought daily on America's TV screens and front pages. But in the real war, our troops are fighting bravely and well, and it's about time someone started keeping score.

All the media wants to do is turn everyone into a victim, and it’s disrespectful to all those fighting for us.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

All Team Distractions Lead to An Equal, An Opposite...

Distractions to a team can destroy it, or in someways strengthen it.

The latest distraction in the sports world deals with LSU's head football coach Les Miles and the University of Michigan's recent decision by 13-year head coach Lloyd Carr to resign.

Now by all means I have no desire to type out the details to a story everyone is familiar with.

Short and sweet: Les Miles is the head coach at LSU, but went to UM and has always had strong ties. Yadda, yadda, you know the drill.

The MORE important aspect of this recent news is HOW the LSU football team deals with it.
I mean I will be perfectly honest, I am a huge LSU fan and this whole Michigan-Les situation does not concern me UNTIL the season is over.

LSU still has some business they need to take care of, and Les Miles knows that. The real question, like many LSU fans are asking, is will this recent media frenzy be the ultimate destruction in what could be a very special LSU season?

Will LSU come out flat against Arkansas and watch right in front of them as their hope and dreams die in Tiger Stadium?

Or better yet maybe LSU beats Arkansas then performs terribly in the SEC Championship Game?

Or maybe, just maybe, the LSU football team comes out with a chip on their shoulder from here on out to show America this team is not ready to throw the towel in yet. This team is not ready to go down quite yet.

The Tigers are for sure a team that is battling all the elements on the field week in and week out (exhaustion, dehydration, mental battles, etc.), but now more than ever LSU will have to defeat not only their opponents, but a new villian...

...the national attention surrounding their head coach.

So what's it going to be LSU? Trip up and end the run or buckle your chin straps and finish what you started?

Friday will only begin to tell that tale...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stephon Marbury: Destroying the NBA's Reputation

I consider myself an avid basketball fan. I love college basketball and do get involved in the NBA. With that said, I am well aware that today's NBA is looked at by many people as a league filled with nothing more than punks and thugs.

We can thank this image to Ron Artest and the Palace Massacre.

Even so, whenever it seems the NBA gains a little respect back, a new incident will occur that causes the NBA to lose even more credibility.

Last year it was the Nuggets/Knicks fight, and now this year it was the gutless actions by Stephon Marbury. To sum up a long story, Marbury got upset at New York Knicks' head coach Isiah Thomas when he learned on the team plane that he would not be starting that night's game. In retaliation, Marbury did not show up for the game and instead flew home.

The Knicks' following game Marbury showed up like nothing ever happened.

Putting my thoughts on this situation in words cannot be done because the disappointment and anger I have inside of me towards a self-centered player like Marbury is immeasurable. To put it plain and simply, Marbury quit on his teammates. Instead of being a MAN a saying, "I don't want to be benched, but hey I can get through this," the coward decided to run away from the team, and more importantly the problem.

It really is a shame that a league's reputation can get so damaged by one player. Yes, I understand there are other "loose cannons" in the NBA, but you cannot deny that the individual actions by Starbury (as he likes to call himself) have put a huge dent on the NBA.

I, for one know my father, like many other middle-aged men, will say he does not watch the NBA because, "there's just a bunch of troublemakers running the court."

Why would my father think something like that? This Marbury story, that's what.

In response to anyone who might somewhat consider Isiah Thomas at fault, please rethink your thoughts. Yes, Isiah is not the greatest coach, but you cannot deny that Thomas is indeed a leader and person of example (excluding his recent sexual harassment charges). This is a famous quote Isiah once said, and for me it best sums up the person he is.

“If all I'm remembered for is being a good basketball player, then I've done a bad job with the rest of my life.”

Guarantee you would never hear something like that from Starbury.

Overall, I am still in shock that Marbury, a 30-year old professional basketball player, still acts like this. How as a Knicks' fan can you go to a game and root for a player who quit on his teammates? The guy did not even show up for the game! He went home! To put it simply; he's a loser, coward, and most importantly a complete waste of talent and money!

This will stick with Starbury for a while. He already had a bad teammate reputation, but when he arrives at a new team in the future, I can assure you his recent actions will be in the heads of his new teammates.

New York is better than a guy like Stephon Marbury. By all means they need to part ways as soon as possible. His actions have already caused enough trouble.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Falling Giants

Penn State, Nebraska, and Notre Dame

These 3 schools strike fear into all opponents in college football. They represent the elite, the juggernauts of NCAA football...

...or at least they use to...

Times have changed in the world of college football. The Nittany Lions, Cornhuskers, and Fighting Irish are no longer seen with the same image the nation saw them for so long.

Penn State, home of 2 National Championships (1982, 1986) is a school in disarray. Fans find themselves looking at their 80 year old coach and asking, "What happened Joe Pa?" A very proud football school is continuously finding themselves attending low-marquee bowls. As for big games at Happy Valley, they all end in such similar plights (OSU 38-17). Other than the 1994 undefeated season, and a couple late 1990 seasons, the Lions have not found themselves in some serious national championship talk for quite some time.

Is a change needed?

Then there is Nebraska. The nation of Big Red. The land of Tom Osbourne and Tommie Frazier. Those names are about as ancient as the word "Mayans." Other than foolishly being chosen to go to the 2001 National Championship and getting destroyed by Miami-Florida, not much has been worth cheering for in Lincoln. The once proud school is being forced to settle for their 3rd and 4th choices for head coach. Frank Solich? Was not the school's first choice as well as Bill Callahan.

You can't help but wonder how far this school has fallen? Considering Callahan's team has pretty much quit on the season the bleeding will only continue for the Big Red faithful.

The 3 National Championships of the 1990s (1994, 1995, 1997) seem so far away...

And finally there is Notre Dame. The "favored son" of college football has been to back-to-back BCS bowls. Regardless of not rightfully earning the 2007 Sugar Bowl bid, the Irish nonetheless competed in those bowls. With that said, championship times have been gone for quite some time in South Bend. 1988 was the last time the Irish have won a National Championship. Furthermore, the Irish really haven't found themselves in the championship race late in the season since 1993.

3 legendary programs all falling and all soon hoping to stop the plunder. Currently, Penn State is 8-3, Nebraska 5-6, and Notre Dame a dreadful 1-9.

Hey there's always basketball season...

Monday, November 05, 2007

The Chaos Continue for College Football...

Lots of big games went down this past weekend. I do not want to dance around the subject, so here are my thoughts on Saturday's games.

No. 1 Ohio State rolls over Wisconsin in 4th Quarter...

Buckeyes were in trouble on Saturday against the Wisconsin Badgers. Badgers had the lead for the majority of 3 quarters, until OSU tied it up with a late score in the third quarter. In the 4th, Ohio State showed why they are the No. 1 team in the nation. Behind 3 rushing TDs, the Bucks rolled to a 38-17 victory. Despite the criticism the Big 10 is soft, which it is, OSU is definitely worthy of their No. 1 ranking. Tressel's crew is the team to beat. To make matters worse for opponents, the offense of OSU which was formerly known as the weak spot is only getting better.

No. 2 Boston College Falls Flat Against Florida State

Over one week after BC's sensational Thursday night win against VTech, Boston College falls flat against a disappointing Florida State team. Matt Ryan finished with 3 INTs including one returned for a TD when BC at the time was only down 20-17. The 27-17 loss stings for the Eagles, but winning the ACC is still very much in grasp. With that said, I don't think Boston College will win the ACC either.

No. 3 LSU Wins Despite Sloppy Play

I went to Tuscaloosa for the game. Didn't have tickets, just wanted to be apart of the atmosphere. LSU did everything it could to give Alabama that game. Silly turnovers, stupid penalties, and a defense and special teams that had big mental lapses at times. But, as we know LSU didn't lose. The Bayou Bengals won 41-34. The Tigers again pulled things together to win yet another dramatic football game. After 3 INTs in the second quarter, Matt Flynn was able to compose himself and lead the Tigers to victory. In response to so many complaints for calls being overturned in LSU's favor let me just say it was the right decision. The refs in the SEC are not too efficient from what I have seen. Without instant replay some bad calls would of stuck in the game. Granted, I will admit one replay that was overturned in LSU's favor was a tad surprising. I clearly thought the Bama WR made the catch.

No. 4 Arizona State's Undefeated Season Halted by the Quack Attack

Arizona State only lost the game at Autzen Stadium by the score of 35-23, but anyone who watched the game or read the stats can see it was not even that close. Oregon had jumped out to a 21-3 lead. ASU did cut it to 21-16, but Oregon and Dennis Dixon would pull ahead to a 35-16 lead that was lessened when Arizona State put up a late score. I think this Oregon team is definitely a legit contender for the National Championship. But, before you claim someone is going to get screwed in being selected for the BCS National Championship Game understand a lot of football is still left.

No. 14 Texas Needs Another Dramatic Final Quarter to Overcome Defeat

Was not too long ago when Texas was playing Oklahoma State in a game the Longhorns trailed 35-7. Longhorns would come back to win that game big. Some guy named Vince Young lead the charge. Anyway, that same thing could not happen against for Oklahoma State, right? Well, going into the 4th it was 35-14 Cowboys. Behind the stellar play of Jamaal Charles, Longhorns scored 24 points in the 4th quarter to win 38-35. Just like that UT is back in the BCS mix. After some disappointing losses, UT can find themselves in something like the Orange Bowl if the team can win out. I am saying it: University of Texas at Austin will lose another game this season. Too many close calls to mediocre teams. Sooner or later that will catch up.

No. 15 Michigan Halts the Spoilers Upset with a Late Score

The Michigan State Spoilers were predicted by a lot of analysts to upset the Wolverines. That was happening as the Spartans lead by 10 midway through the 4th quarter. Much like LSU has done countless times this year, UM stayed composed and scored twice to win 28-24. The last of scores came with 2:28 left in the game. Slowly, but surely, Michigan is creeping up the rankings and in time they will be ready to pull off the upset I have predicted all year long. Let me just repeat myself: Michigan will beat Ohio State this year. Period.

No. 23 South Carolina Gets Piggg Sooooied!

So all that talk about the Gamecocks winning the SEC has been completely deflated. After watching Darren McFadden eat South Carolina's D alive, Spurrier's crew lost 48-36. This victory also shows that despite Arkansas's 3 losses, the team is still very capable of making some noise in the SEC. Remember the SEC is a gunfight each and every week. Could Arkansas be the team that knocks out the LSU Tigers in the race for the National Championship?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The 10 Best College Football Uniforms Minus LSU's

(Click here to check out my thoughts on Week 15 of the 2009 NFL season.)

One of the best features of college football are the uniforms. They add a certain flare to those Saturday games. As a fan I have many jerseys I adore, but since I am an LSU Tiger I will not include them in my Top 10 because let's be honest nothing can top that purple and gold, white uniform the Bayou Bengals wear nearly every Saturday. are my Top 10 College Football Uniforms Minus LSU's

10. Baylor Bears

When the Baylor Bears wear their green uniforms it looks classical, yet stylish. Now, I understand ND has a green jersey, but keep in mind Notre Dame wears their green jerseys about as often as Haley's comet comes around. The mild-colored green jerseys seem to go hand-in-hand with the solid gold helmets for this Waco, Texas university. Now if only the school could get a decent football coach.

9. UCLA Bruins

Light blue is a hard color to make look both respectable and intimidating, while staying away from that "baby" image. The Bruins due just that as the uniforms seem to say to opponents, "I'm going to score, and I'm going to look damn good doing it." Also, it helps that the school's letters are written in Greek-esque cursive. Love it.

8. Michigan Wolverines

There is something about that Michigan uniform that is so intimidating and fearing. I really can not put my finger on why the maize and blue suits strike fear in all who look at them. For me personally when I think of those uniforms I think of a wide receiver who runs like the wind and is built like a linebacker. And I imagine that wide receiver on the line of scrimmage glaring at the cornerback, watching the ball, and waiting for the snap...

7. Hawaii Warriors

Back when they were the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors the jerseys the school wore looked like something Barney the Dinosaur wore to bed. Not even joking. After dropping "Rainbow" from the name things have only gotten better. In the past couple years the black jersey Hawaii unis have been stunning. Believe or not, you actually fear the Warriors when they are all dressed in black, while showing a little green on the helmet...the lovely "H."

6. Fresno State Bulldogs

All red. It's so vivid. It's so there. I'm sorry not sure what the heck those two sentences I just wrote mean. Anyway, FSU's red uniforms make bright red look dangerous because danger seems to always be associated with the color red. Not sure why. More importantly, the red unis are a trademark of Fresno. You see red uni it is Fresno State...or maybe Rutgers. Anyway, you get the point.

5. Colorado Buffaloes

The helmet art is one the biggest reasons the Colorado uniform is so awesome. That "C" and "U" going through that crazy Buffalo. Love it all. But then there's the black jerseys. All black, no color. I can still remember when Coach Gary Barnett was there and the school actually had a team. Or how about when Rick Neuhesel was coaching? Those were the days the unis were at there best. They were the purest definition of pain on the football field.

4. North Carolina Tar Heels

The Smurfs is what they the call baby blue uniforms the Tar Heels wear. Not going to lie, they have grown on me. When the defense was looking good (back when Mack Brown was there) it looked like a tidal wave was hitting the QB during a sack. But as we all know, it was not a wave, but rather a group of Tar Heels wearing some breath taking uniforms.

3. Oregon Ducks

Whoa, calm down! Before you badger me for liking one of Oregon's 324 uniforms let me state there is actually 325 if you saw the Washington game last week. Oregon wore some white unis I fell in love with. They seem to fit Dennis Dixon and Jonathon Stewart perfectly because white seems to be a mystery color, and let's be honest Oregon is a mystery team.

2. Penn State Nittany Lions

White. The one color (it's a color don't give me that shade crap) that seems to have no feel. No emotion. It's nothing. It's white. Well, that use to be true until the all white Penn State uniform. That's a uniform. That is college football. It really is the something that makes college football, college football. Indescribe is the best word for the PSU uniform. the color white.

1. Washington Huskies

And the No. 1 uniform (minus LSU's) is Washington University! Why? Got to be honest I love the purple and gold jerseys. Yes they are LSU colors, but so what the Huskies look superb when they are wearing the purple jerseys and solid gold helmets. It's a look that is the very definition of beauty in college football. Did I really just say that last sentence? Sorry, I get passionate about my college football uniforms.

Hey, I'm interested in hearing what you guys consider the Top 10 uniforms in college football! Just feel free to leave a comment!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rebuttal to Pete Fiutak's "Hail Miles"

As I was searching the web yesterday, I visited one of my favorite college football web sites ( I came across the weekly Cavalcade of Whimsy by Pete Fiutak (

For the most part I agreed with Fiutak's observations...for the most part.

After reading Fiutak's thoughts about LSU coach Les Miles's late game decision against Auburn, I could see that Fiutak, much like many other writers, is still confused on Miles's call.

Fiutak's entire claim is based around how "unnecessary" it was for Les Miles to take a shot at the end zone.

I have got two words for you Pete: Colt David. Those two words together are what makes Miles's call the right one. Why? On the season Colt David is 14 of 19, which is not that bad...until you look at the fact that during LSU's last home game against Florida he was 0 for 2, and on the season David has never made a field goal past the 40 yard line. Had LSU needed to kick a field goal it would of been from about 40 yards out. In the eyes of many, Colt David is seen as an inconsistent kicker.

I hope you realize these thoughts had to be in Miles's head in the closing moments of the game.

Furthermore you make the claim the call was downright "stupid." Referring to something as "stupid" is clearly a statement with no validity. When I think of "stupid" I think of two grade school kids arguing over whose favorite basketball player is the best. When one kid says his favorite player is better, the other kid simply states, "I don't like him. He's stupid." There's no substance to saying the call was just "stupid."

Now let me say, LSU should of managed the clock late in the game much better. As we all know that did not happen. Even so, Miles wanted to take two chances at scoring rather than one. He did not want to put all his chips on Colt David winning the game just right yet.

Miles basic thinking was, "There is time for one more play before the field goal. Let's take a shot at the end zone. If we don't get anything we'll go for the field goal. Let's just try it."

Well his attempt did work. Now I am sure it's been said countless times, but when Demetrius Byrd hit the ground after his TD catch at least 3 seconds were left on the clock. So what if the pass was tipped? There easily would of been time left in the game. How about an interception? In single coverage that is not nearly as likely. It was a small risk.

But if you are going to sit there and play the "What-If Game," how about this: what if there was a bad snap for the field goal attempt? What if Colt David shanked it?

And finally the reason I felt inclined to write my rebuttal to your "Hail Miles" paragraph Pete, is for the simple fact that you fall into the category of the many people who consider Les Miles to be stupid. Face it, Pete, you think the guy is not that great of a coach and is only winning off of pure luck, or as you would like to say it "stupid" calls. Now granted, I do not think Miles is a god, but I will give him his credit when it is due. (Cough! Auburn game.) I have heard all the excuses regarding how Les Miles's being a good coach is overrated. "Come on the coach has gotten so lucky this year. He coaches LSU! How can't you win there?"

Pete, I do not know why guys like you continue to shy away from giving Miles any credit. Is it because of the way he comes across during interviews; that long, slow speech of his? Or maybe it's the hat? One thing is for sure Les Miles is not an idiot (Degree in Economics from Michigan), and his call against Auburn was not "stupid."

It was gamble, that can separate the good coaches from the great ones.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hyping Down the Situation

I have read my share of sports web sites since LSU's dramatic 30-24 victory against Auburn Saturday night. I have carefully kept my mouth shut and my mind open, but enough is enough.

The constant criticism of Coach Les Miles's daring call is by all means being blown way out of proportion.

LSU started off that final drive on their own 42 yard line. In four plays the Tigers had gotten three first downs. For the first time in about three games the LSU offense was really playing to it's potential.

Once the Tigers got inside Auburn's 30 yard line, as a fan, I could notice LSU's play calling became much more conservative. This was upsetting to me, as well as, may other fans because LSU was banking on the winning points coming from the inconsistent field goal kicker Colt David. Sure you could point out David was 3 for 3 on the day, but that still did not erase his past blunders. For example, against Florida David missed two key field goals.

These thoughts on David were common for all LSU faithful.

Leading up to the winning touchdown, LSU was very slow on getting the play onto the field. Watching this was nerve-racking. Of course as we remember, QB Matt Flynn called hike with the clock running at :09 seconds. When Demetrius Byrd caught the ball and hit his shoulder in the end zone at least :03 seconds were left.

Reread that. At least :03 seconds. Now granted LSU should of managed the time a bit better. For instance, getting the play out to the QB should not have taken so long, but as we all know it did take longer than expected.

Why did the clock run to :01 second? Not sure. Maybe the clock was celebrating the touchdown. The point is, yes, Tigers should of snapped it sooner, but that really is not that big of deal considering there was at least :03 seconds left. You could easily make the case :04 seconds should of been left.

When you take into account how much time really should of been left you begin to realize that the worries of an incomplete pass go out the window.

What if a DL had tipped the pass? That was very unlikely considering the play called for Flynn to immediately arch the ball after the snap.

What about if the cornerback intercepted the pass? This situation would of been just as unlikely. Why? Demetrius Byrd was in single coverage. INTs in those scenarios are rare.

Overall, Miles was preparing for a field goal to win the game, but before laying the game in the hands of a so-so kicker he wanted to take a shot at the end zone. He wanted to take a shot!

Former Auburn coach Terry Bowden said Miles call was a stupid play gone good.

Bowden, my only response is you did not assess the whole situation. "Stupid" does not describe the play accurately. Gutsy is more like it.

And if there is anything you know about college football is to be the best you have to take chances.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Six Weeks Completed...

Week 6 just finished for the NFL and many thoughts are racing through my head. Well let me stop the suspense. Enjoy.

Cincinnati Bengal Fans: Panic!

Bengals were a disappointment last year finishing 8-8. Right now the team looks like 8-8 could be a reach as Cincy is currently 1-4. The defense was going to be a concern coming into the season, but turns out it is worse than expected (giving up 31 points per game). Furthermore, the offense is not clicking like it was expected to. Fact remains team is 1-4 and fingers are starting to point. Marvin Lewis was known for his D, but Cincy does not seem to have that. Or a winning record.

Awakening of the Saints!

N'Awlins started out the 2007 season 0-4. Super Bowl hype went out the window. Sunday night the hype did not return, but hope definitely surfaced. For once, the offense woke up as Drew Brees threw for 246 yards, 2 TDs, while completing 25 of 36 passes. Even better, Bush had 44 yards receiving and 97 yard rushing. Wait! The defense showed up as well as the Saints got 5 sacks on Matt Hasselback of the Seattle Seahawks. Is this 28-17 Saints win in Seattle speaking volumes for the season, or was it simply just a "win"?

New York Giants are 4-1?

The Jints were supposed to be at the bottom of the NFC East. Supposed. After losing the opening week, Tom Coughlin has his clan rolling as the New York boys are on a 4 game winning streak following the 31-10 Monday Night win in Atlanta. Eli Manning's stats are not incredible (1076 yards; 9 TDs and 6 INTs), but he is starting to show the ability to do the only thing that really matters: win games. Question everyone is asking is how legit is this 4-1 record for the Giants? Only time will tell.

Patriots Pacing for To Become Greatest Team Ever?

Through 6 games the Pats are undefeated. Okay that is not that surprising, what is how N.E. is doing it. Belichick's clan is absolutely beating the tar out of competition. (Average score: Pats 38, Opponents 15) I am really starting to the think this team has the best chance ever at going undefeated like the 1972 Miami Dolphins. And then there is Tom Brady's stats. (Try and hold yourself together after reading this.) 1771 yards thrown, 21 TDs and 2 INTs. 21 TDS 2 INTS! IN THE NFL, NOT NCAA! Wow. Brady has a chance to break Manning's 49 TDs in a season record. Really take into account this past week's so called "big" game. Dallas vs. New England: Game of the Week. Final Score: 48-27 Pats. So much for a game.

Coach Magician: What's with the Jets?

Last season there was the amazing story of Eric Magini and how he led a Jets team to the playoffs despite having a team that was seen by many as one of the worst in the league. Well, that story is dead. 2007 season record: 1-5. Ouch! Biggest issue for the boys in green is who is going to play QB and put up decent stats. Chad Pennington has thrown for 939 yards and 6 TDs, but there are those 6 INTs. Overall, that is not going to cut it in NYC.

Pack Continues Climb to Top with Steady Wins

Week in and week out the Green Bay Packers put together a solid performance and always at the end of the game the team has a shot to win. For the most part, a "W" has resulted when the Cheeseheads have been in that situation in 2007. Currently at 5-1 the team is still seen as "unproven," but have it be known Coach Mike McCarthy has built a team around Favre. Look for the Pack to win at least 10 games this season.

Victory Does Not Diminish Future Troubles for Philly

Yes, the Eagles won this weekend 16-9 against the Jets, but have it be known Philly is going to have a rough year. My call? No playoff berth will be coming to the City of Brotherly Love. The defense is still solid as Defensive Coordinator Jimmy Johnson is still there. But the offense? Dead as a door nail. McNabb is going to feel the heat from the fans, as well as calls for Kyle Kolb. And yet again, Westbrook is battling injuries. Do not worry, come December Coach Reid will have the "luxury" of telling his players Christmas shopping starts early this year.

Death of a Defense

In recent years the Chicago Bears have had trouble with getting a soild offense to go with their stellar defense. Rex Grossman is no longer QB, Brian Griese is, but rest assured he is no Peyton Manning. Griese is workable though (unlike Sexy Rexy). Nonetheless, the biggest problem for Chicago is the troubles arising on defense. The team fell to 2-4 after a 34-31 loss to Minnesota. Minnesota! Worse is Adrian Peterson ran for 200+ yards against the Bears so-called "top defense." In Total Defense is 27th! Scoring Defense? 22nd with 25 points per game.

Friday, October 12, 2007

0-5? Likely...

As a fellow New Orleans Saints fan I can vividly remember growing up and year in and year out the watching the Saints fail miserablely. It was almost clockwork to watch the 'Aints start off 0-5, and always win that sixth game.

I thought those days were over. I thought the suffering of Saints fans was officially a thing of the past. After all this is the Post-Katrina New Orleans Saints. This is a new era.

Well, I was wrong. Dead wrong.

Four games into the 2007 NFL season, the Saints are winless. That's right winless. The same squad predicted to go to the Super Bowl has yet to win a game. I would love to sit here and tell you Saints will run the tables and make the playoffs. But sorry, this ship is going down.

Is it too much to ask for to have back-to-back Saints playoff appearances? I guess so.

Sunday Night Football will sadly be between the Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints. Even worse is the game is in Seattle, one of the loudest home crowds in the NFL. Well, long story short look for the Saints to go down Sunday.

Final: Seahawks 35-20

Why? There is no running game with Deuce out, and we already know Bush can not carry the load by himself. So? That forces Brees to throw a lot, which is not good considering the QB has a 100 INTS for every TD this year.

...Having a a DL (and OL) similar to folding chairs does not help either, thank God for the LSU Tigers!...

Monday, October 08, 2007

LSU/Florida Thoughts

Saturday night's game against the Florida Gators in Death Valley was one of epic proportions. For much of the game the team looked doomed for defeat, but somehow Miles got the squad thinking they could still win this game - and they did just that. With the game officially in the record books I thought I would share with you my postgame (and some during the game) thoughts:

Early Doucet: No game has it been more evident that LSU misses his presence on the field A LOT. Brandon LaFell is a growing WR, but he does not have the credibility yet to be a receiver who will make that third down catch every time. Doucet is.

Brandon LaFell: As the No. 1 WR for the Tigers, LaFell showed quite a bit of trouble against the Gator defense Saturday. LaFell bobbled his first pass to give Florida an INT on the opening LSU drive. Overall, LaFell did have some big catches, but far too many drops (3).

Tim Tebow: I knew he was one of the nation's best QBs, but I did not realize he was borderline unstoppable. Tebow was manhandling the LSU D for the majority of the game. He will throw the ball down your throat, or just plain run over you. Definitely a Heisman candidate now and for years to come.

Colt David: I am the first to say I will stick by the field goal kicker longer than most people. I have had faith in David for a while, but this past weekend my support for him went down a bunch. Two missed field goals against Florida was just too critical of a mistake on his part. Too be honest, I am going to be rooting for Miles to go for it now on 4th, rather than risk another shanked kick attempt. David obviously has something mental going on.

Defense: For most of the game I began thinking to myself made this unit is overrated. I obviously jumped to conclusions rather soon. This D is for real and they proved it when they helped jumpstart a huge fourth quarter rally.

Kentucky: So the team beat Florida in an epic fashion. Is there going to be a letdown against Kentucky? Let's hope not because this is not your old Kentucky team that was a simple "W." Kentucky very well could have an offense better than Florida's. Let's hope the Tigers can keep their head on straight and not pull another "Tulane first half."

Friday, September 28, 2007

Saints' Rant

Okay, let's me honest. The New Orleans Saints are 0-3. START PANICKING!

0-1, that's workable come on they lost to the Super Bowl Champs!

0-2, alright so Tampa Bay creamed them, still only 2 losses it's manageable.

0-3, pray.

The Saints were clobbered on live television 31-14. All the goodness surrounding this new era of Saints football is now gone. Pretty crazy how in one year things can swing to being absolutely awful. And let's face it N'Awlins is not just losing they are getting destroyed.

The Offensive and Defensive Line are looking a lot like folding chairs. So hey Brees has got about 0.5 seconds to make something happening. It doesn't help that the one play Brees does get time, he throws a boneheaded INT.

Coach Payton must feel fortunate for a bye week because I frankly am sick of all the losing. Since losing 39-10 in the NFC Championship game. The Saints have been outscored an astounding 142-48. Since walking into Soldier field Saints are losing to opponents by an average score of 36-12.

What's that you want to know how they are doing this season? So far in 2007, Saints are getting outscored 103-38, that comes out to an average whoopin' of 34 to 13.

The thing that really gets me is N.O. had the Tennessee game. Bush just scored his second TD and the stands where rocking. It was 14-10 N'Awlins and it looked like the offense was finally in sync.


Defense gives up a TD so it's 17-14. Well that's fine Saints will just have to do this Old West shootout style. Then Drew Brees fumbles and just like that it's 24-14.

Okay, still time! C'mon Brees! Cha-ching another pick and shortly another touchdown for Tennessee.

Saints feel over and croaked hard. Shame, shame shame. Bottom line: What the hell is going on Coach Payton? I wouldn't get too discouraged because LSU is winning (Geaux Tigers!), but still I'm lost for words.

Don't know why I'm saying this, but it's only been 3 games! C'mon they can turn it around! Is it really too much to ask for in having back to back seasons with playoffs appearances?

(4 weeks later, "Hey they are only 0-7!")

Well that's my Saints' rant now please do me the honors and push the button labeled PANIC.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Damaging Effect

For second time in a month LSU reserve linebacker Derek Odom got engaged with the law, unlike the first time, I do not agree with the decision made by Coach Les Miles regarding Odom's future.

Odom should of been kicked off the team. End of story.

For those of you unaware of the situation Derek Odom seems to be a common name under Police Encounters in Baton Rouge. First during the month of August, Odom was at an apartment complex where he lost he temper. Odom wanted to enter some one's apartment, but that person was not having it...and neither was Odom. Long story short, Odom did damage to this person's property as well as key his car.

The apartment complex had every reason to press charges against Odom. He was an idiot and was not apologizing. But considering the apartment landlord was probably an LSU fan, he did not want to cause trouble. The charges where dropped and Odom would apologize...eventually.

Strike 1.

As for his most recent encounter with law enforcements, Derek Odom has done that in this recent, beautiful month of September. Odom was hanging out with former LSU wide receiver (and current professional track runner) Xavier Carter. Apparently Carter and Odom were not too pleased with the views by a certain girl. She was sitting in her car when Odom proceeded to ram himself into this female's car as well as shatter a window with his fist. To make matters even better, Carter was jumping on the hood of the car.

Strike 2.

Two strikes for Mr. Odom surely had to spell an end to his LSU career, right? Wrong! Coach Miles has only suspended Odom an extra two weeks from playing on the field. He can practice, but come game time Odom is on the sidelines all four quarters. This simple decision by Miles is echoing farther than he can imagine. When a coach starts letting the "loose cannon" players stay on the team, a certain aspect of a school's credibility is lost.

A prime example is Miami-Florida. The University has always been heavily criticized for letting troublemakers play on the team while getting only a slap on the wrist. All the negative thoughts about Miami players reached it's peak when the FIU/Miami-Florida brawl broke out last year.

The same can be said for Florida State. FSU is not as bad as Miami, but let's just say it's not uncommon to hear about serious charges against Seminole players being dropped because Coach Bobby Bowden said, "they learned their lesson."

Now do not jump to conclusions. I am not implying LSU is anywhere near the level of Miami-Florida or Florida State for that matter. All I am saying is Miles's seems to be handling discipline in some manners and little lighter than previous LSU coaches, and in time that will take an effect on the University's image to the college football world.

And believe me, that is something more damaging than Miles realizes...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Daily Checklist for the Typical Rapper

[] Ho, where is she?
[] Cristal: 1 or 2 bottles?
[] Polish rims
[] Pick up machine gun at shop
[] Use random method to decide what rapper I will start beef with; he stole my song, he is a rapper, etc.
[] Make music video with (new) hos, cars, and guns
[] Open bottle of Hennessy
[] Randomly fire shots outside house to start chaos
[] Officially start new "beef" with rival rapper by making a song
[] Include in song deep thoughts I have about this individuals mother and possibly girlfriend
[] Think of a typical CD cover name. Something ordinary, but catchy like "Da Future"
[] Buy new rims
[] Drive by "beef" guy's house and shoot at his house with new machine gun
[] Visit kid with Baby Momma #1
[] Feed pit bulls
[] Start preparing basement for dogfighting competition tonight
[] Visit other kid with Baby Momma #2
[] DVR Spongebob
[] Go to bed...with polished gun under pillow

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Analysis on 1st Week of NFL Games

First week of football is over, and contrary to what I would of expected the scoring was definitely a bit lower than usual. Well, I will cut the small talk and get going on just what exactly I thought about certain team's performances.

41 Colts 10 Saints

-As you know I am a Saints fan. Was thinking a good game was going to break out here, and it was...for the first half. Then in the second half the snowball effect occurred and before you knew it N'Awlins fans were calling for Jason David's head just like they did for Fred Thomas's back in January.

16 Packers 13 Eagles

-The Pack showed that they picked up right where they left off from last year. It was not a pretty win, but Favre did show his old magic and that he still can win the tough ones. I'm starting to think Philly was victim to a very underrated GB defensive unit.

15 Broncos 14 Bills

-Buffalo has a Top 5 defense. Amazing how DEN was able to get the snap off in time as the clock ran out. Still lots of kinks in Cutler's well as Losman's.

20 Texans 3 Chiefs

-Everyone has been saying it for a while, but Kansas City could be in some serious trouble this year. I mean who's the QB? Brodie Croyle, eek! Texans are not that impressive. Just watch because by Week 6 Matt Schaub will be spending more time on his butt than on his feet. It's a Houston Texans offensive line ritual.

34 Steelers 7 Browns

-I am friends with a Browns fan who said Romeo's team would be ready. Sorry, Grizzly I would have to say they were more pathetic if anything. Pitt looked good with their new coach, but keep in perspective Steeler fans CLE could be bad this year. Bad.

13 Titans 10 Jaguars

-Tennesse must have a vastly improved D, or David Garrad was not the right choice. I will have to go with choice A. Fantasy owners are grasping for TEN running back Chris Brown. Sunday Brown had a monstrous 19 carries for 175 yards. His effectiveness gave TEN a chance to pull out the win.

24 Vikings 3 Falcons

-Now this is a case of two very bad teams. Without Vick, Atlanta is really going to be abismol this year. For a second I was convinced that Joey Harrington maybe could lead this franchise to countless victories. Than I woke up.

38 Patriots 14 Jets

-Guess Jets are not as close to New England as we all had thought. It was close, then came the old Randy Moss. Most interesting aspect of this game is the mysterious video tape NFL officials found in the hands of a New England Patriots staff worker. Don't want to spoil the story so go to

27 Panthers 13 Rams

-Quite the defensive slugfest for while. I was impressed on the Jake Delhomme's 3 TD day. Maybe bringing David Carr was a good thing for him. Also, Marc Bulger completed 22 passes for a measely 162 yards. Now that's defense!

16 Redskins 13 Dolphins

-Not the most exciting game if you ask me. It was another game decided by a field goal. Jason Campbell keeps growing into what could be a solid NFL QB. Sunday he was 12 of 21 for 222 yards. Not fantastic, but hey the team won! Up next: Philly.

36 Lioins 21 Raiders

-Well Kitna your team has nine more games to win to match the guarantee you made in the summer. Lions put up a lot of points, but again they also let Oakland stay in the game for a while. When's the last time a Oakland offense looked, dare I say, decent?

20 Seahawks 6 Buccaneers

-Jeff Garcia could not get things going against a stingy Seattle D, but again keep in mind lots of analysts have Garcia not doing nearly as good as he did in Philly last year. Also, Shaun Alexander looks like he is regaining that previous MVP form he had. He could definitely be a MVP sleeper this year.

14 Chargers 3 Bears

-Two things: 1. San Diego's D could end up being better than last year's and 2. Rex Grossman could still be the same impatient player he was last year. But I guess 12 for 23 for 145 yards is not a 0 rating on the QB scale so maybe it wasn't that bad.

45 Cowboys 35 Giants

-I knew NYG would not have a D, but Dallas? Come on Wade Phillips! The team almost blew a comfortable 31-19 because the defense seemed to a have taken a nap...or vacation. Eli showed glimpses of that QB everyone is praying he will turn out to be. As for Romo, he completed only 15 passes for 345 yards and 4 touchdowns. This once unknown player seems to have a favorite target in TE Jason Witten (6 catches for 116 yards).

27 Bengals 20 Ravens

-Cincy got some forunate calls at the end of the game, but regardless Chad Johnson's TD celebration was hilarious. Anyway, Steve McNair is nowhere near as productive as he use to be. If anything, Air McNair could be the factor that holds the Ravens from achieving their greatness potential. Kyle Boller, second chance? One more thing, do not be fooled yet. Cincy does have a lousy D. Just let the season carry on.

20 49ers 17 Cardinals

-Alex Smith (as well as Matt Leinart) played subpar games, especially Smith. With that said, Smith still did come through when most needed. He team was down by 4 and they were 86 yards away from glory. Smith lead this down the field for the victory. Also, the Edge seemed to be showing his destructive force again as the Miami grad finished with 26 carries for 96 yards.

Friday, August 31, 2007

The Mysterious Tabloid

You see them everywhere. Gas stations, grocery stores, and pharmacies. They represent all that is wrong with the media.

They are the tabloids. Pages and pages of nothing more than straight up lies.

It was not too long ago when I picked one up and began pondering the history and thinking behind these packages of trash. Through further research I began to see that some "famous" tabloids such as the National Enquirer have been around since 1926.

And believe it or not the magazines use to be legit! But why did the owners all of a sudden turn to the dark side and begin manifesting lies?

In the 1950-60s the media industry in the US greatly expanded. More companies were starting up with their own newspapers and tabloids, while the existing ones where seeking more power.

So National Enquirer choose to separate itself from the pack... the most gutless of ways.

The solution was to blatantly lie about current issues. In time, The National Enquirer soon began to have some competition as tabloids such as Star and the World News sprouted up. Regardless of being a complete joke to most of society, the tabloids still bring in lots of profit in America.

You can not help but think do people honestly believe the garbage inside them? Sadly that answer is yes.

The more popular tabloids such as Star are prized by females ranging from teenagers to middle-aged women. As for the outrageous covers such as the black and white World News, which recently proclaimed Vice President Dick Cheney goes to the hospital so often because he needs his gears changed because in fact the Vice President is a robot, they are beloved by the senior citizen class.

It is a shame that in America "news" has come to this, but at the same time you really must analyze how one acquires a position working for one of these newspapers.

I mean really how hard could it be to completely make up a story once a week? Right now I was able to think of one, "Tom Hanks is Caught Cheating With Pamela Anderson!"

That's money is the bank right there. All I need to do now is make up some quotes and photo shop a picture and wa-la you have got your newest tabloid.

I can already see the cover of Star magazine when nuclear war breaks out globally,

"Aliens Attack Planet Earth; Want Revenge!"

Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Spark American Soccer Needs

Soccer is the world's most popular sport, and for people like me that is an understandable statement. With that said, I do not find it as exciting as football or basketball, but by all means it surpasses the standing-around sport of baseball.

Even with my satisfaction in watching the sport, most of America still finds the sport not entertaining. Not enough scoring, too long, but really it does not matter because I have the solution; the spark that will make soccer a success in the USA.

(Again, I can not understand the above statement about how soccer is boring, but baseball is not.)

Getting great soccer players to come to America such as David Beckham will greatly help soccer in the USA, but that is not my solution. My solution is to create rivals. Bitter rivals.

Now I am not talking about your D.C. United vs. L.A. Galaxy game. I am talking about international games. Games I am not sure have ever been played. In America, rivals exist everywhere and by all means they are a vital part of a sport.

Examples would be Michigan vs. Ohio State in college football, the Yankees vs. the Red Sox in the MLB, the Colts vs. the Patriots in the NFL, and the Hawks vs. Bobcats in the NBA.

Ha ha, sorry I made that last one up. Thought you might enjoy it. Well, anyway as I was saying a bitter rival in soccer would definitely boost America's interest in the sport even if a viewer did not have much knowledge of the sport. Why? Because as a viewer seeing passion in a sport is one of the most addicting things about a sport.

Here are some great examples of bitter rivals Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) should arrange....

1. North Korea vs. South Korea

These two countries still remain hostile towards each other even though the Korean War ended over 50 years ago. What better way for these two sides to release some anger than on a soccer field? South Korea would love nothing more than to crush their evil brother that always seems to be in the headlines North Korea's Kim Jong Il is ruthless leader, but if he could take down a top 5 team in South Korea he certainly would gain some the soccer world.

Location: Hopefully, the Demilitarized Zone which separates North and South Korea.

2. Iran vs. Iraq

Again, I enter uncharted waters when I suggest former enemies of war should engage in a soccer match, but please remember these match ups are meant as a way for these countries to interact in a nonviolent (non-nuclear war) manner. In the 1980s these two nations engaged in a bloody war that lasted for eight years. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad seems to think he is all big and bad. Well if he indeed is, he will easily be able to defeat his arch nemesis in a friendly game of soccer. As for the Iraq team no American citizen could play on it. Only Iraqis would be able to suit up. Winning this game would be a huge boost for Iraq, it would be a giant step in the right direction for a country in rebuilding mode.

Location: Bahrain, a small island in the Persian Gulf. It's an isolated area, but do not worry plenty of transportation would be provided for the Iraqi and Iranian fans.

3. Pakistan vs. India

Pakistan use to be a part of India, but now find themselves independent. Nonetheless, the two countries are still engaging in hostile situations year in a year out. Nuclear war is even talked about between the two countries. Perfect alternate? A 90 minute game of soccer filled with passion and pride. Come on it could be a yearly showdown! Each year their would be more and more hype for the slug fest on the Indian Ocean.

Location: This would be a tough one considering the ground is not flat where Pakistan and India meet. Solution? China, a country East of Pakistan and North of India. And of course transportation costs would be provided for.

4. Ireland vs. Northern Ireland

Not a lot of love between the Irish and Northern Irish, in fact it is straight bad blood. What better way to settle these constant disputes about religion than a soccer match for some of the world's most passionate fans: the Irish? Unlike any of the previous bitter rivals I have been talking about, this match up would really need top notch security. I am talking about metal gates that separate the two fan bases, and a little limit on how much alcohol one fan is allowed to consume.

Location: Wembley Stadium in London, England. This state of the art structure would definitely fit the needs for a grudge match up to par with the yearly Florida/Florida State fist fight.

5. Israel vs. Palestine

This would be the match up of the century. These two types of people have been fighting since the beginning of time. No end seems to be in sight. It would be a clever way to sort of cease the tension between the two nations. Why do I say this? A soccer game is important, but not nearly as important as say the possibility of a bomb being dropped in your home country. Let me put it this way the loser of the soccer game would not be exterminated.

Location: Security here would have to be the Super Bowl x 50, which would mean one heck of a neutral site. Perfect spot? None other than Cyprus, the small island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is isolated which would mean chaos would be easier to prevent. Contests would be held to select the winners for fans who will attend the game. Transportation costs would be set up by FIFA.

6. Taiwan vs. China

So Taiwan wants to consider itself independent of China? Well then defeat them in the ever important soccer match up. China watches Taiwan's every move, if Taiwan wants to show they are ready to be free of Chinese rule (which will never happen) they will need to take down their big brother. Taiwan wants to prove it is capable of supporting itself, China wants to prove it will squash any oppositions...even if it lies within itself.

Location: If you think this match up is big I can not imagine the importance it would have in Asia. The world wants to see this game and no better place to watch it than Tokyo, Japan. The Japanese are excellent hosts who would love being in the spotlight of a bitter rival.

7. USA vs. Cuba

For the rest of the world this might not be as big of a game as say India vs. Pakistan, but certainly tension is present between the USA and Cuba. Ever since the Cuban Missile Crisis, America has stopped accepting any assets from the Caribbean nation. Furthermore, Castro is on his way out so what better way to end his awful relationship with the US than a soccer match? Absolutely nothing.

Location: I was thinking Mexico City, but as an American I want our national soccer team to get the whole experience. This game is going to be played in Havana, Cuba. Let's give the Cubans the home field advantage they desire. That will make victory even greater.

Hope you enjoyed my dream match ups that will give soccer the necessary spark. Though the more I think about it the more I realize everyone of these matches needs to be in Level 5 security. In no way do I want passionate fans blowing these games out of proportion. I mean a few fistfights after the games will be unavoidable, but let's not overdo it with suicide bombers and guys throwing beer bottles. Sports have no room for sore losers. Except for Terrell Owens, he can do it because he was made fun of in grade school.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pick Your Poison

As far as this summer goes this has to be one of the worst concerning sports. The MLB has it's whole mess with Barry Bonds and the steroid investigation, the NFL has players constantly running it trouble with the law (Pacman Jones, Tank Johnson, the entire Cincinnati Bengals roster, and almost forget Michael Vick and his dogfighting allegations), and finally the NBA has a scandal involving a 13-year veteran referee possibly fixing games.

Earlier this week on OnSports with JP & Kevin on FoxSports 1230 WCWA, JP proposed the question which commissioner would you rather be?

Would you want to be Bud Selig of the MLB who is now face-to-face with Barry Bonds, a steroid user, breaking one of the most hallowed records in sports?

Or how about Roger Goodell of the NFL who now has PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) protesting outside his office for the immediate punishment of Vick following claims that the Virginia Tech grad was allegedly connected with dogfighting in someone way or another?

Or how about David Stern of the NBA? Since taking over as commissioner of the NBA, Stern has worked nonstop on the integrity of the game. He is now realizing that under his watch, 13-year veteran referee Tim Donaghy was making certain calls during games, depending on the point spread.

So if you had the choice of choosing which commissioner you would like to be at this moment who would it be? (And NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is not an option.)

Before you start brainstorming your thoughts take a look at my explanation for the poison I would choose.

First off, no way would I want to be in Bud Selig's shoes. Let's remember Selig knew that steroids where involved in baseball during the 1998 home run chase, but still let did not do anything. Even though Barry Bonds knowingly took steroids, it was Selig who did not step up and stop this mess from growing into what it is now - a disaster. In some ways, you can look at Selig as Frankenstein and this steroid investigation as the monster he created. (Just a little FYI, Frankenstein was the scientist, not the monster.)

As for the next person I would not want to be in the shoes off, that award would be given to David Stern. The reason for this is the referee scandal is something, like the steroid investigation, that will echo for more than one season. Also, it damages the one thing in basketball that could take some time to heal: the integrity of the game. Yes, Stern is not as responsible as much for this nightmare like Frankstein above, but Stern was still the man in charge.

By eliminating Selig and Stern, that leaves NFL commissioner Roger Goodell as the commissioner who's shoes I would have to be in. The reason for my decision includes two parts:

1. Even though there is a lot of controversy surrounding the NFL with Pacman and Vick's alleged dogfighting charges, these stories will only echo for this year. Granted they are terrible stories, but you will not be watching an NFL game several years from now questioning the integrity of the game like you will for the NBA and MLB. That's the key, the controversies in the NFL will not affect the integrity of the game.

2. Legal troubles are always present in sports. I am not saying this is in anyway acceptable, but it is a fact that professional athletes are always getting in trouble with the law. Look at the NBA, Ron Artest will miss the first 7 games of the 2007 season because of spousal battery, and then there's Stephen Jackson, a Golden State Warrior who will be suspended for the first 7 games of the 2007 season as well because of pulling a gun out in a parking lot dispute. As for the MLB there are the countless legal investigations of trainers, doctors, and players who were involved in the BALCO steroid ring.

All in all, choosing to fill the shoes of anyone of these men is one most people could do without. With that said, I am forced to choose the commissioner who I feel is facing more of the "normal" situations. That winner is Roger Goodell. Now by all means I am not claiming Goodell has an easy dilemma on hand. (PETA is at his office. PETA!) But his situation as compared to Selig's and Stern's never in anyway damages the most important thing for a professional sport: the integrity of the game.

And like I stated earlier, that truly is the most important aspect of a sport.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Magazine Downer

During the summer months there is a certain day all college football fans anxiously await. The day the elite college football magazine comes out. Street & Smith as this magazine is called comes out not too early or not too late into the summer, but rather at the perfect time. You have just enough time to gather all the season's information right before the football year finally kicks off.

Yes, I understand there are numerous college football magazines (Athlon Sports) out there from the beginning of the summer, but Street & Smith is in a different league. Best way to explain it is with a Street & Smith college football preview magazine, you the reader are actually interested in reading about "great" teams such as Duke and Temple.

That's powerful.

This past Friday my dad got home from being out of town. He said he had seen Street & Smith's at a airport newstand. My whole day was set. I was getting my Street & Smith issue and for the next 72 hours my eyes were not leaving that magazine. But more importantly, I would finally be able to cease watching reruns of the Cosby Show.

I raced to the nearby Kroger, weaving through traffic like Stevie Wonder was behind the wheel. I ran into the store and looked down the magazine aisle. Nothing. Some NFL magazines, 400 fantasy football issues, and some low-quality college football magazines that seemed to only focus on the Big Ten.

I began to panic so I got in my stallion of a car and drove over to Barnes & Noble. As I raced inside, I bulldozed over any living creature in my way. Looked around and found the magazine section of the store. Once I arrived at my destination I saw to my dismay that again there was not a Street & Smith issue. Something was wrong. I called my dad asking for reassurance that he did indeed see a Street & Smith at the airport. I explained to him all I was seeing were Athlon Sport magazines.

Then I heard the words that will haunt me forever.

"Geez I thought I had seen one, maybe I was mistaken."

I bought the Athlon Sports copy and drove home. I still find myself waiting for the Street & Smith issue to arrive, but when I do I can't help but remember the day my dreams were crushed..

...crushed by a man who had simply mistaken one magazine for another...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Where's the Justice?

Today it was announced by the NCAA that the University of Oklahoma football team will be forfeiting all of it's 2005 season and for the next two football seasons the Sooners will lose a combined 4 scholarships. Once again it is crystal clear the NCAA did not rightfully serve justice.

As the story goes, Rhett Bomar the quarterback of Oklahoma at the time, and teammate J.D. Quinn were accepting money from a local car dealership, despite the fact the two men where not actually doing any work. Turned out the teammates had accepted around $8,000 a piece. Oklahoma found out this past season prior to the kickoff of the college football year. In response to the situation, Coach Bob Stoops booted Bomar and Quinn off the team.

The NCAA's so called "justice" in this circumstance is nothing short of garbage. That image we all use to have that the NCAA administration consisted of a bunch of righteous, noble employees is about as true as OJ Simpson is innocent. (Keep in mind these "noble" NCAA men were accepting $400 just to let people in through the gates without a ticket at the Texas/USC National Championship. How do I know this? My older brother went to the game and witnessed it.)

Remember back in 2006 when scandals were popping up involving Reggie Bush and how he accepted money while at USC? The figure was somewhere around $300,000. My question is whatever happen to that situation? Simple: it's USC. Before you bash me on my ridiculous comments let me assure you there are indeed certain teams that do get "favored." (Cough! Notre Dame for sure.)

So simply put the USC scandal "rolls over" and the Oklahoma one does not? Say what you want but even in the world of sports, the NCAA being biased towards another school does exist. If the NCAA wants to pose the image to the public that they are an effective organization, they must follow one rule: fairness. Favoring big time schools such as USC is not a myth, rather a well-known fact. Just look at Norman, Oklahoma where the University of Oklahoma is being severly punished for illegal actions by some former players.

As for Los Angeles, California home of USC? Well come on don't be silly! It's USC, they can do no wrong.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

My Rebuttal to Stewart Mandel's Comments

This past Friday on the front page of there was an article written by Stewart Mandel and his thoughts regarding LSU football coach Les Miles's comments about USC. I felt obligated to post my own thoughts because it seems Mr. Mandel is "confused" on certain aspects dealing with LSU and USC.

Mandel starts off by saying that Miles's claim USC has an "easy" schedule is not legit. Mandel goes onto to say that USC did have to play Arkansas, the SEC West champions, last year. USC would win that game 50-14.

That is a good point Mr. Mandel, but you forget one important thing: injuries. Darren McFadden, the stud running back for Arkansas, was not even playing that Saturday. That alone made a huge difference in the final score. Plus, the quarterback was Robert Johnson a young man who would end up starting one more game the rest of the season. Very deceiving when you get down to the facts.
The other two USC opponents listed as "difficult" in Mandel's mind are Nebraska and Notre Dame. Notre Dame finished the year ranked 17th, but more importantly the Irish had three losses that came by an average score of 44-20. As the season ended "overrated" went right along with an Irish team that proved to be over matched in some of their biggest games. As for the Nebraska team I would say they are a solid team, but not yet an elite opponent.
So, Mandel those where USC's three "tough" opponents last year? Weak.
Good ole Stu would continue on by saying LSU had no room to talk considering they had played easy teams like Fresno State, Kentucky, and Mississippi State at home. That statement is indeed true, but again Mandel failed to point out some important bits of information. LSU played (for the first time in history) four Top 10 football teams on the road. Now try and explain to me that playing Auburn, Florida, Tennessee, and Arkansas on the road makes LSU's schedule "easier" than USC which included home games against Nebraska and Notre Dame, and (like LSU) a road game against Arkansas? But as you know LSU had to compete against a Razorback team with Darren McFadden on the field and a quarterback comfortable with his roll in Casey Dick.
Must of slipped your mind Mr. Mandel, it must of...
My second example of Mandel's idiocy comes later in the article when he asks the reader: "Why doesn't Pete Carroll bash LSU and how they have to play Vandy and Mississippi State?"
Well other than the fact Carroll is a soft spoken coach, the reason he does not criticize how LSU has to play those two mediocre-at-best teams is LSU has more difficult opponents. In an unbiased view it has to be realized the SEC is one of (my opinion the toughest) the hardest conferences.
Looking back at the final 2007 AP College Football poll, in the Top 15 the SEC had 4 teams (Florida, LSU, Auburn, and Arkansas). The Pac-10 had a mere two, USC was 4th and the next closest was California at 14th. The thing with the Pac-10 is numerous teams always start off the year good. This past year Oregon jumps out to a 4-0 record, but come the end of the year the Ducks would finish 7-6 and in that the Pac-10 loses credibility.
Stewart Mandel's misinterpretation of LSU's anger towards USC was most clear during his talk about the 2003 season. For example, Mandel states,"by virtue of [LSU's] victory over Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl, [LSU] earned the top spot in the coaches poll."
This statement baffles me because to me it comes across as saying LSU was given the top spot in the coaches poll because the coaches felt obligated to do that. Why is it not pointed out that USC claims themselves national champions even though the Trojans never won the BCS trophy? LSU did! Yes, Trojans had a very good team, but keep in mind that USC, LSU, and Oklahoma all finished with one loss. Someone was going to miss out. Overall, disrespect, is the best way to describe the way the media and snobby online magazine writers (cough!) treat LSU's 2003 National Championship. Credit is rarely given where due, but I do congratulate Mandel on making that segment of his article seem unbiased. Come on! Completely one-sided statement Stu!
All in all, let me say I do indeed think USC is one heck of a football team. They have got the talent and coaching to year in and year out compete for the National Championship. The problem I have is the relatively lackluster schedule the Trojans seem to play each year. USC does have there road tests, but it seems too often the Trojans are going up against Pac-10 teams that start strong, but finish poorly. Les Miles boldly said what so many coaches, analysts, and fans feel across the country. "USC is a great team, but they do not seem to be in a particularly difficult conference." For me, it is frustrating for a team of that caliber to not seem challenged in their own conference.
One more thing Stu, your Tiger Bait, so by all means continue your suckling of USC and stay the hell out of Louisiana...

Monday, July 02, 2007

Tainted Record

I work as a board operator at 1230 WCWA in Toledo, Ohio. This past week the two hosts of the station's sports show had a guest on air who said something I feel fails to be mentioned.

I consider myself a basketball and football fan. I do not pay particular attention to baseball, except during playoff time. With that said, I still do engage myself in the sport's national issues such as the steroids controversy.

The guest on the show was Christine Brennan of the USA Today and her comments were ones I can only begin to compliment. Paraphrased, Brennan said the Major League Baseball's handling of the Barry Bonds situation has been nothing short of pathetic. One of the greatest records in sports is being approached by nothing more than a cheater. Brennan continues to say Commissioner Bud Selig knew this was going on during the Sosa/McGwire homerun bash, but failed to act. A record has been tainted forever by a cheater.

As for my thoughts on Brennan's remarks, I could not agree more. The media and public fails to blatantly realize that Barry Bonds was and is a cheater. Yes, he was a solid hitter prior to when he began taking steroids, but once he started dosing Bonds was transformed into a power hitter. In fact his head grew three sizes in one season.

I understand lots of people still feel Bonds is innocent considering he has not been convicted. That is where your wrong. As stated by Brennan on the 1230 WCWA sports show, leaked information from a grand jury stated that Barry Bonds did indeed confess to a jury he had taken steroids.

So why has action not been taken? Simple, Bud Selig choose not to in 1998 and sure is heck is not going to be doing it now. He failed the sport of baseball, but more importantly the fans and the game. And it did not help that Barry Bonds cheated a record Hank Aaron earned rightfully.

There are three scenarios I hope happen to Barry Bonds:

1. A pitcher smokes him in the knee and his career is called before he gets the record.
2. No one cheers for his record breaking homerun.
3. Barry Bonds is never elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

It really is unthinkable how bad things have gotten for baseball. Selig failed to act, and Bonds desired to cheat. Result? A huge asterisk next to the 700 something homeruns Barry Bonds hits.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dear Tim Duncan

Dear Tim Duncan,

Hey man it's me Chris. We have never met, and probably never will. Just wanted to say I am sorry. Sorry for being a part of the group of people who have consistently under appreciated your talents.

Well I am here to say you have convinced me that you are indeed one of the greatest power forwards to ever play the game. Heck, when you probably hang up your shoes you will be the greatest.

Not sure why you had to win 4 championships before I gave you your credit. Most likely it's your quiet demeanor you operate with, or that goofy look you get on your face during a game.

As a basketball fan who loves to study the game, I have come to realize just how exceptional of a player you truly are. Your passing is that of a guard, and that textbook bank shot is a thing of beauty. Through all the criticism, you have kept your head up and continued working hard.

Nothing seems to rattle you, or for that matter make you the least bit upset. At 31 years old most NBA players may be on the down slope of your career. Well believe me, I am convinced you are still very capable of winning a couple more championships.

In fact, I guarantee when you retire you will have at least 6 NBA Championships.

One of the most incredible aspects of your game is not your fluid, grace-like post moves, but rather your instinctive ability to consistently play better come playoff time.

In 10 NBA seasons, you have averaged 21.8 points and 11.9 rebounds per game. Pretty good, yet come the postseason, Mr. Big Fundamental, you are putting up 23.8 points and 12.5 rebounds per game. An astounding increase that leads directly to all the hardware you at your home in San Antonio.

Well I think I have said everything that needed to be said. Bottom line, you are the most underrated player in the NBA today. If not in history. Honestly, has anyone in history ever been under appreciated as much as you have? Really can not think of anyone along those lines who is also a 4 time world champion.

You are the perfect ball player as you do not care about individual awards or stats, you simply care about doing what is absolutely the best thing for the team.

Come to think of it, last guy to do that did not turn out all bad. Ain't that so Bill Russell?


Your Servant

Friday, June 22, 2007

Upcoming Summer 2007 and Beyond Movies

Watching movies is a pastime of mine I deeply enjoy. Only problem is I rarely can make the time to actually go to the theater. Last movie I saw was Spiderman 3, and much like what everyone else thinks; it stunk.

But anyway it is summertime and that means big blockbusters will be released every 30 seconds. Here are some of the biggest blockbusters on their way...

(In no particular order)

1. Live Free or Die Hard Release: June 22nd

Thoughts: I like all kinds of movies, and as you may guessed I do like the occasional action packed film. With that said, the first Die Hard movie was an enjoyable film to watch. At the time it was a new, raw type of plot, along with some good fight scenes. I was not much of a fan for Die Hard 2 or 3. I mean they were okay, but I would never rent it again to watch with my friends. (Probably because the movies are on FX every other day.) Anyway, Live Free or Die Hard is the story about John McClain (Bruce Willis) saving America after a computer hacker shuts down half the US. Die Hard 4 looks good, but there seem to be too many scenes flat out silly.

Example 1: In the commercial preview a helicopter is shooting at Bruce Willis's car. He decides to drive his car at a fast speed into a ramp. At this time Willis rolls out of the car, and in the same instant the car hits the ramp and crashes into the helicopter causing an explosion the size of 5 nukes.

My problem with a scene like that is it loses the audience. I understand there are things in every movie that are "impossible," but they do not look ridiculous. In the end, a scene like that makes the main character look like a superhero. That is not wanted.

Analysis: Live or Die Hard will be an exciting, thrilling movie, but nothing more. Just another typical Hollywood action-packed movie.

2. Transformers Release: July 3rd

Thoughts: I have been eagerly waiting for this film for almost a year. Before you criticize the silliness in having a real life movie about transformers, realize who is at work here: Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay. Spielberg is famous for Jurassic Park as well as every other great movie. Bay was the producer for the recent Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, and well as a few others. The movie will be an incredible showing of special effects. More importantly, is the detail the robots are being done with. For instance when these robots transform there arms are filled with grease and marks of discoloration and scratches. Bottom line: realistic.

Why is that important? The more Bay and Spielberg can guide the Transformers movie away from the cartoon image of these perfect looking robots, the more likely the audience will really began to believe the story, thus in the end like the movie.

Analysis: Transformers will be a very fun movie to watch. Better than Live Free or Die Hard because it's a new type of action movie. For crying out loud, the main characters are transforming machines. Financially it will be successful and overall I think it will be a hit in that it entertains, while giving the audience a deep, understandable plot. I think many will be surprised on how good Transformers will end up being.

3. Rush Hour 3 Release: August 10th

Thoughts: Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2 were two hilarious movies. Along with the comedy, the movies combined realistic plots that consisted of excellent karate scenes. Though, Mr. Chris Tucker being so good at karate did seem like a stretch. Another good aspect of the movie is how the two main characters are two different races. Why may this be a plus? It allows for the color of some one's skin to be irrelevant (in this case an Asian and an African-American), while poking fun at various racial issues that plague our news stations.

Example: "You ain't never touch a black man's radio!" Chris Tucker said in Rush Hour 1.

This movie has been due for a number of years. Chris Tucker is a great actor for this movie because he is so blunt with what he says. No BS. As for Jackie Chan, his karate always makes a movie worthwhile.

Analysis: The third movie is not always the greatest of a series. (Spiderman 3, Jurassic Park 3, Die Hard 3, and Pirates of Caribbean 3) Even so, I see Rush Hour 3 being a hit again. Like the previous two Academy Awards were not won, but the film was an overall success. Tucker and Chan's movies typically attract a very wide range of audience members. (Teenagers, Asians, Adults, and African-Americans.)

4. The Simpsons Movie Release: July 27th

Thoughts: The Simpsons remains the longest running television show in history (17 years), and for many of those years fans have been awaiting the day a Simpsons movie would be released. As much success as the franchise has had, problems still remain present. For one, recent episodes have been criticized as not being as humorous. Maybe the company is running out of ideas, but regardless this needs to be fixed. The second problem is the franchise's biggest: Family Guy. Fans are turning from The Simpsons to FOX's other show Family Guy.

!NOTE! I would like to make a special note regarding Family Guy and the Simpsons. I enjoy both shows, yet for me personally Family Guy seems to go over the top too much. Now for the most part the program is fine with me, but certain scenes cross the line. Also, The Simpsons seems to, believe it or not, emphasize family values more than Family Guy. (That is more important than you may think. People want to relate to television characters who are overall good people.) Okay, I understand that sounds "mom-ish" to say, but let me explain.

Example: In a Family Guy episode Peter Griffin tries to remember a certain character he runs into. The next scene shows a flashback. Peter is in high school laughing at this certain character who is crying at his mom's grave. How's that funny? To me that plain wrong.

Analysis: Making this movie is a huge risk. The Simpsons ratings are already on a down slope, and a poor movie showing could dent it even more. I think the movie will be comical, yet nothing really special. Just another typical Simpons episode. Also, it will run into the same problem of Family Guy's Stewie Griffin movie. The Simpsons is a half hour show that will running at least three times longer in theaters. You can only have so much material for a show for so long. Look at the Family Guy movie, by the end you could tell the jokes had run out.

5. 1408 Release: July 22nd

Thoughts: This is a movie starring Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack about a mysterious hotel room that is haunted. Cusack's character wants to pursue the mystery behind this room and decides to stay in it for a certain amount of time.


How many times has there been a scary movie about a haunted room? Pathetic. This is so unoriginal I can not imagine how anyone would have an interest to go see it. There many be some thrilling scenes, but overall very bleak and uncreative.

Analysis: Movie of the moment is what 1408 will be. Teenagers will want to see something scary one Saturday night and 1408 will be their choice. It will be a scary film to watch, but afterward the film will be nothing special. Just a spur of the moment kind of deal. (Cough. Panic Room, House of Wax, etc.)

6. The Bourne Ultimatum Release: August 3rd

Thoughts: This will be the third installment of the Bourne series. Matt Damon is back and many fans will be hoping he again creates a suspenseful thriller. Damon's character, Jason Bourne, was a highly-trained killer working for the US government. After a freak accident Bourne wakes up one day to find out he has no idea who he is. Through the first two films Bourne slowly begins to piece together the life he had as an assassin.

In the third book of the "Bourne story," the character Jason Bourne ages and refrains from his encounters with the government officials. What's that mean? This upcoming movie is not based off the book, but rather the director. Keep that in mind.

Analysis: The first two films got better each time. As for this third one, I do not see that happening. In fact I seeing the Bourne Ultimatum being a big disappoint financially and visually. Main reason for this assessment of mine is no hype has been present for this film. That is very odd considering the success of the first two.

Upcoming Movies Not this Summer

American Gangster Release: November 2nd

-Denzel Washington is the taxi driver for a notorious crime boss. When the boss is murdered Washington seizes power and begins his "American Dream."
(It will be good. Denzel Washingon is an incredible actor who is always in quality films.)

Alien vs. Predator 2 Release: December 25th

-Much like the original, this film will be very entertaining and consist of many good fight sequences between the Alien and Predator.
(It will be entertaining, and nothing more. Expect another silly ending like AVP.)

Dark Knight Release: July 18th 2008

-The second of Christian Bale's Batman series. This will pick up immediately after Batman Begins with Batman pursuing the mysterious character known as The Joker. Expect to see action from Two Face.
(Batman Begins was so well done. Why? It was believable. I look for the same greatness it yet another film directed by Christoper Nolan.)

Bond 22 Release: November 7th 2008

-Similar to Christian Bale, Daniel Craig was stellar in his first performance in the series of James Bond. Casino Royale brought the Bond franchise off of life support. Please do not worry, Bond 22 is only the temporary name of the movie.
(This movie should be just as suspenseful and rewarding as Casino Royale. Daniel Craig is a great 007. Only possible roadblock is a new director is in charge this time around. Do not fail Marc Foster.)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Be Careful What You Wish For...

Since 2002, Kobe Bryant's reputation has taken a 180 turn. Back then the Lakers and him just finished sweeping the New Jersey Nets in the Finals for the Lakers' third consecutive title. Shaq and him formed some of the most incredible teams in NBA history during that era.

Now look at him...

He's dealt with rape allegations. Sure the case was dropped but the damage was done.
And then there was the Shaq feud that ended with the big man leaving for the Miami Heat.
And now the possibly of Mr. Bryant wanting to be traded from the very team he wanted for himself.

Kobe, if you have any sense about your reputation you will stay put in LA. Without a doubt, when Bryant is on no one can touch him in the NBA. As much as I dislike the Lakers I have to hand it to Kobe and Co. for all the years they took down tough teams like Portland, San Antonio, and Sacramento. And heck, did I mention Kobe is surely one of the 50 greatest NBA players ever?

But that all goes out the window if the Lower Merion H.S. grad darts LA.

Every person with any remote knowledge about the sport of basketball realizes Shaq's departure was Kobe's doing because he wanted the team to himself.

Now Kobe wants to leave the mess he created? Say he does get traded to some other team and wins another championship or two. When his career is over, and people look back at his statistically, amazing career they will not help but say, "Yeah he was a great player, but..."

Just look at Wilt Chamberlin. A mythological creature who forever changed the way basketball was played. He is always talked about but people continue to mention how he was a poor teammate and how he did have various off court problems.

In the long run leaving LA would be an unwise decision. Bryant is a Laker. He's been one since he was traded from Charlotte to LA during the 1996 NBA Draft. Again, if he is traded his reputation will be similar to the Big Dipper's.

"Yeah he was great player, but..."

Just be careful what you wish for Kobe.