Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Still A Chance....

I came into the NFL season thinking the New Orleans Saints could be a powerful force. They upgraded in the offseason and showed great signs of improvement. For once, it seemed the whole chaotic situation with Aaron Brooks and Jim Haslett was finally going to be settled. That was until Hurricane Katrina crushed the Gulf Coast. At a time like this you would never think that an owner of a team would consider about moving a franchise. But I guess you do not know Tom Benson. When the city of New Orleans fell to the ground, Tom Benson kicked it in the face by advancing in talks about moving the franchise to the Alamo. Unless something miraclous happens (Tom Benson recieves a much needed heart attack) the Saints are set to move to San Antonio. The best of circumstances would be that some time in the future New Orleans would be granted a team again. But let's be honest, who wants to wait 3-5 years for a team? I for sure don't, but by the looks of it I have no choice. None the less the Saints still have a chance to do some damage. Yes, that is quite the outrageous thing to think. The Saints are 2-4 and do not show any signs of making a second half surge. The Deuce is out, Joe Horn is still injured, and Mr. Aaron Brooks is as consistent as say....John Starks? Despite these negative facts I still believe....better yet, I still have faith. I just find it hard to comprehend that the last year they are tagged with the name 'New Orleans' the team will do lousy. If there was one movie I wish the Saints could mirror there season off of, it would have to be Major League. Just maybe some magic gets running and all the pieces fall together. Just maybe that unthinkable season happens and everyone can get that much needed sigh of relief during this great time of turmoil. I can see it now, "Nomadic Saints Run the Tables!" But then again why should I think this team will recieve good fortune? I mean they are only known as the Saints.

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