Friday, November 04, 2005

His World...

For quite some time we have all heard his scolding and complaining towards those around him. The individual Terrell Owens is such an energetic player on and off the field. Though as he comes into the spotlight time in and time out one thought stays with me. Terrell Owens is a Me guy. I don't care what all these analysts say, much less even Terrell himself. His constant criticism of McNabb along with the Eagles organization has made it crystal clear to me that number 81 just simply cares about just about himself. I adore the comments on how Owens agrees the Eagles would be undefeated if Brett Favre were playing for Philly. It seems everytime a big issue comes up with him, he sinks even lower. I love this act he puts on about the relationship he has with McNabb. Then in two weeks he lashes out about how McNabb is not playing his hardest or something to that degree. All in all, I think Terrell Owens in a selfish football player who loves the attention the media gives him. I think he is full of it when he tells reporters he does not care about his stats, just about winning. He has done an impressive job if I may say on manipulating the media and world into thinking he is this innocent man who just wants to play football. Honestly who in this league has comments to the extreme as Owens about their current team and organization? Nobody. Sure you could say Moss, but Moss let out his anger when he was done being a Viking. Men like him make the NFL look like a group of aristocratic athletes who think they are gods on earth. Terrell does us all a favor, shut up and play football. Hmm, now that I think of it. What current athlete plays with that thinking? That's right, Marvin Harrison. Maybe Owens could learn a thing or two from Peyton's right arm. 'Nuff said.

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