Monday, November 28, 2005


It's about time the Saints won another game. I was starting to get sick of watching them lose every weekend. That six game losing streak needed to end. Not a better team to end it against than the New York Jets, who like the Saints are pretty much enduring a very forgettable season. Aaron Brooks was not himself Sunday night. He didn't throw any interceptions which is not like him at all. When the team needed a score, Mr. Brooks was able to succeed to the fullest. His third touchdown of the day that gave New Orleans the lead for good, was a 30 yard strike to Devery Henderson the former LSU Tiger. I could go on about the fact that the D looked better than usual or how the offense in general wasn't plagued with as many penalties. Though, let me be honest I would be happy if the Saints won 4-2. It's just nice to see the team get a much needed win during this disastrous season. I can only continue to hope that Haslett has the team playing it's hardest each and every week. Through all the turmoil he has been able to keep the team focused and competitive. Each week the Saints come out ready to win.

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