Monday, December 12, 2005

A Chance For Redemption...

I know every Saints fan remembers it. I for one haven't forgotten it one bit. I can still see that kick that ATL kicker Todd Peterson just hooked to the left. Yes! Saints were going to go to overtime! A week after losing by 7 touchdowns and Deuce McAllister, the Saints were in a position to beat a very good Atlanta team! Wait. Sorry. Take that all back. Flag on the play. Pull and shoot penalty on Saints' DE Tony Bryant. An irrelevant call to the outcome of the play. Rekick. Peterson's second attempt was perfect. You are kidding that did not just happen? As many times as the human being will say the phrase, "We lost the game because of the refs!" That last game against Atlanta is the first time I trully believe that. My father made a terrific point when he was giving me his thoughts about the game. "Chris I've seen that happen to the Saints so many times. I tell you, the refrees would never make a call like that against a team like the Cowboys." New Orleans' fans couldn't agree more. It's a good thing I am not Jim Haslett because I think I would have just punched that ref in the face. Heck, if Coach Haslett knew the season would turn out like this maybe he should have. That late flag, as Coach Haslett explained, was a chicken s*** call. Gutless. It makes me sick just thinking about it. Yet, the Saints have a chance for redemption. Oh, the joy of revenge! The Falcons have lost three out of their last four and are fighting for a chance to go to the postseason. Wouldn't that be something for the last place Saints to go into Atlanta on Monday Night and just beat the Falcons? Nothing pretty, or fancy. Just the fact the Saints would have more points than the Falcons in the end. As disasterous as this year has been, winning on Monday Night would be thrilling. I remember vividly the last time the Saints were on Monday Night Football. It was against the Rams in the year 2001. We lost 34-21. I like Jim Mora Jr. as a coach, I like Warrick Dunn as a running back, but I'll tell you who I do not like. Michael "Premadonna" Vick. I was a fan of him at Virginia Tech and a fan of him for Atlanta. That all changed when I begin to see the stuck up crybaby he is. He carries himself around like a god and expects the world to bow to him. It seems everytime they lose he's got an excuse. Against Tampa two weeks ago it was the refrees. (Don't get me started Mr. Vick on unfairness.) Last week against Carolina, after having lost to the Panthers for the first time, Vick replied that the streak of wins had to end someday. Earlier this year the Saints got after #7. He was being smothered all afternoon. Highlight of the day was when Vick tried scrambling and DE Will Smith grabbed him by the neck of his shoulders pads and slammed him to the ground. It was something that had to be seen by every football fan. Overall, I think Haslett's team will surprise people come tomorrow night. They'll hang with ATL and believe or not Brooks will play (I can't believe I'm saying this) well. Though, the season for ATL rides on every game here on out. The players know how important this game is. Coach Mora will have the team ready. New Orleans will be right with the Falcons for three quarters. ATL will pull away in the final period. Final score: ATL 42 NO 24

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