Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Analysis on 1st Week of NFL Games

First week of football is over, and contrary to what I would of expected the scoring was definitely a bit lower than usual. Well, I will cut the small talk and get going on just what exactly I thought about certain team's performances.

41 Colts 10 Saints

-As you know I am a Saints fan. Was thinking a good game was going to break out here, and it was...for the first half. Then in the second half the snowball effect occurred and before you knew it N'Awlins fans were calling for Jason David's head just like they did for Fred Thomas's back in January.

16 Packers 13 Eagles

-The Pack showed that they picked up right where they left off from last year. It was not a pretty win, but Favre did show his old magic and that he still can win the tough ones. I'm starting to think Philly was victim to a very underrated GB defensive unit.

15 Broncos 14 Bills

-Buffalo has a Top 5 defense. Amazing how DEN was able to get the snap off in time as the clock ran out. Still lots of kinks in Cutler's play...as well as Losman's.

20 Texans 3 Chiefs

-Everyone has been saying it for a while, but Kansas City could be in some serious trouble this year. I mean who's the QB? Brodie Croyle, eek! Texans are not that impressive. Just watch because by Week 6 Matt Schaub will be spending more time on his butt than on his feet. It's a Houston Texans offensive line ritual.

34 Steelers 7 Browns

-I am friends with a Browns fan who said Romeo's team would be ready. Sorry, Grizzly I would have to say they were more pathetic if anything. Pitt looked good with their new coach, but keep in perspective Steeler fans CLE could be bad this year. Bad.

13 Titans 10 Jaguars

-Tennesse must have a vastly improved D, or David Garrad was not the right choice. I will have to go with choice A. Fantasy owners are grasping for TEN running back Chris Brown. Sunday Brown had a monstrous 19 carries for 175 yards. His effectiveness gave TEN a chance to pull out the win.

24 Vikings 3 Falcons

-Now this is a case of two very bad teams. Without Vick, Atlanta is really going to be abismol this year. For a second I was convinced that Joey Harrington maybe could lead this franchise to countless victories. Than I woke up.

38 Patriots 14 Jets

-Guess Jets are not as close to New England as we all had thought. It was close, then came the old Randy Moss. Most interesting aspect of this game is the mysterious video tape NFL officials found in the hands of a New England Patriots staff worker. Don't want to spoil the story so go to SI.com.

27 Panthers 13 Rams

-Quite the defensive slugfest for while. I was impressed on the Jake Delhomme's 3 TD day. Maybe bringing David Carr was a good thing for him. Also, Marc Bulger completed 22 passes for a measely 162 yards. Now that's defense!

16 Redskins 13 Dolphins

-Not the most exciting game if you ask me. It was another game decided by a field goal. Jason Campbell keeps growing into what could be a solid NFL QB. Sunday he was 12 of 21 for 222 yards. Not fantastic, but hey the team won! Up next: Philly.

36 Lioins 21 Raiders

-Well Kitna your team has nine more games to win to match the guarantee you made in the summer. Lions put up a lot of points, but again they also let Oakland stay in the game for a while. When's the last time a Oakland offense looked, dare I say, decent?

20 Seahawks 6 Buccaneers

-Jeff Garcia could not get things going against a stingy Seattle D, but again keep in mind lots of analysts have Garcia not doing nearly as good as he did in Philly last year. Also, Shaun Alexander looks like he is regaining that previous MVP form he had. He could definitely be a MVP sleeper this year.

14 Chargers 3 Bears

-Two things: 1. San Diego's D could end up being better than last year's and 2. Rex Grossman could still be the same impatient player he was last year. But I guess 12 for 23 for 145 yards is not a 0 rating on the QB scale so maybe it wasn't that bad.

45 Cowboys 35 Giants

-I knew NYG would not have a D, but Dallas? Come on Wade Phillips! The team almost blew a comfortable 31-19 because the defense seemed to a have taken a nap...or vacation. Eli showed glimpses of that QB everyone is praying he will turn out to be. As for Romo, he completed only 15 passes for 345 yards and 4 touchdowns. This once unknown player seems to have a favorite target in TE Jason Witten (6 catches for 116 yards).

27 Bengals 20 Ravens

-Cincy got some forunate calls at the end of the game, but regardless Chad Johnson's TD celebration was hilarious. Anyway, Steve McNair is nowhere near as productive as he use to be. If anything, Air McNair could be the factor that holds the Ravens from achieving their greatness potential. Kyle Boller, second chance? One more thing, do not be fooled yet. Cincy does have a lousy D. Just let the season carry on.

20 49ers 17 Cardinals

-Alex Smith (as well as Matt Leinart) played subpar games, especially Smith. With that said, Smith still did come through when most needed. He team was down by 4 and they were 86 yards away from glory. Smith lead this down the field for the victory. Also, the Edge seemed to be showing his destructive force again as the Miami grad finished with 26 carries for 96 yards.

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