Saturday, December 17, 2005

Brooks Benched!!

I am sure you've heard about it. The inconsistent quarterback Aaron Brooks of the New Orleans Saints will be benched the remainder of the regular season. That is 3 straight weeks for a QB who has surprisely started 82 consecutive games. Through 14 weeks, Aaron has thrown 13 touchdowns along with 17 interceptions. This is the first time in his career the interceptions department has totaled more than the touchdowns. Starting in place of #2 will be long time veteran quarterback Todd Bouman. After 3 years of sitting on the sidelines, Bouman will make his first start as a Saint. The last time he started a NFL game was in Minnesota in the year 2001. I will admit that my frustration with Aaron Brooks is at an all time high. He continues to display an inability to thrive his skills to the fullest, yet I still think the decision by Coach Haslett to bench him now is quite ironic. Of all the forgettable games Brooks has had this year, Coach Haslett chooses to bench him the Sunday after he looked moderately good against ATL. Against ATL Brooks threw for 210 yards and a touchdown, but the most important stat is zero interceptions. Does it not seem more reasonable to have benched Brooks the week following his showing against Tampa in which he threw 4 interceptions? Or what about that 52-3 loss to the 3-10 Packers earlier in the year? All in all, this move by Haslett eliminates any future plans of Aaron Brooks ever taking another snap while in a Saints uniform. It is a sad ending for yet another disappointing Saints' quarterback. After having such an amazing first season with New Orleans, the physically talented Brooks has never grabbed that consistency his game has always needed. In the coming years, that Monday Night game in ATL will be remembered as the last time Aaron Brooks played for the men of black and gold. 'Nuff said...

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