Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Rambling On...

I must admit that I like various types of musicians. One in particular group I am fond of is Led Zepplin. A song produced by them, that I like, is known as "Rambling On." The very title of that song deals with the latest addition to my sports site. During a "Rambling On" article I will say a few short sentences on whatever sports issues are on my mind. In this case I'll be talking about the NFL and the NBA.


-The final playoff spot in the AFC will be picked up by the Steelers who will crush the Lions. As for the NFC, the Redskins will struggle against the Eagles, but none the less win the game and grab the 6th and final playoff spot.

-The number one pick of the 2006 NFL Draft will be made by the San Francisco 49ers who will lose to the Texans on Sunday. Come draft day, San Fran will select (gasp!) Reggie Bush!

-The Sunday Night game between the Dallas Cowboys and St. Louis Rams will be Marshall Faulk's last game as a NFL running back.

-Priest Holmes will come back next year, but will never be the same. He'll injure himself again and most likely that will be the end of a fantastic career.

-Shaun Alexander will win the MVP.

-Come playoff time the most feared team will be the New England Patriots.

-The Chicago Bears and Jacksonville Jaguars will be one and done in the playoffs.

-The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be the most surprising team of the 2006 Playoffs.


-Ron Artest will be traded to Denver or Minnesota.

-Yes, they had an excellent start to the season, but in the end, the LA Clippers will not be participating in the 2006 NBA Playoffs.

- LeBron will finally get the Cavs in the playoffs. His team will fall to defeat in the second round.

-Center Jerome James of the New York Knicks will never again put up double-doubles the way he did against the Sacramento Kings in last years playoffs as a Seattle SuperSonic.

-Isiah Thomas will lose patience and eventually trade NBA stud duck Stephon Marbury.

-The Indiana Pacers will do as much damage in the playoffs as last year.

-Talks about Al Harrington being shipped to Denver will heat up even more over the next few weeks.

-Something dramatic regarding coaches or players will occur if the Houston Rockets don't start turning there season around.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Post Bowl Thoughts

W (1-0) New Orleans Bowl- Yes, S. Miss. won, but I was surprised it was that close.

L (1-1) GMAC Bowl- Well I must admit I never would have imagined my hometown Rockets beating UTEP like they did.

L (1-2) Las Vegas Bowl- It was a big gamble. BYU came back, but still lost.

W (2-2) Poinsettia Bowl- I was on the money. Having a terrible Run D is what ultimately lead to CSU's defeat against Navy.

W (3-2) Fort Worth Bowl- I was correct on the Jayhawks winning, but by that much? Never imagined that.

L (3-3) Hawaii Bowl- UCF blew it. Up 14-0 early, but still nice rally when down by 10 under 2 minutes. Too bad that man shanked that PAT in OT.

W (4-3) Motor City Bowl- DeAngelo Williams like I said is awesome. The young man had 243 yards rushing against the Zips.

W (5-3) Champs Sports Bowl- The Clemson Tigers won just the way I expected. That was by using their defense to it's best and exposing the Buffalos' flaws.

W (6-3) Insight Bowl- That homefield advantage seemed to give the Sun Devils just enough of an edge to pull out a win...oh and think Rudy Carpenter's passing helped too.

L (6-4)MPC Computers Bowl- AAAAUUGGHH!!! I was so close to seeing one of the greatest comebacks!! Man oh man I can't believe Boise State blew that game! They were down by 6 points inside the 15 yard line! If BSU scored the team would have successfully rallied from an astounding 27-0 deficit.

L (6-5) Alamo Bowl- Great game. Nebraska's rally was awesome, but that finish? Wow wow wow. Ecker why not lateral it? Had he made the lateral that game would have had a better finish than the California/Stanford game.

L (6-6) Emerald bowl- In my opinion the worst bowl of the year. Why is it played so late in the bowl season? Well anyway, GTech is the most consistent inconsistent team. They beat Miami-Florida then lose to a lot.

W (7-6)Holiday bowl- Everyone had Oklahoma winning...and well they did just that. The Ducks really feel lousy now. Is USC the only elite team in the PAC-10? Come next season, Oklahoma will be an elite program once again.

W (8-6) Music City Bowl- The outcome of this football game was just how I imagined. It would be close, but Virginia would ultimately prevail. They did just that.

W (9-6) Sun Bowl- This was certainly in the end a offensive shootout. The UCLA Bruins rallied from a 22 point deficit to claim victory. (Let's not forgot the two offsides kick touchdowns.)

L (9-7) Independence bowl- S. Carolina looked first. Brad Smith ,the QB who doesnt earn the publicity he deserves, took the game over. What an athlete.

L (9-8) Peach bowl- I'll say I never thought LSU would play like that. I am still trying to comprehend the butt-kicking Miami was given. The Hurricanes had 3 yards in the 2nd half along with 0 first downs. Phenomenal.

L (9-9) Meineke Car Care Bowl- Miss! That's all I can say about my prediction on this game. NC State is a lot better than I thought and for that matter, USF isn't as good as I imagined.

L (9-10) Liberty Bowl- I am still in disbelief that Pat Hill's Bulldogs lost once again. Yet, Tulsa must get the credit they deserve. This school could be the new "Boise State."

W (10-10) Houston Bowl- Great game. The Horned Frogs were able to hold on right at the end. Terrific season for this TCU ball club. The only loss was to a 5-6 SMU team.

L (10-11) Cotton Bowl- Son of a gun. I changed this one at the last minute. I had Bama, but I must live with my decision. I can't believe Mike Shula's team shutdown the Tech offense so well. The Bama D will be just as strong, if not better next year.

L (10-12) Outback Bowl- Iowa has some lousy calls against them. The team rallied, but it wasn't enough. Leak played well and show signs of a very promising 2006 season.

W (11-12) Gator Bowl- This upset special fell just short. VTech was trailing a lot of the game. Luckily the team was able to rally and pull of a W. No kudos to Marcus Vick's cheap shot.

L (11-13) Capital One Bowl- Another mistake on my part. I had Wisconsin and switched it in the end. Well I must live with my dumb decision. A great win for the Badgers who sent Alvarez out on top.

W (12-13) Fiesta Bowl- This game wasn't nearly as close as the score suggested. Though the main factor in OSU's win was Troy Smith. He moved his game to a whole new level. Period.

L (12-14) Sugar Bowl- Well...WV is for real, and I guess UGA isn't as good as I thought. All in all, WV deserves so much credit for this win...especially that gutsy fake punt late in the game.

W (13-14) Orange Bowl- I was quite surprised how close this game was. It's amazing the Seminoles almost won the Orange Bowl with so many freshman. FSU is going to be back to a BCS game in the near future. The Nittany Lions pulled out the victory in the third overtime when a FG was finally made. I guess Joe Pa can still coach.

L (13-15) Rose Bowl- I knew Vince Young was amazing, but not that amazing. His team was down by 12 with about six and half minutes left. By the end of the night, it was clear that the Longhorns are indeed the better team.


Just like that another college football season is over. And come to think of it, what a season. The year couldn't have been capped off any better than the Rose Bowl showdown between USC and Texas. In the end, the game ultimately did live up to all the hype. As Vince Young held the trophy in the air one could only think about the magical year that just took place. The storybook Texas Longhorns team won their first National Championship in over 30 years by beating the Trojans of USC who were riding a 34 game winning streak. More importantly, my overall record in the bowl season was 13-15. That's a clear reminder that regardless of how much information you know about a sport, when it comes to predicting you are merely playing a game of chance.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Kobe Bryant Escalates Legandary Status

Since the day he was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets, the American world has seen the young man Kobe Bryant grow up into the star he is today. At the age of 27 years old, Mr. Bryant already has 3 World Championships. Though all has not been so heavenly for this superstar the past couple years. From the rape charges, to the dreadful ending to the Shaquille relationship, the American viewer has slowly forgotten just how dominating this individual truthfully is. That all changed on December 20, 2005. Kobe Bryant put up an unimaginable 62 points against the Dallas Mavericks. Oh..and he didn't play one second of the 4th quarter. Take a second to comprehend this historical feat. 62 points in 33 minutes. To add on to that unthinkable feat, Kobe put up 30 of those points in the 3rd quarter. I remember hearing from my father about the time Isiah Thomas dropped 25 points in the 3rd quarter of a NBA Finals game. Yes, this was a regular season game, but none the less...30 points in one quarter is pretty darn good. The thing many NBA fanatics are left in the dust wondering is how many points could Bryant have scored if he played in the 4th quarter? You can pretty much guarantee the 100 points by the Big Dipper wasn't in jeopardy, but what about Thompson. That's right...David Thompson. That's a trip down memory lane. The man who seemed to walk on air is known for scoring 75 points in a game. I think Kobe could have easily passed that record. Let's be honest, if he can put up 30 in a quarter, I think 12 would have been a cinch. Regardless of what could have happened in the 4th quarter, Kobe Bryant displayed one vital quality of a legend that he apparently still has. To be a legend you have to have the ability to take a game into your own hands and do whatever it takes to win. Absolutely, no matter what the costs, whatever it takes. Jordan had it, Bird had it, Magic had it, and Kobe had it during the Lakers' reign of 3 straight titles. To many it was a question of whether or not, #8 could still dominate the way he use to. After Tuesday night, the only thing fans should be thinking now is, "Who's going to stop him?" 'Nuff said...

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

2005-2006 Bowl Season Predictions

Below are my predictions for all 200 bowl games. Keep in mind I am not the greatest on score predictions. I know my football, but as far as picking the score and who'll win...that's not a skill of mine. None the less, enjoy my predictions and happy holidays.

New Orleans Bowl Southern Miss (6-5) vs. Arkansas State (6-5)

It truthfully is remarkable that the Southern Mississippi ball club is even in a bowl this year. After all, the campus was hit badly by Hurricane Katrina. As far as Arkansas State goes, I don't know much about them. I know there preseason rank is the worst of any team participating in the bowl season. Southern Miss. has played tougher opponents and is just physically stronger than the Sun Belt Champs. This game should be an easy win.

38 Southern Mississippi 15 Arkansas State

GMAC UTEP (8-3) vs. Toledo (8-3)

Once again the GMAC Bowl will be a shootout. NFL Scouts will be there to watch Toledo's Bruce Gradowski and UTEP's Jordan Palmer. (Older brother is Cincinnati Bengals' quarterback Carson Palmer.) Mike Price's team will be victorious in this one because in my opinion I feel the Rockets are too inconsistent of a team. The Miners have at least been in the Top 25 this year.

40 UTEP 25 Toledo

Las Vegas BYU (6-5) vs. California (7-4)

This is most likely going to be that game where everyone thinks California will win. I for one think Tedford's team will be victorious, but I for some odd reason I am seeing that BYU upset happening. Call me crazy...

34 BYU 28 California

Poinsettia Colorado State (6-5) vs. Navy (7-4)

Here is another intriguing matchup where I only know information about one team. Navy uses that old option offense that was so common in the 1950s. Colorado State is back at a bowl after missing out last year with an awful record. The deciding factor is the Rams' 104th best rushing defense. Ouch!

41 Navy 33 Colorado State

Fort Worth Kansas (6-5) vs. Houston (6-5)

An evenly matched game when the Cougars' offense goes against the Jayhawks' D. Defense wins games so I will take the Jayhawks who've suprised their share of teams.

35 Kansas 23 Houston

Sheraton Hawaii Nevada (8-3) vs. UCF (8-4)

Nevada was a fun team to watch when they beat the Bulldogs of Fresno. UCF was 0-11 last year and now sit at an impressive 8-4. I like the turnaround story in Florida so I'm taking a rejuvenated UCF team.

42 UCF 30 Nevada

Motor City Memphis (6-5) vs. Akron (7-5)

Congraulations to the Zips for winning their first MAC Championship. Sorry, it will end there. Memphis has the best running back you've never heard of...DeAngelo Williams. He's definitely one of the Top 5 best running backs in the nation. This guy is going to be an NFL back who will be successful.

30 Memphis 17 Akron

Champs Sports Clemson (7-4) vs. Colorado (7-5)

Clemson could very well be in a January bowl had they not lost so many close games. The Tigers are 1-2 in overtime games this year. As for the Buffaloes they were just humilated on national television during the Big 12 Championship. 70-3. Wow. To add more salt to the wound Coach Gary Barnett was fired. Colorado is in such disarray.

38 Clemson 20 Colorado

Insight Arizona State (6-5) vs. Rutgers (7-4)

This will be one game I want to be watching just because the Scarlet Knights are actually in a bowl game. Last time this New Jersey school was participating in the bowl season the year was 1978. I would give Rutgers the victory if the game wasn't being played in Arizona. So much for a 'neutral' site.

36 Arizona State 24 Rutgers

MPC Computers Boise State (9-3) vs. Boston College (8-3)

The Broncos will be playing their last game for Coach Dan Hawkins. This impressive, young coach will be going to Boulder, Colorado to take over a struggling Buffalo team. BC was expected to have a better record this year, but the team fell apart too many times against tougher opponents. Boise wins this battle merely because the Broncos have a more powerful offense than the Eagles.

48 Boise State 28 Boston College

MasterCard Alamo Michigan (7-4) vs. Nebraska (7-4)

This will be the first time in 10 years the Wolverines won't be playing in January. Lloyd Carr's job is very much on the line. A poor performance by his squad, and a firing is even more likely. The Huskers lost some close ones this year, but still have a solid 7-4 record. A win here and Nebraska would go into next season with lots of convidence. The fact remains, Michigan has more talent, better players, and a better coach. Huskers will get beat both physically and mentally.

31 Michigan 14 Nebraska

Emerald Bowl Georgia Tech (7-4) vs. Utah (6-5)

Utah is not in a luxurious BCS Bowl like last year. The Utes are going against a roller coaster GTech team. The bad news for Utah is the roller coaster is going up. The Yellow Jackets are looking like the team they should of played like the whole season. Utes are going to get stung bad.

44 Georiga Tech 19 Utah

Pacific Life Holiday Oregon (10-1) vs. Oklahoma (7-4)

This bowl is one of the Top 5 best bowls not in January. It seems a shootout always takes place in the Holiday Bowl. Oregon is mad for being screwed out of a BCS bowl, which they have the right to be. Oklahoma has turned around this season after it started like a nightmare. Sooners should have only 3 losses, but unforunately for them refrees make mistakes. Everyone has that picture in their head of the Ducks getting jumped on by the Sooners. All I can say is I agree.

35 Oklahoma 20 Oregon

Gaylord Hotels Music City Minnesota (7-4) vs. Virginia (6-5)

Minnesota is back at the Music City bowl. I wonder if the Gopher players have the same hotel rooms? Doesn't matter. Mason's club is going against the Cavs of Virginia. Now that's a football team that is inconsistent. Look for this game to be matchup where Virginia is on.

38 Virginia 27 Minnesota

Vitalis Sun Northwestern (7-4) vs. UCLA (9-2)

The Sun Bowl is always a fun game to watch. Last year the Arizona State/Purdue game was right down to the wire. Northwestern has been up and down all season. What team will show up? I don't know. UCLA is a good football team, besides the two off days they had against Arizona and USC.

45 UCLA 36 Northwestern

Independence South Carolina (7-4) vs. Missouri (6-5)

Spurrier had his football team finish up the regular season pretty solid. South Carolina will be dangerous next year. Missouri may fire Coach Gary Pinkel after this season. Expectations haven't been reached. Only positive is Mizzou QB Brad Smith. He's amazing, but the Gamecocks know he's only one man.

31 South Carolina 21 Missouri

Chick-fil-A Peach Miami (9-2) vs. LSU (10-2)

LSU would be in the Sugar Bowl had the team not tripped up against the Bulldogs of Athens in the SEC Championship Game. The Hurricanes would also be in a BCS Bowl had GTech not beaten them. Very close matchup. The edge is the fact that LSU's starting QB JaMarcus Russell is banged up. For LSU to put up enough points to win, JaMarcus must be at full strength. He isn't. To make matters worse, Miami has a Top 5 defense.

34 Miami Florida 26 LSU

Meineke Car Care South Florida (6-5) vs. NC State (6-5)

Impressive job by Coach Leavitt on a successful season for the Bulls. Had his team not slipped up the final 2 games, a BCS bowl could be where his team would be going. NC State won a couple late season games to become bowl eligible. This Wolfpack team has been very inconsistent. If Andre Hall (star USF RB) gets lose then Amato's team will be in big trouble.

28 South Florida 17 NC State

AutoZone Liberty Tulsa (8-4) vs. Fresno State (8-4)

Tulsa really came around towards the end of the year. As for Fresno State? This team keeps falling and falling. Ever since the 8 point loss to USC, Pat Hill's team has been looking sloppy and beaten. I can't see a good Fresno State team losing 4 straight games. Pat Hill is too good of a coach for that.

38 Fresno State 21 Tulsa Houston TCU (10-1) vs. Iowa State (7-4)

TCU has had a terrific season. They beat Oklahoma to kick off the year, and dominated their opponents week in and week out. Ironically their only loss came to SMU. For the second straight year, the Cyclones blew their chances of going to the Big 12 Championship. The team is angry and will take it out on the Horned Frogs. Too bad that will not be enough for a ISU win.

42 TCU 26 Iowa State

AT&T Cotton Texas Tech (9-2) vs. Alabama (9-2)

This is the first time in a long time that the Crimson Tide are in a January bowl. The Tide were thinking undefeated season. That was until the Bayou Bengals beat them in Bama. To make matters worse, Bama lost the next week against Auburn. Texas Tech is having their best season under Mike Leach. The D is a lot better meaning the Red Raiders didn't have to win every game this year 60-59. As successful of a season as this year has been, people are still confused on how the heck an awful team like Oklahoma State beat a high-powered offense like Texas Tech's. All in all, Bama has the nation's #1 D, but an ineffective offense. Texas Tech is going to get their points, and obviously the Tide won't be able to keep up.

31 Texas Tech 20 Alabama

Outback Iowa (7-4) vs. Florida (8-3)

Once again the Hawkeyes start playing like a team at the end of the season. Urban Meyer's crew didn't have the first year he hoped for, but none the less the Gators finished the regular season strong. Iowa is a good bowl team and once again the nation will be able to agree with that.

30 Iowa 22 Florida

Toyota Gator Louisville (9-2) vs. Virginia Tech (10-2)

No easier way to say it. VTech screwed up big time when they lost to FSU. That loss cost the school a BCS bowl. As you all know a BCS bowl= millions of dollars. I might give Louisville a chance, but without starting QB Brian Brohm the team's chances of victory are slim to none.

45 Virginia Tech 18 Louisville

Capital One Wisconsin (9-3) vs. Auburn (9-2)

Probably the hardest pick for the bowl season. This is Alvarez's last game as a coach for the Badgers. You don't think the team will be motivated? The way Auburn is playing right now they are the best team in the SEC. Winner of this ball game is the team with the more succesful running back. Wisconsin's Brian Calhoun or Auburn's Kenny Irons?

24 Auburn 14 Wisconsin

Tostitos Fiesta Notre Dame (9-2) vs. Ohio State (9-2)

The Irish will take on the Buckeyes for the first time since 1995. Notre Dame is known more for it's offense, while Ohio State is known more for it's defense. One thing for sure is that if OSU goes up by at least 10 points, than a ND victory is out of the question. AJ Hawk leads a suffocating defense.

27 Ohio State 18 Notre Dame

Nokia Sugar West Virginia (10-1) vs. Georgia (10-2)

Nobody gave Georgia much of a chance of beating LSU. Great call on that one. It's quite evident that Coach Richt's Bulldogs are for real. A West Virginia victory is possible, but is not going to happen because of one thing. Speed. This game is on astro turf. The Mountaineers don't have nearly the speed the Bulldogs have.

41 Georgia 24 West Virginia

FedEx Orange Penn State (10-1) vs. Florida State (8-4)

How FSU got into this game? I don't know. In my opinion Oregon should have gotten this bid instead. FSU has 4 losses and is in a BCS bowl? Not right. None the less, it's a great game to watch because of Joe Pa and Bobby Bowden. These 2 old timers will be duking it out. Unforunately for Seminole fans, the Nittany Lions are truthfully for real. After all, the team was :01 second away from victory against Michigan. Wipe out that last second and you have a undefeated Penn State team. To add on to that, Seminoles are just a very young team. Experience is very valuable during bowl season.

38 Penn State 22 Florida State

Rose Bowl USC (12-0) vs. Texas (12-0)

This game has the same hype as the Oklahoma/USC National Championship. Hopefully the outcome will be closer than a 55-19 route. USC is on a 34 game winning streak. That is unbelievable. Take a second to think about that. 34 straight wins. Wow. To go undefeated for the second straight season, USC has to get through Mack Brown's Texas Longhorns. The Longhorns are lead by junior sensation Vince Young. This QB can throw and run, and best of all he does it while having fun. The deciding factor in this game is experience. USC players have been here before, Texas players have not.

40 USC 32 Texas

Saturday, December 17, 2005

More and More Issues for the Saints...

This season for the New Orleans Saints is nothing short of Hell. As the season comes to a close, issues seem to get even worse. For one, Brooks has been benched the remainder of the season. So much for #2 leading the Big Easy squad to the Promised Land sometime in the future. Along with the QB dilemma, there also lies problems with Coach Haslett and Darren Howard. It has been reported that Jim Haslett requested to be fired. Owner Tom Benson denied this request, but don't look for this to be the end of Haslett's plea. Outside sources discuss the great possibility that after the conclusion of the season, Coach Jim Haslett will resign. Similar to Jim Haslett, Darren Howard also may be done with business in the Crescent City. The organization's franchise player has entered hot water with some fellow coaches. Tension between Darren Howard and the staff has gotten so ugly, that as early as last week the team complicated about flat out cutting Howard during the course of the season. 'Nuff said...

The information in this article above was due to the courtesy of Squib Kicks.

Brooks Benched!!

I am sure you've heard about it. The inconsistent quarterback Aaron Brooks of the New Orleans Saints will be benched the remainder of the regular season. That is 3 straight weeks for a QB who has surprisely started 82 consecutive games. Through 14 weeks, Aaron has thrown 13 touchdowns along with 17 interceptions. This is the first time in his career the interceptions department has totaled more than the touchdowns. Starting in place of #2 will be long time veteran quarterback Todd Bouman. After 3 years of sitting on the sidelines, Bouman will make his first start as a Saint. The last time he started a NFL game was in Minnesota in the year 2001. I will admit that my frustration with Aaron Brooks is at an all time high. He continues to display an inability to thrive his skills to the fullest, yet I still think the decision by Coach Haslett to bench him now is quite ironic. Of all the forgettable games Brooks has had this year, Coach Haslett chooses to bench him the Sunday after he looked moderately good against ATL. Against ATL Brooks threw for 210 yards and a touchdown, but the most important stat is zero interceptions. Does it not seem more reasonable to have benched Brooks the week following his showing against Tampa in which he threw 4 interceptions? Or what about that 52-3 loss to the 3-10 Packers earlier in the year? All in all, this move by Haslett eliminates any future plans of Aaron Brooks ever taking another snap while in a Saints uniform. It is a sad ending for yet another disappointing Saints' quarterback. After having such an amazing first season with New Orleans, the physically talented Brooks has never grabbed that consistency his game has always needed. In the coming years, that Monday Night game in ATL will be remembered as the last time Aaron Brooks played for the men of black and gold. 'Nuff said...

Week 15 Rundown

I made it back to Ohio safely. During my 17 hour car ride I had plenty of time to think about the upcoming NFL games. Check it out!

Bucs vs. Pats

These 2 division leaders will be squaring off Sunday. Clearly the biggest factor of the game will be that the Pats will be playing at home. Chris Simms has done great so far, but he will be going against a Pats team everyone thought was a pushover.

28 Patriots 17 Bucs

Chiefs vs. Giants

KC shot themselves in the foot after choking against Dallas when up 14-3 early on. On a last ditch effort, Tynes missed a game tying 41 yard FG. This matchup will have plenty of points. Though in the end, the better offense will pull this one out.

35 Chiefs 24 Giants

Broncos vs. Bills

Oh by the way did you know that Denver is 10-3? This Mile High squad will continue there journey to a division title as they take on a frustrated Bills team. Deciding factor will be Losman's inexperience against a strong, solid D like Denver's.

29 Broncos 17 Bills

Cardinals vs. Texans

I'll admit Warner is suprising me with the yardage he's continuing to put up every weekend. Houston has been with every team they have played the past 4 weeks...and in each of those contests Houston manages to find a way to lose in the end. Why is that going to change?

22 Cardinals 20 Texans

Panthers vs. Saints

A lot has changed since that epic Saints' victory on opening day. Furthermore, a lot of attention will be on how Carolina responds after a crucial loss to Tampa. Aaron Brooks will be benched the rest of the season, so expect backup Todd Bouman to not have that luxurious day every backup dreams of.

34 Panthers 15 Saints

Jets vs. Dolphins

Dolphins have had some convincing wins these past two weeks. The team is well aware they screwed up San Diego's chances of a playoff berth. The Jets finally got a win after what seemed weeks and weeks of losing. NY might have a better chance if the man under center had better skills and awareness.

28 Dolphins 10 Jets

49ers vs. Jaguars

Jacksonville missed too many chances against Indy last week. None the less, the team only lost by 8 points. Del Rio knows his team isn't in the playoffs yet. San Fran will cause frustration and sloppy Jag play early, but in the end the feline cats will triumph.

24 Jaguars 16 49ers

Eagles vs. Rams

Remember when these 2 teams duked it out for the NFC Championship? Wasn't too long ago, but WOW! look at this matchup now. Haunted by injuries, Philly still manages to play hard every week. The Rams also have had there share of injuries, yet there bigger problem is the quarterback situation. We all know Mike McMahon isn't all pro, but who would you rather have McMahon or Fitzpatrick/Martin? I thought so.

29 Eagles 14 Rams

Steelers vs. Vikings

Pitt got a much needed win last week. Sunday, Cowher will once again get his troops pumped up for a strong showing. This time though, it is against a Minnesota team back from the dead...back from the dead on a fancy boat if I may add.

27 Steelers 22 Vikings

Chargers vs. Colts

San Diego was doing so dang well...then they tripped up against a Miami team they were better than. For a playoff berth, San Diego must win out. Tough? More like mission impossible. Marty's team will have to hand the Colts their first defeat of the season. At 14-0 the duty of LT and Brees will not be easy.

42 Colts 28 Chargers

Seahawks vs. Titans

Each week Seattle keeps on winning, and each week I realize that the Seahawks are even better than I thought. The Titans are very young, but have still managed to pull of their share of impressive performances. I want to think that Tennessee is going to scare Seattle big time...but then I realize I must be dreaming. That thought could only be a possiblity if McNair were to play injury-free. The chances of McNair being injury-free are as good as the Saints playing in the Superdome this year.

40 Seahawks 21 Titans

Bengals vs. Lions

Cincy seems to be getting better every week. The Lions are the exact opposite. Don't look for the Lions to surprise the NFL nation. Fat chance on that. Why? Nobody from Detroit can stop Carson Palmer.

35 Bengals 16 Lions

Browns vs. Raiders

Cleveland is not going to be in the playoffs, but they certainly are a team capable of screwing up someone else's chances of postseason glory. Oakland on the other hand really doesn't have much positive going on. To be honest, I don't think anything positive is going on at all for the black and sliver. For instance, Norv Turner will be fired, the organization is going to have yet another losing season, they lost by 16 to the Jets, and so on...

30 Browns 18 Raiders

Cowboys vs. Redskins

Parcells knows his crew is still PO'ed about that loss against Washington on MNF. A loss by either team and that postseason trip is pretty much cancelled. Key thing to watch for will be the play of the quarterback. Who's going to show up, Bledsoe or Brunell?

31 Cowboys 21 Redskins

Falcons vs. Bears

I look forward to watching this game. Vick is banged up and he'll be playing in cold weather. What's my point? Cold weather= a hard ground. A hard ground= a more slowed down game. A more slowed down game= The dangerous weapon of a scrambling Michael Vick is weakened. Regardless, the Orton lead offense of Chicago will only put up a mere amount of points.

26 Falcons 14 Bears

Packers vs. Ravens

Something tells me that the combined record of 7-19 for this week's MNF teams is not what America wants. Man the boys who schedule the matchups on MNF must be dying realizing what viewers will be forced to watch this Monday night.

18 Ravens 16 Packers

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wednesday the 14th

It is late Wednesday night. Tomorrow I have my Geography final then I am on Christmas Break for a month. I also have the joy of making a 17 hour trip home to Toledo where it's 20 degrees as oppose to Baton Rouge where it was 65 degrees today. Anyway I do not have a lot of time to write, but later in the week once I get back to Toledo I'll write some more articles. In the meantime why don't you go to

On this web site you'll find just about any sports score that has ever taken place. Here are some fun facts I read on LSU football. The first bowl the Tigers ever attended was known as the Bacardi Bowl. I wonder who sponsored it? Another interesting fact is that in 1907 LSU beat Havana University 56-0. Wait, you aren't getting that one? I mean Havana, as in Havana, Cuba. Oh and the Tigers won that game in Cuba. I mean winning in the Big House is sweet, but Cuba WOW! Those are just some examples. Well check it out, and I'll be back later this week!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

MNF Aftermath was a fun game to watch, yet in the end it finished just how I predicted. Once again Mr. Vick had some rushing touchdowns on the Saints' D. I for one don't agree with that touchdown call where Vick's hand "supposively" hit the pill on. First, I would like to say that the team was looking good in the first half. Hey I was pumped after that Brooks-to-Hakim TD right at the end of the second quarter! Compared to other games this year, Haslett really had the team visualizing victory. Though, once again we gave ATL some points with silly mistakes. (Horn's early fumble!) Despite all the grief he receives, Aaron Brooks does have one heck of a cannon. I mean when he wisps that ball threw the air, it's impressive. Too bad a lot of the times that action takes place, the play turns into an INT. Another thing dealing with Brooks is the offensive line. Don't get me wrong I think Brooks deserves the majority of the grief he gets, but sometimes the troubles are on the O-line. It seems the big ugly boys up front block occasionally like folding chairs. Like that safety ATL had on New Orleans. Brooks had absolutely no time. It is very frustrating for him to do anything when the instant the ball hits his hands, the opponent is driving into his chest. With all the events surrounding New Orleans and this team, I think Brooks and Haslett will definitely be back. I remember coming into this season I had playoff hopes for the team. That changed dramatically once I began to understand how difficult a situation this organization was in. If Benson were to fire Haslett after this season he would seem even more heartless. Haslett has really done a terrific job considering the tragedy his team has had to face. No NFL team has ever encountered what Jim's team has taken on this season. Morally, it wouldn't be right to fire a hardworking coach who has done his best with the worst conditions. Brooks will be back because attracting free agents to N.O. is not going to be easy whatsoever. The organization knows they'll have to stick with what they've got. Let's hope Adrian McPherson comes along during the 2006 season. I really want to see if he's that good. Plus, I'm tired of seeing Brooks under center. All in all, it has just been a rough year for the men in black and gold. At 3-10 the team is in the hunt for a very high draft pick. None the less, Coach Haslett has this team working their tails off every game. And just for that, Jim should be given another chance. 'Nuff said...

Monday, December 12, 2005

A Chance For Redemption...

I know every Saints fan remembers it. I for one haven't forgotten it one bit. I can still see that kick that ATL kicker Todd Peterson just hooked to the left. Yes! Saints were going to go to overtime! A week after losing by 7 touchdowns and Deuce McAllister, the Saints were in a position to beat a very good Atlanta team! Wait. Sorry. Take that all back. Flag on the play. Pull and shoot penalty on Saints' DE Tony Bryant. An irrelevant call to the outcome of the play. Rekick. Peterson's second attempt was perfect. You are kidding that did not just happen? As many times as the human being will say the phrase, "We lost the game because of the refs!" That last game against Atlanta is the first time I trully believe that. My father made a terrific point when he was giving me his thoughts about the game. "Chris I've seen that happen to the Saints so many times. I tell you, the refrees would never make a call like that against a team like the Cowboys." New Orleans' fans couldn't agree more. It's a good thing I am not Jim Haslett because I think I would have just punched that ref in the face. Heck, if Coach Haslett knew the season would turn out like this maybe he should have. That late flag, as Coach Haslett explained, was a chicken s*** call. Gutless. It makes me sick just thinking about it. Yet, the Saints have a chance for redemption. Oh, the joy of revenge! The Falcons have lost three out of their last four and are fighting for a chance to go to the postseason. Wouldn't that be something for the last place Saints to go into Atlanta on Monday Night and just beat the Falcons? Nothing pretty, or fancy. Just the fact the Saints would have more points than the Falcons in the end. As disasterous as this year has been, winning on Monday Night would be thrilling. I remember vividly the last time the Saints were on Monday Night Football. It was against the Rams in the year 2001. We lost 34-21. I like Jim Mora Jr. as a coach, I like Warrick Dunn as a running back, but I'll tell you who I do not like. Michael "Premadonna" Vick. I was a fan of him at Virginia Tech and a fan of him for Atlanta. That all changed when I begin to see the stuck up crybaby he is. He carries himself around like a god and expects the world to bow to him. It seems everytime they lose he's got an excuse. Against Tampa two weeks ago it was the refrees. (Don't get me started Mr. Vick on unfairness.) Last week against Carolina, after having lost to the Panthers for the first time, Vick replied that the streak of wins had to end someday. Earlier this year the Saints got after #7. He was being smothered all afternoon. Highlight of the day was when Vick tried scrambling and DE Will Smith grabbed him by the neck of his shoulders pads and slammed him to the ground. It was something that had to be seen by every football fan. Overall, I think Haslett's team will surprise people come tomorrow night. They'll hang with ATL and believe or not Brooks will play (I can't believe I'm saying this) well. Though, the season for ATL rides on every game here on out. The players know how important this game is. Coach Mora will have the team ready. New Orleans will be right with the Falcons for three quarters. ATL will pull away in the final period. Final score: ATL 42 NO 24

Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Magical World of Ron Artest

I sometimes can not comprehend what is going through the mind of some professional athletes. Randy Moss's touchdown against the Packers last winter is a perfect example. Another athlete who has recently joined the stupidity department is the thuggish Ron Artest. Mr. Artest has always been a great defender. Along with his awesome defensive skills, he has a mouth that won't shut. Oh! And he happens to have this issue where he runs into the stands and punches fans! That's not a big deal though. Don't think anything of it... The newest issue surrounding this narrow-minded individual is his status in Pacer Town. Artest wants to be traded. Plain and simple. No hindering about his thoughts, he just came out and said it. He doesn't like playing for Carisle. Artest also explained the offense he is in right now doesn't let him shoot enough. "I'm so demanding of the ball. It's not my fault," Artest told the Star. "Every time somebody is on me it's a mismatch. It messes up the offense. I like Coach [Carlisle] as a person, but I don't like playing for Coach. I like my team, though." WOW! Do I have to say it? Do I? I mean are you kidding me? I don't even no where to begin. I have an idea! Hey Ron would you like us to fire Carisle so you can be happy? Here are the simple facts about this 'brillant man.' His ego is obviously gigantic (about the opposite size of his brain), and all he really wants is for himself to be happy. PERIOD. Nothing else. The guy wants to do whatever he feels like. Heck, maybe he'll want to make a music CD someday! Wait, oh I forget he did do that. Shucks. Mr. Artest wants to go to New York. The disrespect he is showing to the Pacers is unbeliveable. Is this the same man on the cover of SI with Larry Bird? I mean I am just so confused on how someone can think the way he does. Someone help me. All he wants is the ball and money. Nothing more...okay maybe the legalizing of punching specators. But that's it! 'Nuff said...

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Week 14 Predictions

I have exams this upcoming week so my thoughts and predictions will be brief. Enjoy...

New England @ Buffalo

The Bills are coming off a really tough loss to the Dolphins. Unforunately for Buffalo fans do not expect this 3 game losing streak to end now. This time of the year is when Brady is at his best.

Pats 28 Bills 17

Cleveland @ Cincinnati

Cincinnati is having one heck of a season. Carson and Chad are go together like peanut butter and jelly. Browns are still a young team under Romeo. Going against a high powered offense such as Cincy's will be too much.

Bengals 38 Browns 19

Houston @ Tennessee

Both of these teams are not having the seasons they hoped for. Texans have really had it tough the last 3 weeks. Despite having leads late in the game, this Houston team has found a way to lose everytime. On Sunday, they will finally close one out.

Texans 29 Titans 24

St. Louis @ Minnesota

Rough year for STL. Injuries have plagued this team so much. For crying out loud a Harvard grad is playing QB for them. Mike Tice has surprised so many by turning the Vikings' season around. Brad Johnson has shown great patience.

Vikings 28 Rams 21

Oakland @ NYJ

Oakland can't play defense, and to be honest not even offense some times. The Jets are a great defensive team with a pathetic offense. I really don't know what to say. Not a lot of hype for this showdown.

Raiders 37 Jets 15

Chicago @ Pittsburgh

Bears' D is overtaking the league. They seemed to have not lost in quite a while. As for Pitt, Cowher's team is on a 3 game losing streak. Without an offense as consistent as Pitt, Chicago will fall for the first time in a while.

Steelers 25 Bears 17

Tampa Bay @ Carolina

The NFC South is always such a competitve division. Tampa and Carolina will be challenging each other for the division lead. I want to say the Panthers will come through, but for some reason this is just one of those game Gruden's Gang surprises America.

Bucs 28 Panthers 24

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville

This game would have had even more hype had Leftwich not gotten injured the other week. Jacksonville will keep it close, but a late TD by Indy will seal the 13th victory.

Colts 21 Jaguars 12

NYG @ Philadelphia

Giants seem to be running on all cylinders. SEEM. The Eagles have a different situation. They just got shut out on Monday Night Football. 42-0. Wow! I think the team won't be as fired up as you may think.

Giants 31 Eagles 18

Washington @ Arizona

Washington has lost so many down to the wire games this year. Joe Gibbs's team is really in a hole right now for the playoff race. Arizona is a roller coaster team. You never know what to expect.

Cardinals 35 Redskins 31

San Francisco @ Seattle

I think Seattle is going to be a bit relaxed heading into this game. San Fran will scare them. Being so much better, the Seahawks will easily be able to rebound.

Seahawks 27 49ers 24

Kansas City @ Dallas

Man oh man! What a big game! Whoever loses can pretty much kiss a postseason trip goodbye! KC is playing good ball mainly because Larry Johnson is a machine when pounding the ball. Dallas looked very disappointing last week. Bledsoe wants to prove that was a fluke.

Cowboys 30 Chiefs 22

Balitmore @ Denver

I am sure we all thought this would be a closer game. Not today. Boller may have had a 'game winning' drive against Houston, but Denver is no Houston. Besides the offense of Baltimore is so predictable.

Broncos 38 Ravens 17

Miami @ San Diego

Miami is playing well currently. They could sneak up on an unsuspecting Chargers team. Yet, Miami does have one problem. They do not have a good enough defense to stop LT.

Chargers 35 Dolphins 21

Detroit @ Green Bay

Well I am pretty sure that one of these struggling teams have to win. The Lions will not be as focused as they were earlier in the season. A lot of drama has risen with the Mooch firing and Bly bashing Harrington. Meanwhile, Green Bay has a 2-10 record, yet the whole team still plays their hearts out.

Packers 24 Lions 13

New Orleans @ Atlanta

ATL is really in need of some wins to get back in the playoff picture. N.O. on the other hand, has just lost another game by single digits. As a Saints fan I am hoping for a brillant showing, but Falcons know how important this game is. Mora's team will be fired up.

Falcons 42 Saints 24

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Late Season Playoff Predictions

The regular season is almost over and that means one thing. The battle for a playoff spot heats up even more. A few teams are already gimmes on getting into the playoffs, but will they do anything? What about wildcards? Now there's a mess! Below are my predictions to get into the playoffs and what is going to happen in the playoffs. Prepare to be surprised. One more thing, I know my sports, but I am pretty awful as far as predictions go. Look at some of my previous posts. Enjoy.



3rd seeded Denver beats 6th seeded Jacksonville
4th seeded N.E. beats 5th seeded San Diego

1st seeded Indy beats 3rd seeded Denver
4th seeded N.E. beats 2nd seeded Cincy

1st seeded Indy beats 4th seeded N.E.



6th seeded Tampa beats 3rd seeded Chicago
5th seeded Dallas beats 4th seeded NYG

6th seeded Tampa beats 1st seeded Seattle
2nd seeded Carolina beats 5th seeded Dallas

2nd seeded Carolina beats 6th seeded Tampa

1st seeded Indy defeats 2nd seeded Carolina


Yes, it does seem like a fairy tale. Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy finally win a Super Bowl. The most important thing during their run to the Super Bowl will certainly be home field advantage. Jon Gruden's ball club is going to make a run in the playoffs because Chris Simms is coming around, and the fact that their defense is a force to reckon with. Besides Chicago doesn't have a consistent offense and Seattle has not faced a speedy defense like Tampa's yet. Dallas will shatter a NYG Super Bowl trip just because Eli is still young and the playoffs will be a new experience for him. Denver is going to finally get by the first round, yet once again the Colts will beat them in Indy. New England over San Diego because Tom Brady is a winner and I don't think Brees and LT are use to New England weather. Even though they've had a rough season, the Pats will make noise in the playoffs. Going into Cincy during the cold will be an epic win. Though the ultimate fate of the 2x defending Super Bowl Champs will be decided when Indy finally prevails over N.E. John Fox's team will make yet another impressive run, but fall short...again. Panthers will have the defense to slow down the Colts, but eventually Indy is going to get scoring on offense. Indy will jump out to an early lead in which Carolina will slowly trim down quarter by quarter. In the end Colts will score a crucial touchdown to put the game out of reach. In a last ditch effort Dungy's D will intercept a pass and history will have been made.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Dem Saints

The greatest saying said regarding the New Orleans Saints was said by my father Thomas Ballay. "They are like babies Chris, you get mad at them, but always end up going back because you love them." That quote is so true for every fan out there who has suffered Sunday after Sunday watching the black and gold lose yet another game. Despite all the turmoil this franchise has gone through, the fans have always been there. Sure, the organization itself has only 1 playoff win, but none the less the fans are always there supporting the tam. Each year (I can relate to this very much) die hard Saints fans eagerly picture a Super Bowl trophy finally being won by their beloved team. That dream seems even farther than ever right now. The New Orleans Saints are in jeopardy of moving out of Louisiana FOREVER. My dream of one day saying "Saints are the champs!", is something that could quite possibly be wiped out from ever occurring. As much as us fans joke, if the Saints move to San Antonio, it will be impossible to ever bring home a Super Bowl trophy to New Orleans. It has come apparent to me that no longer are so many Saint fans worried about the team's record. Instead, like myself, a lot of fans are worried about whether or not this team will even stay in New Orleans. To think that the city of New Orleans is going to lose their franchise because of a natural disaster makes my stomach turn. Commissioner Paul Tagilibue helped schedule 4 home games for the New Orleans Saints in Tiger Stadium. After drawing 61,000+ fans to the first Baton Rouge home game it looked as it though the support for this team was going to be present. Yet, that is obviously not the case now. The past two games in Death Valley have drawn around 30,000+ fans a game. Looking in the stadium is like watching an Arizona Cardinals' home game. As frustrating as it is to see that image, I still disagree that that fact alone should be used as a reason the Saints should move. Don't tell me only 30,000 fans are going to Tiger Stadium because nobody cares about them. The New Orleans Saints have been heavily supported by the Big Easy since 1967 despite the team's little success. Are you telling me that the team might move because of poor attendence in 2 games? Shouldn't Paul Tagilibue look at the fact that for so many years fans have supported and supported this franchise? I am not saying that having a mere 30,000 fans at a NFL game is okay for a team. It is flat out pathetic, don't get me wrong. I am just saying that the ultimate fate of the Saints shouldn't be decided because of 2 recent games. This has been a nightmare of a year for so many people. Going to a football game isn't as important as finding a home, or getting a job. I hope when the decision in finally made in the future, Paul Tagilibue looks at the New Orleans Saints and sees a franchise that is destined for one thing. To remain in New Orleans no matter what it takes. 'Nuff said.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Day After...

It is the Day After. The Day After Hell erupted for the LSU Nation. I went to the much anticipated game. The hype was unbeatable. LSU fans showed up and from my experiences were much louder than the Georgia fans. The activities that were arranged due to the SEC Championship game were numerous. Through all the tailgating, all the football activities, I kept thinking in the back of my mind about the fact that this Bulldog team was good. Georgia had 2 losses. One to the Gators because Shockley was out. The other, Auburn, resulted because the UGA defense couldn't make a play on 4th and 10. Once the game started the tension grew even greater inside the Georgia Dome. Going into the game, my friends and I knew that JaMarcus needed to put on a performance like he did against various teams during the course of the season. If he came out sloppy, then the crowd of UGA would become even more of a factor. I knew Georgia fans would outnumber LSU fans, but not 2:1. To get a delay of game, then a sack on our first offensive possession was not the way to start the game. JaMarcus was flat, but the score was still 0-0. That changed instantly once DJ Shockley nailed Sean Bailey for a long TD pass. To make matters worse, on the next possession JaMarcus threw an INT to a Bulldog. Not just any INT, an INT that made JaMarcus Russell come off to the United States of America as a quarterback with little experience. It immediately set the tone for the rest of the game. With the blink of an eye the Tigers were down 14-0 and Sean Bailey had 2 TDs. LSU didn't fall down. A long drive by the Tigers ended on a JaMarcus Russell QB sneak for 6 points. It was 14-7 and I was thinking LSU was back in this game. Our defense disappointed the LSU viewer once again as Georgia put up 6 more points. UGA 21 LSU 7. With under a minute left LSU was going to get the ball back and have a chance to do something right before halftime. For those of us who watched the game, that punt UGA booted was something I've never seen. On initial contact with the ground, the ball hit at the 1 yard line. You would think just like 99.999% of the time, the ball would roll into the endzone. Not today. The ball rolled back and was downed on about the 3 yard line. As I look back that punt play was a perfect picture of the day the Tigers had. After halftime the Tigers got the ball. LSU needed to score, something needed to be shown. Life was still there inside that Les Mile's football team. 3 and out. Georgia got the ball and BOOM! it's 24-7. I didn't give up then, but my thoughts of really winning dramatically decreased. To make matters even worse (it's possible) JaMarcus was injured. Number 4 had a nightmare of an evening for the first SEC Championship Game he started. When Matt Flynn came in the next series, the LSU fan was once again thinking that good things were going to happen. Sure it was 27-7 UGA, but we had Mr. Flynn under center now. (Hopefully he plays like Frank Reich.) Deep in our own territory Flynn threw an INT that was taken back for 6. All hope was officially shattered. Down 34-7, Les knew the Tigers had to score for pure dignity. LSU cut it 34-14, and then got an onsides kick. As silly as it was sounds, I still thought that the Tigers could pull out the amazing come from behind victory. Flynn was sacked on 4th and 10. Nevermind about that thought. Final score: UGA 34 LSU 14. It was a huge disappointment. The loss can't be thrown entirely on JaMarcus's shoulders. The WHOLE team looked bad. The defense and offense were both beat physically. Getting beat physically is the worst feeling because that's the point that every viewer knows you are at the mercy of your opponent's will. As lousy as LSU played, going to the Peach Bowl is still a raw deal. With only 2 losses you are telling me LSU is not good enough for a January bowl game? Wow. I don't know what to think or say. Nothing can be done. Though at least LSU is playing a very worthy opponent in Miami Florida. So many thoughts are racing through Tiger Nation. What happened? Are we that bad? What is going to happen on the 30th against the Hurricanes? All in all, my trip to Atlanta was enjoyable and fun, yet it ended in the way I only think is fitting for a nightmare. A nightmare were the Tigers of LSU were outplayed, outcoached, and flat out beaten by the Georgia Bulldogs. 34-14. Shivers are still shooting up my spine...

Friday, December 02, 2005

Championship Week

I am sorry to be late, but I am in ATL for the LSU/Georgia showdown. I don't have the time to give you my full thoughts on the games this weekend, but I will give you who I think will win.

BIG 12

#2 Texas vs.Colorado

Longhorns struggle in beginning, but win nicely. Hello Pasadena!

UT 40 Colorado 20


#3 LSU vs. #13 Georgia

I'm very superstitious so I'll be the one that will jinx LSU. Georgia is a really good football team. They lost to Florida because DJ was out and that Auburn loss was a result of a forunate 4th down conversion. Tigers almost blew it against a 4-7 Razorback squad. Thank goodness they didn't. The team will be ready tomorrow night. But my thoughts are LSU pulls together in the end...

LSU 28 Georgia 17


UCF vs. Tulsa

Yes C-USA has a championship game. It's the league's first year with this new format. Coach O'Leary has to be given his props. UCF was winless last year and now they are 8-3. To be honest I don't know anything about Tulsa football. That could be a great advantage for the folks of Oklahoma.

UCF 33 Tulsa 28


#5 VTech vs. Florida State

Bowden's Crew was lucky to get in this game. Very young team in Florida and it will be shown Saturday. VTech is a great ball club very worthy of a BCS bowl. The team is full of speed, power, and excellence.

VTech 38 Florida State 22

and now the other games.....

Army vs. Navy

Always a classic. Fun game to watch no matter the records of each team. Navy is once again in the bowl picture, as for Army...not so much. Thoug Coach Ross is making progress. Don't be surprised if he pulls out a W against the Midshipmen.

Navy 34 Army 19

#1 USC vs. #10 UCLA

UCLA has got an offense to match USC. The problem is they don't have a defense. They will scare the Trojans, but as for finishing them off...not going to happen. Besides Carroll's team is determined for the Rose Bowl.

USC 41 UCLA 31

...wait one more!

Bucs @ Saints

Ah! The Saints vs. the Bucs in Tiger Stadium. Nice win for the Saints against an 'awesome' Jets team. I love them, but they just are having a rough year. Oh and by the way they aren't that good!

Bucs 27 Saints 18