Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Classics

I apologize for not having updated my web site recently. I've just gotten back to Ohio. Baton Rouge to Toledo, Ohio is not a walk down the street. Especially when you spend the night at the Atlanta airport. None the less, there are some GOOD matchups on Thanksgiving for once. Don't get me wrong if there are two 1-9 teams duking it out on Turkey Day, I'll still enjoy it. It's better though when you have a maturing Detroit Lions team taking on an up and down Atlanta Falcons team. Yet, the better matchup will be the Denver Broncos at the Dallas Cowboys. It will be the first time since 1979 two first place teams have played each other on Thanksgiving Day. Because I am so late with my predictions and with all the holiday hoopla going on I only had time to predict the games taking place on Thanksgiving Day....

Atlanta Falcons @ Detriot Lions

Storyline: Atlanta is on a 2 game losing streak, and the Lions are well....the Lions. Lions need to get some consistency from Mr. Harrington. Is that going to happen? Probably not. Vick seems to be fumbling quite a lot lately. On the contrary, Vick is throwing the ball nicely. First round pick Rod White is starting to come around.

Fantasy Star: Warrick Dunn. The Lions are not good against the run. Warrick is a shifty back who can run and catch the ball out of the backfield. Expect him to get loose a number of times against the Lions.

Prediction: Is ATL really going to lose 3 straight? I think Vick and Dunn will give Mooch a handful, but I still think Detroit will win this one. Why? It's Thanksgiving and Lions always play well on Turkey Day. Besides the Falcons are not looking great now. There motivation will be down with 2 tough losses. As for Detroit, they will be fired up once again to compete on Thanksgiving.

Lions 31 Falcons 29

Denver Broncos @ Dallas Cowboys

Storyline: This will a sort of playoff game for both teams. Cowboys have surprised everyone with their impressive record. Parcells really does know how to win. The Broncos are once again rolling through the season with a good record. But for once they actually seem like they are a team capable of doing some playoff damage. Lately, Shannan's teams have just fallen apart come playoff time. (Think Indy past two years.)

Fantasy Star: Mike Anderson. He was able to hold off Tatum Bell for the starting job. Anderson had an awesome 3 touchdowns last week, but the big question is this Thursday. Can Anderson be productive on a stingy defense that knows he is in fact the man who's in charge of carrying the offense? It'll be a tough job for Mike, but something tells me he is up for the challenge.

Prediction: I think who ever is the home team is the winner in a game like this. Cowboys are really starting to take command of the NFC. Parcells wants to continue to show America that these guys are for real. Shannan will catch Parcells off guard a few times, but not enough to beat Dallas.

Cowboys 28 Broncos 23

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