Sunday, March 09, 2008

Mongolia, Genghis Khan Would Be Ashamed!

Today I am ashamed for the nation of Mongolia. I am ashamed, and I can assure you Genghis Khan is too.

Courtesy of Wikipedia, I was recently surfing the net when I stumbled across the nations of the world and when they joined the Ally side during World War II. The US joined after Pearl Harbor, Bolivia joined after the Declaration by United Nations, Turkey and Lebanon joined after D-Day, but only one nation joined after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Are you kidding me? I mean come on Mongolia after the nukes where dropped the war was over! The only reason you joined was to be on the winning team!

What Mongolia pulled over 63 years ago is nothing short of that little dork in high school who joins the football team as the team is doing really good.

No! It's worse. It would be like the little dork in high school joining the football team right as they scored the go-ahead touchdown in the final seconds of the state championship!

Genghis Khan was a ruthless leader who helped bring the Mongols to the top of the world. He left a legacy and then Mongolia pulls this? Come on man WWII was going on for 5 years and you decide to finally choose a side after the two nukes are dropped!

What happened to dignity!

I'm apalled, but most of all I'm disgusted by the act of bandwagoning the Mongols put on. I'm sorry, Mongolia you aren't a member of the Ally side. You joined too late. That's final!

But I must not forget, God bless you Wikipedia for letting me finally see the terrible secret Mongolia has been hiding for all these years.

The truth must be released, regardless of the tears streaming from Khan's face...


Anonymous said...

Natso left a comment:

Hey, I want to cuss at you, but probably u'll reject my comment.

The whole post is a lie, and you are a dork (stereotypically, and your voice of blog).

Mongolia was ally to Russia since the beginning and supplied horses for ride and sheep and goats for food.

Look up Nomonhan incident and Khalkha river battle.

Japan has been using bioterrorist attacks on northern Mongolian regions and that time was full of spies and s***.

We even have the tank monument in our capital, it's been budgeted and manned by Mongolian little squad and even reached Berlin.

I wrote angrier comment on your blog, but it had some problem on the tags and wasn't published.

Anonymous said...

It's been 63 years can't be give them a break? Besides they are helping us in Iraq and that war has no end in sight.

Anonymous said...

Natso left a comment:

hey, Real deal!

look at the wikipedia.

there is comintern and in it, Mongolia was ally before and during the war.

Now get that post off your blog, at least our national flag. It's too insulting.

Anonymous said...

Natso left a comment:

Oh yeah! If you think Mongols are coward, think again!

The Real Deal said...

I was not aware of the Mongolians involvement with the Soviets in fighting off the Japanese in the Battle of Khalkhyn Gol.

More so than I realized the Mongols assisted the Ally Side, but again they never officially declared to be an Ally tell later in WWII, yet from what you have shown me that is irrelevant considering the country did play a significant role in some aspects of the war.

Furthermore, I never implied Mongols are cowards you manifested that yourself.

I can not take down this blog for the simple reason it would be unfair for me to only keep posted my best articles. Some articles I type, such as this, end up having more holes in it than I expected.

Would it be fair if I only posted people's comments that I agree with? No. So why should I only keep posted my best articles? I must keep posted my articles that I originally published.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you didn't imply it, You directly stated it.

What are you talking about me manifesting cowardice?

You read some misguided information from Wikipedia, and now I corrected you. Isn't that so?

I am not obssessed with trivial stuff, though. Doesn't matter If you keep the post any more, as long as ppl can see comment.

The Real Deal said...

Did I ever write "coward" in my article?


Therefore you are IMPLYING I called Mongols cowards. Yes, I said something about "dignity", but not about the nation coward-like.

Where did I "directly state it" like you claim?