Monday, December 26, 2005

Post Bowl Thoughts

W (1-0) New Orleans Bowl- Yes, S. Miss. won, but I was surprised it was that close.

L (1-1) GMAC Bowl- Well I must admit I never would have imagined my hometown Rockets beating UTEP like they did.

L (1-2) Las Vegas Bowl- It was a big gamble. BYU came back, but still lost.

W (2-2) Poinsettia Bowl- I was on the money. Having a terrible Run D is what ultimately lead to CSU's defeat against Navy.

W (3-2) Fort Worth Bowl- I was correct on the Jayhawks winning, but by that much? Never imagined that.

L (3-3) Hawaii Bowl- UCF blew it. Up 14-0 early, but still nice rally when down by 10 under 2 minutes. Too bad that man shanked that PAT in OT.

W (4-3) Motor City Bowl- DeAngelo Williams like I said is awesome. The young man had 243 yards rushing against the Zips.

W (5-3) Champs Sports Bowl- The Clemson Tigers won just the way I expected. That was by using their defense to it's best and exposing the Buffalos' flaws.

W (6-3) Insight Bowl- That homefield advantage seemed to give the Sun Devils just enough of an edge to pull out a win...oh and think Rudy Carpenter's passing helped too.

L (6-4)MPC Computers Bowl- AAAAUUGGHH!!! I was so close to seeing one of the greatest comebacks!! Man oh man I can't believe Boise State blew that game! They were down by 6 points inside the 15 yard line! If BSU scored the team would have successfully rallied from an astounding 27-0 deficit.

L (6-5) Alamo Bowl- Great game. Nebraska's rally was awesome, but that finish? Wow wow wow. Ecker why not lateral it? Had he made the lateral that game would have had a better finish than the California/Stanford game.

L (6-6) Emerald bowl- In my opinion the worst bowl of the year. Why is it played so late in the bowl season? Well anyway, GTech is the most consistent inconsistent team. They beat Miami-Florida then lose to a lot.

W (7-6)Holiday bowl- Everyone had Oklahoma winning...and well they did just that. The Ducks really feel lousy now. Is USC the only elite team in the PAC-10? Come next season, Oklahoma will be an elite program once again.

W (8-6) Music City Bowl- The outcome of this football game was just how I imagined. It would be close, but Virginia would ultimately prevail. They did just that.

W (9-6) Sun Bowl- This was certainly in the end a offensive shootout. The UCLA Bruins rallied from a 22 point deficit to claim victory. (Let's not forgot the two offsides kick touchdowns.)

L (9-7) Independence bowl- S. Carolina looked first. Brad Smith ,the QB who doesnt earn the publicity he deserves, took the game over. What an athlete.

L (9-8) Peach bowl- I'll say I never thought LSU would play like that. I am still trying to comprehend the butt-kicking Miami was given. The Hurricanes had 3 yards in the 2nd half along with 0 first downs. Phenomenal.

L (9-9) Meineke Car Care Bowl- Miss! That's all I can say about my prediction on this game. NC State is a lot better than I thought and for that matter, USF isn't as good as I imagined.

L (9-10) Liberty Bowl- I am still in disbelief that Pat Hill's Bulldogs lost once again. Yet, Tulsa must get the credit they deserve. This school could be the new "Boise State."

W (10-10) Houston Bowl- Great game. The Horned Frogs were able to hold on right at the end. Terrific season for this TCU ball club. The only loss was to a 5-6 SMU team.

L (10-11) Cotton Bowl- Son of a gun. I changed this one at the last minute. I had Bama, but I must live with my decision. I can't believe Mike Shula's team shutdown the Tech offense so well. The Bama D will be just as strong, if not better next year.

L (10-12) Outback Bowl- Iowa has some lousy calls against them. The team rallied, but it wasn't enough. Leak played well and show signs of a very promising 2006 season.

W (11-12) Gator Bowl- This upset special fell just short. VTech was trailing a lot of the game. Luckily the team was able to rally and pull of a W. No kudos to Marcus Vick's cheap shot.

L (11-13) Capital One Bowl- Another mistake on my part. I had Wisconsin and switched it in the end. Well I must live with my dumb decision. A great win for the Badgers who sent Alvarez out on top.

W (12-13) Fiesta Bowl- This game wasn't nearly as close as the score suggested. Though the main factor in OSU's win was Troy Smith. He moved his game to a whole new level. Period.

L (12-14) Sugar Bowl- Well...WV is for real, and I guess UGA isn't as good as I thought. All in all, WV deserves so much credit for this win...especially that gutsy fake punt late in the game.

W (13-14) Orange Bowl- I was quite surprised how close this game was. It's amazing the Seminoles almost won the Orange Bowl with so many freshman. FSU is going to be back to a BCS game in the near future. The Nittany Lions pulled out the victory in the third overtime when a FG was finally made. I guess Joe Pa can still coach.

L (13-15) Rose Bowl- I knew Vince Young was amazing, but not that amazing. His team was down by 12 with about six and half minutes left. By the end of the night, it was clear that the Longhorns are indeed the better team.


Just like that another college football season is over. And come to think of it, what a season. The year couldn't have been capped off any better than the Rose Bowl showdown between USC and Texas. In the end, the game ultimately did live up to all the hype. As Vince Young held the trophy in the air one could only think about the magical year that just took place. The storybook Texas Longhorns team won their first National Championship in over 30 years by beating the Trojans of USC who were riding a 34 game winning streak. More importantly, my overall record in the bowl season was 13-15. That's a clear reminder that regardless of how much information you know about a sport, when it comes to predicting you are merely playing a game of chance.

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