Saturday, December 17, 2005

Week 15 Rundown

I made it back to Ohio safely. During my 17 hour car ride I had plenty of time to think about the upcoming NFL games. Check it out!

Bucs vs. Pats

These 2 division leaders will be squaring off Sunday. Clearly the biggest factor of the game will be that the Pats will be playing at home. Chris Simms has done great so far, but he will be going against a Pats team everyone thought was a pushover.

28 Patriots 17 Bucs

Chiefs vs. Giants

KC shot themselves in the foot after choking against Dallas when up 14-3 early on. On a last ditch effort, Tynes missed a game tying 41 yard FG. This matchup will have plenty of points. Though in the end, the better offense will pull this one out.

35 Chiefs 24 Giants

Broncos vs. Bills

Oh by the way did you know that Denver is 10-3? This Mile High squad will continue there journey to a division title as they take on a frustrated Bills team. Deciding factor will be Losman's inexperience against a strong, solid D like Denver's.

29 Broncos 17 Bills

Cardinals vs. Texans

I'll admit Warner is suprising me with the yardage he's continuing to put up every weekend. Houston has been with every team they have played the past 4 weeks...and in each of those contests Houston manages to find a way to lose in the end. Why is that going to change?

22 Cardinals 20 Texans

Panthers vs. Saints

A lot has changed since that epic Saints' victory on opening day. Furthermore, a lot of attention will be on how Carolina responds after a crucial loss to Tampa. Aaron Brooks will be benched the rest of the season, so expect backup Todd Bouman to not have that luxurious day every backup dreams of.

34 Panthers 15 Saints

Jets vs. Dolphins

Dolphins have had some convincing wins these past two weeks. The team is well aware they screwed up San Diego's chances of a playoff berth. The Jets finally got a win after what seemed weeks and weeks of losing. NY might have a better chance if the man under center had better skills and awareness.

28 Dolphins 10 Jets

49ers vs. Jaguars

Jacksonville missed too many chances against Indy last week. None the less, the team only lost by 8 points. Del Rio knows his team isn't in the playoffs yet. San Fran will cause frustration and sloppy Jag play early, but in the end the feline cats will triumph.

24 Jaguars 16 49ers

Eagles vs. Rams

Remember when these 2 teams duked it out for the NFC Championship? Wasn't too long ago, but WOW! look at this matchup now. Haunted by injuries, Philly still manages to play hard every week. The Rams also have had there share of injuries, yet there bigger problem is the quarterback situation. We all know Mike McMahon isn't all pro, but who would you rather have McMahon or Fitzpatrick/Martin? I thought so.

29 Eagles 14 Rams

Steelers vs. Vikings

Pitt got a much needed win last week. Sunday, Cowher will once again get his troops pumped up for a strong showing. This time though, it is against a Minnesota team back from the dead...back from the dead on a fancy boat if I may add.

27 Steelers 22 Vikings

Chargers vs. Colts

San Diego was doing so dang well...then they tripped up against a Miami team they were better than. For a playoff berth, San Diego must win out. Tough? More like mission impossible. Marty's team will have to hand the Colts their first defeat of the season. At 14-0 the duty of LT and Brees will not be easy.

42 Colts 28 Chargers

Seahawks vs. Titans

Each week Seattle keeps on winning, and each week I realize that the Seahawks are even better than I thought. The Titans are very young, but have still managed to pull of their share of impressive performances. I want to think that Tennessee is going to scare Seattle big time...but then I realize I must be dreaming. That thought could only be a possiblity if McNair were to play injury-free. The chances of McNair being injury-free are as good as the Saints playing in the Superdome this year.

40 Seahawks 21 Titans

Bengals vs. Lions

Cincy seems to be getting better every week. The Lions are the exact opposite. Don't look for the Lions to surprise the NFL nation. Fat chance on that. Why? Nobody from Detroit can stop Carson Palmer.

35 Bengals 16 Lions

Browns vs. Raiders

Cleveland is not going to be in the playoffs, but they certainly are a team capable of screwing up someone else's chances of postseason glory. Oakland on the other hand really doesn't have much positive going on. To be honest, I don't think anything positive is going on at all for the black and sliver. For instance, Norv Turner will be fired, the organization is going to have yet another losing season, they lost by 16 to the Jets, and so on...

30 Browns 18 Raiders

Cowboys vs. Redskins

Parcells knows his crew is still PO'ed about that loss against Washington on MNF. A loss by either team and that postseason trip is pretty much cancelled. Key thing to watch for will be the play of the quarterback. Who's going to show up, Bledsoe or Brunell?

31 Cowboys 21 Redskins

Falcons vs. Bears

I look forward to watching this game. Vick is banged up and he'll be playing in cold weather. What's my point? Cold weather= a hard ground. A hard ground= a more slowed down game. A more slowed down game= The dangerous weapon of a scrambling Michael Vick is weakened. Regardless, the Orton lead offense of Chicago will only put up a mere amount of points.

26 Falcons 14 Bears

Packers vs. Ravens

Something tells me that the combined record of 7-19 for this week's MNF teams is not what America wants. Man the boys who schedule the matchups on MNF must be dying realizing what viewers will be forced to watch this Monday night.

18 Ravens 16 Packers

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