Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Major League of Steriods

I must be honest. I am not a big baseball fan at all. In fact I get bored very easily watching the game. I mean I will root for local teams and the Boston Red Sox just for my best friend's pleasure, but that's it. None the less baseball is a big part of the sports world. And the more and more I see highlights of games the more and more I realize the gigantic problem brewing in the sport. Yes, there is a competitive race to get into the playoffs going on, but look at the big picture. The steriod picture. It seems to me the media keeps pushing away the obvious facts. Only one man has come out and said what needed to be said. Ricky Reilly of Sports Illustrated had a great article discussing steriod use in the Major League of Steriods. He clearly said what needs to be said. I for one, will say it. Nothing iffy just straight what needs to be said. Barry Bonds, Raf Palemiro, Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa are all cheaters. That right I said it, cheaters. No way around it. They cheated the game of baseball. Sure there's more to baseball than being strong, but lets not stretch anything. Steriods does take your game to a new level. Steriods take an average hitter and turn him into a big and buff, swinging juggernaut. I am just so sick of all these players who have been caught cheating, yet the media and Major League Baseball still let them slip through the cracks. If McGwire had any class like Giambi he would have fessed up to using steriods. Instead, Big Mac replied he only wanted to talk about the future. Wow. Where do you begin with that one? A player is brought in on steriod accusations, but he does not want to talk about the past only the future. The accusations get even better when you talk about Mr. Barry Bonds. What an amazing story. So let me get this right Barry a sneaky, little man was secretly rubbing a cream on you that did not know was steriods? That is more pathetic sounding than an Aaron Brooks four interception Sunday. All in all, I am just sick and tired of this drama surrounding baseball. Where's the drama? You can just look at the fact and see that Bonds, McGwire, Palemiro, and Sosa are guilty. Did you know Barry's head grew three sizes in one season? ONE SEASON! Enough said.

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