Monday, November 05, 2007

The Chaos Continue for College Football...

Lots of big games went down this past weekend. I do not want to dance around the subject, so here are my thoughts on Saturday's games.

No. 1 Ohio State rolls over Wisconsin in 4th Quarter...

Buckeyes were in trouble on Saturday against the Wisconsin Badgers. Badgers had the lead for the majority of 3 quarters, until OSU tied it up with a late score in the third quarter. In the 4th, Ohio State showed why they are the No. 1 team in the nation. Behind 3 rushing TDs, the Bucks rolled to a 38-17 victory. Despite the criticism the Big 10 is soft, which it is, OSU is definitely worthy of their No. 1 ranking. Tressel's crew is the team to beat. To make matters worse for opponents, the offense of OSU which was formerly known as the weak spot is only getting better.

No. 2 Boston College Falls Flat Against Florida State

Over one week after BC's sensational Thursday night win against VTech, Boston College falls flat against a disappointing Florida State team. Matt Ryan finished with 3 INTs including one returned for a TD when BC at the time was only down 20-17. The 27-17 loss stings for the Eagles, but winning the ACC is still very much in grasp. With that said, I don't think Boston College will win the ACC either.

No. 3 LSU Wins Despite Sloppy Play

I went to Tuscaloosa for the game. Didn't have tickets, just wanted to be apart of the atmosphere. LSU did everything it could to give Alabama that game. Silly turnovers, stupid penalties, and a defense and special teams that had big mental lapses at times. But, as we know LSU didn't lose. The Bayou Bengals won 41-34. The Tigers again pulled things together to win yet another dramatic football game. After 3 INTs in the second quarter, Matt Flynn was able to compose himself and lead the Tigers to victory. In response to so many complaints for calls being overturned in LSU's favor let me just say it was the right decision. The refs in the SEC are not too efficient from what I have seen. Without instant replay some bad calls would of stuck in the game. Granted, I will admit one replay that was overturned in LSU's favor was a tad surprising. I clearly thought the Bama WR made the catch.

No. 4 Arizona State's Undefeated Season Halted by the Quack Attack

Arizona State only lost the game at Autzen Stadium by the score of 35-23, but anyone who watched the game or read the stats can see it was not even that close. Oregon had jumped out to a 21-3 lead. ASU did cut it to 21-16, but Oregon and Dennis Dixon would pull ahead to a 35-16 lead that was lessened when Arizona State put up a late score. I think this Oregon team is definitely a legit contender for the National Championship. But, before you claim someone is going to get screwed in being selected for the BCS National Championship Game understand a lot of football is still left.

No. 14 Texas Needs Another Dramatic Final Quarter to Overcome Defeat

Was not too long ago when Texas was playing Oklahoma State in a game the Longhorns trailed 35-7. Longhorns would come back to win that game big. Some guy named Vince Young lead the charge. Anyway, that same thing could not happen against for Oklahoma State, right? Well, going into the 4th it was 35-14 Cowboys. Behind the stellar play of Jamaal Charles, Longhorns scored 24 points in the 4th quarter to win 38-35. Just like that UT is back in the BCS mix. After some disappointing losses, UT can find themselves in something like the Orange Bowl if the team can win out. I am saying it: University of Texas at Austin will lose another game this season. Too many close calls to mediocre teams. Sooner or later that will catch up.

No. 15 Michigan Halts the Spoilers Upset with a Late Score

The Michigan State Spoilers were predicted by a lot of analysts to upset the Wolverines. That was happening as the Spartans lead by 10 midway through the 4th quarter. Much like LSU has done countless times this year, UM stayed composed and scored twice to win 28-24. The last of scores came with 2:28 left in the game. Slowly, but surely, Michigan is creeping up the rankings and in time they will be ready to pull off the upset I have predicted all year long. Let me just repeat myself: Michigan will beat Ohio State this year. Period.

No. 23 South Carolina Gets Piggg Sooooied!

So all that talk about the Gamecocks winning the SEC has been completely deflated. After watching Darren McFadden eat South Carolina's D alive, Spurrier's crew lost 48-36. This victory also shows that despite Arkansas's 3 losses, the team is still very capable of making some noise in the SEC. Remember the SEC is a gunfight each and every week. Could Arkansas be the team that knocks out the LSU Tigers in the race for the National Championship?

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