Monday, November 07, 2005

LSU/App. St.

I had the joy of sitting right behind the players bench in this showdown. LSU did not originally schedule to play App. State I can't remember who backed out Houston or Oklahoma. Anyway the quarterback for App. State was said by Coach Miles to be the toughest man under center the Tigers defense will have faced all year. He reminds me a bit of Steve McNair. Like McNair, Williamson can scramble and throw the long ball. Also both athletes went to small off the map schools. (McNair attended Alcorn State.) Enough with App. State, the Tigers still committed some silly penalties, but that defense looked superb once again. I would rather have won 24-0, then say something like 42-7. That zero looks so good. The offense had trouble getting points up on the board once again. Look for the offense to really be in the flow of things come this Saturday. Overall, lets hope these past two games will have tuned up the LSU Tigers football squad enough to the point where they can go into Alabama and beat the undefeated Tide.

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