Tuesday, November 15, 2005

#1 American Sport? HA! Football by a field length!

Once again the weekend flew by and once again I am back at work on trigonometry. Though as I sit here at my computer I must point out the obvious. The obvious fact that the one consistent, enjoyable, and efficient professional sport of America is the NFL. Year in and year out the NFL produces memorable seasons. Of course the MLB and the NBA have intense years, but those leagues seemed to have fallen from the ranks of being the best. In the MLB you have the whole debacle with steroids. And until two seasons ago NBA play was down tremendously. The games were just 9 guys standing around while one superstar dribbled the ball threw his leg ten times and shoot the ball from half court. Yes, the NFL did have it's troubles in the 1980's with a shortened season, and yes there has been talk about salary issues that could arise in the future causing distress in the league. As far as I'm concerned everything is going fine with the league. Being a Saints fan it is pretty clear that I will not be witnessing many winning seasons. None the less, I am still able to enjoy the league games to the fullest. With the equal payroll that exists in the NFL, teams are able to better themselves. Look at baseball, I mean the Yankees are at such an advantage in the free agency market with there $800 million payroll. (Yet, they still can't win another World Series title.) How are teams like the Detroit Tigers and Tampa Bay Devil Rays ever going to be able to get the talent to win consistently? The complete opposite can be said in the NFL. Because of the equal payroll, Bill Belichick was able to build the New England Patroits into a destiny. For me football is just flat out awesome. It is a game that will always require 100% teamwork, along with everyone's favorite....bonecrushing hits. On Saturday I get to watch LSU and then on Sunday I can sit down and enjoy some intriguing NFL matchups. You don't have to worry about a player's strike occurring anytime soon, or the teamwork on teams dropping. The league does have it's flaws, but overall it is doing pretty darn well. Commissioner Paul Tagliabue has enforced strict drug testing rules that will prevent the NFL from ever going into the steroid scandal taking place in Major League Baseball. All in all, the NBA and MLB both have there positives, but none as powerful as the one the NFL holds. More revenue is generated, more advertisements are made, and more people tune into the NFL than any other professional league in the United States of America. 'Nuff said.

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