Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Analysis After Week 1 of NCAA Tournament

The first week of March Madness has passed and despite reason for me to believe I was doing well for once, I, in the end did nothing short of average.

I got 20 out of the 32 teams correct for the second round, and 10 out of 16 teams for the Sweet 16. In case you are wondering for both rounds I correctly made my picks 63% of the time.

Below are 5 thoughts on my good and bad selections of the tournament so far...


1. I successfully called the Western Kentucky and Davidson upsets on Friday. Aaah doesn't get any better than this!

2. Thank you Xavier for being a second half team. I was sweating in the first and some of the second half, but the X-Men did turn it around!

3. I was on the money on selecting Butler to lose to Tennessee in a nail biter. That was my golden moment.

4. I figured Louisville would be a dark horse coming into this tourney, but the way they are playing now I would be pretty sure that dark horse image is gone. Pitino's crew is kicking tail and taking names.

5. The USC/Kansas State game was a coin flip for many people, yet for me I always imaged Michael Beasley getting the upper hand against OJ Mayo in the end. He did.


1. Thank you Clemson! You are up 36-18 and can not hold a lead? Pathetic. Don't talk to me. And then there is Oregon and St. Mary's who can't even hold second half leads . Yes, I will be getting sick thinking over this.

2. Um, yeah, never thought that Davidson would win another game. That completely screwed my bracket!

3. Are you kidding me Duke? You enter the tournament expecting to make noise and you nearly lose to Belmont then you get outplayed by West Virginia. What's going on Coach K? Wait! You can't forget about lovely Pittsburgh! I think the Panthers ended their season disappointing for the 27th consecutive year. Will this school ever live up to expectations.?

4. I would of done better in the first round had I just chosen the higher seed each time. Wow.

5. At least I did not have Kansas State going to the Sweet 16. Whew. Nah, I had them going to the Elite 8. I knew I never should of made that gamble official!

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~MM~ said...

I just saw your comment in my blog, thanks. I enjoy reading yours; sorry my comments tend to turn into novels though : /

You'd be surprised how many people actually do read it, they just don't comment.

I hope you do well with March Madness; I haven't been following it much this year, too much going on.

Enjoy Ü