Monday, December 05, 2005

Dem Saints

The greatest saying said regarding the New Orleans Saints was said by my father Thomas Ballay. "They are like babies Chris, you get mad at them, but always end up going back because you love them." That quote is so true for every fan out there who has suffered Sunday after Sunday watching the black and gold lose yet another game. Despite all the turmoil this franchise has gone through, the fans have always been there. Sure, the organization itself has only 1 playoff win, but none the less the fans are always there supporting the tam. Each year (I can relate to this very much) die hard Saints fans eagerly picture a Super Bowl trophy finally being won by their beloved team. That dream seems even farther than ever right now. The New Orleans Saints are in jeopardy of moving out of Louisiana FOREVER. My dream of one day saying "Saints are the champs!", is something that could quite possibly be wiped out from ever occurring. As much as us fans joke, if the Saints move to San Antonio, it will be impossible to ever bring home a Super Bowl trophy to New Orleans. It has come apparent to me that no longer are so many Saint fans worried about the team's record. Instead, like myself, a lot of fans are worried about whether or not this team will even stay in New Orleans. To think that the city of New Orleans is going to lose their franchise because of a natural disaster makes my stomach turn. Commissioner Paul Tagilibue helped schedule 4 home games for the New Orleans Saints in Tiger Stadium. After drawing 61,000+ fans to the first Baton Rouge home game it looked as it though the support for this team was going to be present. Yet, that is obviously not the case now. The past two games in Death Valley have drawn around 30,000+ fans a game. Looking in the stadium is like watching an Arizona Cardinals' home game. As frustrating as it is to see that image, I still disagree that that fact alone should be used as a reason the Saints should move. Don't tell me only 30,000 fans are going to Tiger Stadium because nobody cares about them. The New Orleans Saints have been heavily supported by the Big Easy since 1967 despite the team's little success. Are you telling me that the team might move because of poor attendence in 2 games? Shouldn't Paul Tagilibue look at the fact that for so many years fans have supported and supported this franchise? I am not saying that having a mere 30,000 fans at a NFL game is okay for a team. It is flat out pathetic, don't get me wrong. I am just saying that the ultimate fate of the Saints shouldn't be decided because of 2 recent games. This has been a nightmare of a year for so many people. Going to a football game isn't as important as finding a home, or getting a job. I hope when the decision in finally made in the future, Paul Tagilibue looks at the New Orleans Saints and sees a franchise that is destined for one thing. To remain in New Orleans no matter what it takes. 'Nuff said.

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