Tuesday, November 20, 2007

All Team Distractions Lead to An Equal, An Opposite...

Distractions to a team can destroy it, or in someways strengthen it.

The latest distraction in the sports world deals with LSU's head football coach Les Miles and the University of Michigan's recent decision by 13-year head coach Lloyd Carr to resign.

Now by all means I have no desire to type out the details to a story everyone is familiar with.

Short and sweet: Les Miles is the head coach at LSU, but went to UM and has always had strong ties. Yadda, yadda, you know the drill.

The MORE important aspect of this recent news is HOW the LSU football team deals with it.
I mean I will be perfectly honest, I am a huge LSU fan and this whole Michigan-Les situation does not concern me UNTIL the season is over.

LSU still has some business they need to take care of, and Les Miles knows that. The real question, like many LSU fans are asking, is will this recent media frenzy be the ultimate destruction in what could be a very special LSU season?

Will LSU come out flat against Arkansas and watch right in front of them as their hope and dreams die in Tiger Stadium?

Or better yet maybe LSU beats Arkansas then performs terribly in the SEC Championship Game?

Or maybe, just maybe, the LSU football team comes out with a chip on their shoulder from here on out to show America this team is not ready to throw the towel in yet. This team is not ready to go down quite yet.

The Tigers are for sure a team that is battling all the elements on the field week in and week out (exhaustion, dehydration, mental battles, etc.), but now more than ever LSU will have to defeat not only their opponents, but a new villian...

...the national attention surrounding their head coach.

So what's it going to be LSU? Trip up and end the run or buckle your chin straps and finish what you started?

Friday will only begin to tell that tale...

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~MM~ said...

First, there’s no doubt, LSU deserves the National Championship! I vote for the Tigers to come out with a chip on their shoulder big enough to show America, Lloyd Carr, and if need be, Les Miles, how solid they are. LSU has come along way, too far to throw it all away in this eleventh hour!

Second, although speculation pegged it that Lloyd's retirement was imminent if Michigan lost to Ohio State for the sixth meet-up in a row, either directly following the game or at Monday's press conference, wouldn’t you say by the precise timing of his grand announcement, Lloyd Carr’s pretty much made his choice where Les Miles is concerned?

The way I see it, Lloyd’s timing puts Les in a far less than desirable, likely no win situation. Les may be salivating over Lloyd’s job but taking it, in my opinion, would be suicide for both himself and his (current) team. To announce prior to a Championship game that he’s taking the job, puts his team in an awkward position and jeopardizes a much earned/deserved title. Not accepting the job puts at risk his chances of actually landing it and accepting and not announcing it will be obvious and he knows it.

I’m first, last and always a Wolverine, however, for the past number of years I’ve rooted equally for LSU’s Tigers and in this moment of bitter-sweet anticipation of what hangs in the balance for both team, I believe to maintain any respect at all, Lloyd Carr needs to go away quietly and Les Miles needs to step-up and put the team he’s lead to this pinnacle first and take care of finishing the business at hand.

That said, GEAUX LSU TIGERS!!!