Monday, November 21, 2005

Oh Michael We All Love You!

Did anyone hear Michael Vick's postgame comments after the Buccaneer loss? Mr. Vick was complaining about the officiating. He was disgusted how the refs seemed to be favoring the Bucs. Favoring? Please don't tell me you said favoring. How about that Saints/Falcons game earlier in the year? Now Michael do you remember how Todd Peterson missed a chance at a game winning field goal? Was it not the refs who threw a silly flag that gave your team another chance? I thought so. Don't tell me about unfair refs because the following week the Saints got hosed again during the closing minutes at St. Louis. I could not have enjoyed the way the Falcons lost anymore. Vick had a key fumble that lead to the game winning points for Tampa. To ice it off, on a last ditch effort the Falcons missed a field goal. 'Nuff said.

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