Friday, August 31, 2007

The Mysterious Tabloid

You see them everywhere. Gas stations, grocery stores, and pharmacies. They represent all that is wrong with the media.

They are the tabloids. Pages and pages of nothing more than straight up lies.

It was not too long ago when I picked one up and began pondering the history and thinking behind these packages of trash. Through further research I began to see that some "famous" tabloids such as the National Enquirer have been around since 1926.

And believe it or not the magazines use to be legit! But why did the owners all of a sudden turn to the dark side and begin manifesting lies?

In the 1950-60s the media industry in the US greatly expanded. More companies were starting up with their own newspapers and tabloids, while the existing ones where seeking more power.

So National Enquirer choose to separate itself from the pack... the most gutless of ways.

The solution was to blatantly lie about current issues. In time, The National Enquirer soon began to have some competition as tabloids such as Star and the World News sprouted up. Regardless of being a complete joke to most of society, the tabloids still bring in lots of profit in America.

You can not help but think do people honestly believe the garbage inside them? Sadly that answer is yes.

The more popular tabloids such as Star are prized by females ranging from teenagers to middle-aged women. As for the outrageous covers such as the black and white World News, which recently proclaimed Vice President Dick Cheney goes to the hospital so often because he needs his gears changed because in fact the Vice President is a robot, they are beloved by the senior citizen class.

It is a shame that in America "news" has come to this, but at the same time you really must analyze how one acquires a position working for one of these newspapers.

I mean really how hard could it be to completely make up a story once a week? Right now I was able to think of one, "Tom Hanks is Caught Cheating With Pamela Anderson!"

That's money is the bank right there. All I need to do now is make up some quotes and photo shop a picture and wa-la you have got your newest tabloid.

I can already see the cover of Star magazine when nuclear war breaks out globally,

"Aliens Attack Planet Earth; Want Revenge!"

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