Saturday, December 10, 2005

Week 14 Predictions

I have exams this upcoming week so my thoughts and predictions will be brief. Enjoy...

New England @ Buffalo

The Bills are coming off a really tough loss to the Dolphins. Unforunately for Buffalo fans do not expect this 3 game losing streak to end now. This time of the year is when Brady is at his best.

Pats 28 Bills 17

Cleveland @ Cincinnati

Cincinnati is having one heck of a season. Carson and Chad are go together like peanut butter and jelly. Browns are still a young team under Romeo. Going against a high powered offense such as Cincy's will be too much.

Bengals 38 Browns 19

Houston @ Tennessee

Both of these teams are not having the seasons they hoped for. Texans have really had it tough the last 3 weeks. Despite having leads late in the game, this Houston team has found a way to lose everytime. On Sunday, they will finally close one out.

Texans 29 Titans 24

St. Louis @ Minnesota

Rough year for STL. Injuries have plagued this team so much. For crying out loud a Harvard grad is playing QB for them. Mike Tice has surprised so many by turning the Vikings' season around. Brad Johnson has shown great patience.

Vikings 28 Rams 21

Oakland @ NYJ

Oakland can't play defense, and to be honest not even offense some times. The Jets are a great defensive team with a pathetic offense. I really don't know what to say. Not a lot of hype for this showdown.

Raiders 37 Jets 15

Chicago @ Pittsburgh

Bears' D is overtaking the league. They seemed to have not lost in quite a while. As for Pitt, Cowher's team is on a 3 game losing streak. Without an offense as consistent as Pitt, Chicago will fall for the first time in a while.

Steelers 25 Bears 17

Tampa Bay @ Carolina

The NFC South is always such a competitve division. Tampa and Carolina will be challenging each other for the division lead. I want to say the Panthers will come through, but for some reason this is just one of those game Gruden's Gang surprises America.

Bucs 28 Panthers 24

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville

This game would have had even more hype had Leftwich not gotten injured the other week. Jacksonville will keep it close, but a late TD by Indy will seal the 13th victory.

Colts 21 Jaguars 12

NYG @ Philadelphia

Giants seem to be running on all cylinders. SEEM. The Eagles have a different situation. They just got shut out on Monday Night Football. 42-0. Wow! I think the team won't be as fired up as you may think.

Giants 31 Eagles 18

Washington @ Arizona

Washington has lost so many down to the wire games this year. Joe Gibbs's team is really in a hole right now for the playoff race. Arizona is a roller coaster team. You never know what to expect.

Cardinals 35 Redskins 31

San Francisco @ Seattle

I think Seattle is going to be a bit relaxed heading into this game. San Fran will scare them. Being so much better, the Seahawks will easily be able to rebound.

Seahawks 27 49ers 24

Kansas City @ Dallas

Man oh man! What a big game! Whoever loses can pretty much kiss a postseason trip goodbye! KC is playing good ball mainly because Larry Johnson is a machine when pounding the ball. Dallas looked very disappointing last week. Bledsoe wants to prove that was a fluke.

Cowboys 30 Chiefs 22

Balitmore @ Denver

I am sure we all thought this would be a closer game. Not today. Boller may have had a 'game winning' drive against Houston, but Denver is no Houston. Besides the offense of Baltimore is so predictable.

Broncos 38 Ravens 17

Miami @ San Diego

Miami is playing well currently. They could sneak up on an unsuspecting Chargers team. Yet, Miami does have one problem. They do not have a good enough defense to stop LT.

Chargers 35 Dolphins 21

Detroit @ Green Bay

Well I am pretty sure that one of these struggling teams have to win. The Lions will not be as focused as they were earlier in the season. A lot of drama has risen with the Mooch firing and Bly bashing Harrington. Meanwhile, Green Bay has a 2-10 record, yet the whole team still plays their hearts out.

Packers 24 Lions 13

New Orleans @ Atlanta

ATL is really in need of some wins to get back in the playoff picture. N.O. on the other hand, has just lost another game by single digits. As a Saints fan I am hoping for a brillant showing, but Falcons know how important this game is. Mora's team will be fired up.

Falcons 42 Saints 24

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