Sunday, October 23, 2005


I thought I had seen every possible way for the Saints to lose a game. Then John Carney missed the extra point after the amazing triple lateral final play. Wait, we can't forget about the Saints/Falcons game last week were the refrees gave Falcons' kicker Todd Peterson a generous second attempt. Though once again Saints lost another game, another heartbreaking way. And for the second straight week, the single changing event that lead to the Saints defeat had nothing to do with say... an Aaron Brooks's interception or a Donte' Stallworth fumble. The Rams were without Marc Bulger, Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, and their head coach Mike Martz. In addition, Saints scored on their first two possessions going up 14-0. Yet as the game went on the lead evaporated. Down 21-17, Brooks and the Saints had one more chance. Though it does not help when FOX once again points out the fact Brooks has had 17 4th quarter comebacks. Everytime they point that out the game is done. Saints lose. Everytime. On a crticial play, Brooks guns a pass to Ernie Conwell who juggles it but none the less, while tangling with a cornerback lands on his back with the ball on this chest. Conwell is down...right? A St. Louie player picks it up and runs 66 yards for the score. This can't be? Conwell was down. You can clearly see on the instant replay Conwell was in fact down. So would not the play be dead? Refrees thought Conwell was juggling it so the touchdown stands. Challenge it! New Orleans was out of timeouts. Alright, but because there is 1:55 left in the game the booth upstairs can view it, right? No they can't because even though there is under 2:00 the officials never officially declared 'Two Minute Warning.' That sums everything up. It is the 2:00 warning so just because they do not say 'Two Minute Warning' then it technically isn't even the two minute warning? Wow. Nuff said. Saints got a raw deal. And for the second straight week the NFL officials can kiss my left butt cheek.

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