Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Magical World of Ron Artest

I sometimes can not comprehend what is going through the mind of some professional athletes. Randy Moss's touchdown against the Packers last winter is a perfect example. Another athlete who has recently joined the stupidity department is the thuggish Ron Artest. Mr. Artest has always been a great defender. Along with his awesome defensive skills, he has a mouth that won't shut. Oh! And he happens to have this issue where he runs into the stands and punches fans! That's not a big deal though. Don't think anything of it... The newest issue surrounding this narrow-minded individual is his status in Pacer Town. Artest wants to be traded. Plain and simple. No hindering about his thoughts, he just came out and said it. He doesn't like playing for Carisle. Artest also explained the offense he is in right now doesn't let him shoot enough. "I'm so demanding of the ball. It's not my fault," Artest told the Star. "Every time somebody is on me it's a mismatch. It messes up the offense. I like Coach [Carlisle] as a person, but I don't like playing for Coach. I like my team, though." WOW! Do I have to say it? Do I? I mean are you kidding me? I don't even no where to begin. I have an idea! Hey Ron would you like us to fire Carisle so you can be happy? Here are the simple facts about this 'brillant man.' His ego is obviously gigantic (about the opposite size of his brain), and all he really wants is for himself to be happy. PERIOD. Nothing else. The guy wants to do whatever he feels like. Heck, maybe he'll want to make a music CD someday! Wait, oh I forget he did do that. Shucks. Mr. Artest wants to go to New York. The disrespect he is showing to the Pacers is unbeliveable. Is this the same man on the cover of SI with Larry Bird? I mean I am just so confused on how someone can think the way he does. Someone help me. All he wants is the ball and money. Nothing more...okay maybe the legalizing of punching specators. But that's it! 'Nuff said...

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