Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dear Tim Duncan

Dear Tim Duncan,

Hey man it's me Chris. We have never met, and probably never will. Just wanted to say I am sorry. Sorry for being a part of the group of people who have consistently under appreciated your talents.

Well I am here to say you have convinced me that you are indeed one of the greatest power forwards to ever play the game. Heck, when you probably hang up your shoes you will be the greatest.

Not sure why you had to win 4 championships before I gave you your credit. Most likely it's your quiet demeanor you operate with, or that goofy look you get on your face during a game.

As a basketball fan who loves to study the game, I have come to realize just how exceptional of a player you truly are. Your passing is that of a guard, and that textbook bank shot is a thing of beauty. Through all the criticism, you have kept your head up and continued working hard.

Nothing seems to rattle you, or for that matter make you the least bit upset. At 31 years old most NBA players may be on the down slope of your career. Well believe me, I am convinced you are still very capable of winning a couple more championships.

In fact, I guarantee when you retire you will have at least 6 NBA Championships.

One of the most incredible aspects of your game is not your fluid, grace-like post moves, but rather your instinctive ability to consistently play better come playoff time.

In 10 NBA seasons, you have averaged 21.8 points and 11.9 rebounds per game. Pretty good, yet come the postseason, Mr. Big Fundamental, you are putting up 23.8 points and 12.5 rebounds per game. An astounding increase that leads directly to all the hardware you at your home in San Antonio.

Well I think I have said everything that needed to be said. Bottom line, you are the most underrated player in the NBA today. If not in history. Honestly, has anyone in history ever been under appreciated as much as you have? Really can not think of anyone along those lines who is also a 4 time world champion.

You are the perfect ball player as you do not care about individual awards or stats, you simply care about doing what is absolutely the best thing for the team.

Come to think of it, last guy to do that did not turn out all bad. Ain't that so Bill Russell?


Your Servant

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