Friday, December 02, 2005

Championship Week

I am sorry to be late, but I am in ATL for the LSU/Georgia showdown. I don't have the time to give you my full thoughts on the games this weekend, but I will give you who I think will win.

BIG 12

#2 Texas vs.Colorado

Longhorns struggle in beginning, but win nicely. Hello Pasadena!

UT 40 Colorado 20


#3 LSU vs. #13 Georgia

I'm very superstitious so I'll be the one that will jinx LSU. Georgia is a really good football team. They lost to Florida because DJ was out and that Auburn loss was a result of a forunate 4th down conversion. Tigers almost blew it against a 4-7 Razorback squad. Thank goodness they didn't. The team will be ready tomorrow night. But my thoughts are LSU pulls together in the end...

LSU 28 Georgia 17


UCF vs. Tulsa

Yes C-USA has a championship game. It's the league's first year with this new format. Coach O'Leary has to be given his props. UCF was winless last year and now they are 8-3. To be honest I don't know anything about Tulsa football. That could be a great advantage for the folks of Oklahoma.

UCF 33 Tulsa 28


#5 VTech vs. Florida State

Bowden's Crew was lucky to get in this game. Very young team in Florida and it will be shown Saturday. VTech is a great ball club very worthy of a BCS bowl. The team is full of speed, power, and excellence.

VTech 38 Florida State 22

and now the other games.....

Army vs. Navy

Always a classic. Fun game to watch no matter the records of each team. Navy is once again in the bowl picture, as for Army...not so much. Thoug Coach Ross is making progress. Don't be surprised if he pulls out a W against the Midshipmen.

Navy 34 Army 19

#1 USC vs. #10 UCLA

UCLA has got an offense to match USC. The problem is they don't have a defense. They will scare the Trojans, but as for finishing them off...not going to happen. Besides Carroll's team is determined for the Rose Bowl.

USC 41 UCLA 31

...wait one more!

Bucs @ Saints

Ah! The Saints vs. the Bucs in Tiger Stadium. Nice win for the Saints against an 'awesome' Jets team. I love them, but they just are having a rough year. Oh and by the way they aren't that good!

Bucs 27 Saints 18

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