Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Au Revoir Favre...

The decision was made by Brett Favre. The great QB finally decided to hang his cleats up.

No more speculation; it is official. Brett Favre has retired.

Since the day he took over the starting QB position for the Packers, amazingly, Favre never once missed a single start. An NFL record that surely will hold the test of time.

Still, when one examines all his victories, all his records, you can't help but feel sad. Sad that a grown man has to call it quits on a game he has played since he's been a little boy. Sad that a QB you, as a fan, have always assumed would be on the television, is well, not going to be there come September.

I won't lie I am a bit shaken by all this. Just strange that I feel a sort of connection with Favre, despite the fact I have never met him.

I never met the man, but I feel for him at this moment.

That's how much he met to the game; that's how much he to sports in general. He can make fans like me feel for him without ever having met us.

You can only hope that in our lifetime someone will come along and have the impact on football the way #4 did. You have to give him his credit, you have to acknowledge his ability to continuously play season after season regardless of criticism or pain.

Much like Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, and countless other legends; he played the game because he loved it.

Only now "love" is not enough to continue his playing days, if anything exhaustion has overtaken it all.

Thanks for the good memories Brett Farve, thanks...

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