Sunday, November 27, 2005

LSU/Arkansas Afterthoughts

After LSU held on for a 19-17 win against Arkansas I can say I am just pleased we were able to hold on. I am still baffled by the very fact that LSU put themselves in a situation of losing to a 4-6 ball club at Death Valley. Even though he has grown so much over this past season, JaMarcus Russell still displayed that inconsistency that causes every LSU Tiger fan to lose sleep. The way JaMarcus ran the offense in the late second half was just like that of the Tennessee game. The deep ball that was picked off sent shivers down my spine as I realized the great possibility of a Razorback victory. To blame the poor performance all on Mr. Russell is absolutely bogus. It did not help that numerous passes were dropped by the wide recievers or how Justin Vincent coughed up a fumble. As unimpressive as LSU looked, Arkansas has to be given credit for the great fight they put up. The more I watch Arkansas football, the more I realize that Houston Nutt is in fact a one of a kind coach. Coach Nutt brought a Razorback team to Baton Rouge ready to pull off the upset. Despite their losing record, Houston believed he could win. Being in a state such as Arkansas, it is quite evident Houston Nutt won't be getting the top athletes of the nation as opposed to schools like Texas and USC. None the less, Coach Nutt always seems to muster together teams that give the Bayou Bengals trouble. When down 19-3, Coach Nutt was able to pull the team together and give Les Miles a run for his money. Overall LSU did not look like the SEC West Champs at all this past Friday. Yet, do not forget that they still did win. I have watched many LSU/Arkansas games in the past where Houston Nutt ruined LSU's season. Two examples would be the 14-3 loss in 2000 and the 21-20 loss in 2002. That loss in 2002 kept LSU out of the SEC Championship Game. Looking back it was a rough game to watch. Just thinking how we blew a 16 point lead still causes my stomach to become uneasy. The Tigers will be ready come Saturday in Atlanta. Unlike Georgia this coming weekend, the team seemed a little bit too relaxed going into their season finale game against Arkansas. All the players realize they are quite forunate to have escaped Friday with a win. To prove it was nothing but a fluke, LSU will come out fired up to take on the Bulldogs of Athens. I don't know who will win this SEC Championship Showdown, but I do know the Tigers will be ready.

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Anonymous said...

Well stated. I agree that Nutt is one of the best. Rumor has it that he turned down LSU last year when Saban bailed. Is there any truth to that?