Wednesday, November 16, 2005

+/- for the 5 Worst/5 Best Teams of the NFL

5 Best

1. Indianapolis Colts (9-0)

+ The defense is looking great and this squad can really run the tables at being undefeated.

- Want to go undefeated? They have to win at Cincy, Jacksonville, and Seattle. They will also have to win at home against the Steelers and Chargers.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-2)

+ There record is impressive considering Big Ben has not played the whole season.

- The injury to Big Ben is more serious than originally thought.

3. Denver Broncos (7-2)

+ Jake the Snake is finally playing like the quarterback we all thought he'd be.

- Doesn't Denver always look impress during the regular season and then come postseason time they lose a wildcard game?

4. Carolina Panthers (7-2)

+ WR Steve Smith is truthfully something very special.

- Their RB situation is always a question mark.

5. Seattle Seahawks (7-2)

+ Shaun Alexander is one dominating, touchdown machine. He doesn't nearly get the exposure he deserves.

- Seahawks, much like the Broncos have a good regular season, but seem to always choke in the wild card games.

5 Worst

1. Houston Texans (1-8)

+ The team has sustained a lot of key injuries that have hindered their play on both sides of the ball.

- The once thought rising football club is 1-8. Most likely spring cleaning will be in effect come the offseason.

2. San Francisco 49ers (2-7)

+ This squad is young, inexperienced, and QB-less. Though through all that they still have managed 2 surprising wins.

- This QB situation is insane. Cody Pickett is starting...the 4th stringer! Are you kidding? Next in line is the waterboy.

3. Arizona Cardinals (2-7)

+ Their best offensive players are quite the youngsters: Boldin, Fitzgerald, and Arrington.

- Dennis Green is in his 3rd season and still no success. When will the losing stop?

4. Baltimore Ravens (2-7)

+ Kyle Boller, who has been injured since Week 1, is at full strength and ready to return to action.

- Boller doesn't seem to be developing. Even when he's healthy numbers are not being put up.

5. New Orleans Saints (2-7)

+ The team has lost every possible way imaginable, and let's not forget the tragedy Hurricane Katrina caused.

- Aaron Brooks isn't what we thought he was, the team might move, and the second half of the schedule is even harder.

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