Thursday, November 30, 2006

Vick's Apology Overshadows Actions

Before I begin my rant on the most recent Michael Vick story have it be known I have never been a big fan of the fellow. I can not stand his attitude, king-like demeanor, and the whole Ron Mexico story. (That's a tale for another time.)
This past Sunday the Atlanta Falcons lost for the fourth straight week. The team is 5-6 and criticism is everywhere in Hotlanta. Fingers are sure to be pointed, and in Sunday's case...flipped. Vick was frustrated after having rushed for 166 yards on 12 carries (not bad) and watching a number of his passes flat out dropped by his receivers. When fans heckle, retatilation is a big possibility. (Isn't that right Michael Richards?)
I am here to say as a Saints' fan I forgive you Mr. Vick. I mean come on who hasn't flashed the bird? We all have whipped it out at a party, behind someone's back, during church. (Okay I apologize. The last one crossed the line.) The point is Vick made a mistake and recognized it. Him manning up to his actions and paying the fine is the most important part. It's over so move on and start worrying about other issues!

(Such as the Saints putting up a goose egg against the 49ers this Sunday.)

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