Sunday, October 23, 2005

LSU/Auburn game

I attended the LSU/Auburn game last night. My dad and younger brother came down for the slugfest. Quite the amount of excitement. Tiger Stadium had an awesome atmosphere. After the big win against the Gators, LSU knew they had to cut down on turnovers and penalties. The offense overall did not look that impress. JaMarcus Russell missed some practices this past week and Coach Miles said during the Auburn game the playbook was trimmed so pain would not be felt in his shoulder. It seemed like something had to be wrong with Russell. His passes were continuously hitting the ground. After suffering through the 10-9 loss last year to Auburn I have to say I am glad John Vaughn missed 5 field goals. After all it was quite lucrative that Mr. Vaughn was even given a second chance during last year's showdown. I am also iffy about the cornerbacks. We could not stop the pass...and the run. LSU has a lot to work on still, but the heart was there. I will give JaMarcus a lot of credit for once again leading the team to a tying field goal. In conclusion, the important thing is LSU won. It was not pretty, but beating Auburn anyway is a huge plus.

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