Friday, November 04, 2005

Saints vs. Dolphins

I went to the Saints/Dolphins game Sunday. The organization for picking up your tickets was very poorly done, none the less the atmosphere was good. I got into stadium with 5 minutes left in the first quarter due to the inefficiency of the Ticket Pick Up window. I had nosebleed seats and tried to get closer, but that never worked. The fans were there, the noise was there, even the beer, but not the team. The defense had little luck making the big stops on long 3rd downs. Though I came to one conclusion after the game. Aaron Brooks is not the winner we thought he was. I have been with him since that magical 2000 season and I will continue to support him till the end of this year, but he does not have it. The guy has the arm, he has the strength, but he does not have the brains. The safety in the game was so silly. Don't get be wrong the offensive line was the equivalent to folding chairs. I am sure Brooks tries his hardest each and every game, but it just looks like he gets use to losing. I mean I do not have a picture in my mind of Brooks going on the field and not giving a damn. He does, but I just think afterward the loss gets to him. Though as the week rolls on he gets use to it. That's just my take. I feel bad for the guy. I really do. His confidence is nonexistence now. The team needs to do what is best come the end of the season. They need to clear out the coaching staff and get a new quarterback. Things just are not working out. 'Nuff said.

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