Monday, December 01, 2008

The Politics of College Football

As I sit here in the computer lab on a crisp Monday afternoon I can not help by ask myself the age old question, honestly, what has to take place for a playoff to be implemented in division one college football?

Honestly, nothing. Nothing can ever take place for that to happen. Each year is more crazy than the next in the lovely relationship between the Bowl Championship Series and college football. And each year the old men who keep the BCS so blindly look away from the obvious...

This is not right. This is not just.

The Oklahoma Sooners will be going to the Big 12 Championship game over the Texas Longhorns. Yes, Little Johnny the same Texas team that beat Oklahoma.

When the announcement of Oklahoma jumping Texas hit me, I knew the BCS failed again, and during it's existence that seems to have happened quite a lot. For the moment I would like to indulge on the mishaps the BCS has delivered.

2000: During the season the Miami-Florida Hurricanes defeated the Florida State Seminoles. Amazingly, Florida State still jumped Miami to go play Oklahoma for the title.

2001: Miami-Florida finally gets into the championship game where they will play the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The same Cornhusker team that was beaten to a pulp by a two-loss Colorado team. Which leads me to my next statement? Why, oh why, where the Oregon Ducks overlooked? Strength of schedule I suppose...

2003: LSU beats Georgia for the SEC Championship and Oklahoma gets pummeled by Kansas State (35-7). So it should be LSU vs. USC, right? Nope. Oklahoma was so ahead of everyone that despite a 28 point conference championship loss, Oklahoma still went to the Sugar Bowl to play LSU for the title.

And now that leads us up to this year, 2008. I can not understand it. Listen, the Sooners have a terrific team hands down, but to go over Texas?

This is madness.

I have to agree with many college football fans across the country. The BCS is turning into a political game. I mean collecting votes from voters and you can be in office (at the championship game)!

Here's my thinking! Why not have a four team playoff? It does not have to be the typical fan sought after eight team playoff. Oops! I did it again. I am starting to do that "hope" thing again. The hope that the numbskulls running the BCS finally realize a playoff is needed.

Stay tuned for later this week I will rip LSU the lashing it deserves...

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