Friday, September 14, 2007

Daily Checklist for the Typical Rapper

[] Ho, where is she?
[] Cristal: 1 or 2 bottles?
[] Polish rims
[] Pick up machine gun at shop
[] Use random method to decide what rapper I will start beef with; he stole my song, he is a rapper, etc.
[] Make music video with (new) hos, cars, and guns
[] Open bottle of Hennessy
[] Randomly fire shots outside house to start chaos
[] Officially start new "beef" with rival rapper by making a song
[] Include in song deep thoughts I have about this individuals mother and possibly girlfriend
[] Think of a typical CD cover name. Something ordinary, but catchy like "Da Future"
[] Buy new rims
[] Drive by "beef" guy's house and shoot at his house with new machine gun
[] Visit kid with Baby Momma #1
[] Feed pit bulls
[] Start preparing basement for dogfighting competition tonight
[] Visit other kid with Baby Momma #2
[] DVR Spongebob
[] Go to bed...with polished gun under pillow

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