Thursday, November 09, 2006

LSU/Tennessee Post Game Thoughts

Yes, I realize it is late in the week for me to be giving my thoughts on a game nearly a week ago. Well too bad cause here they are.

First things first, LSU beat an 8th ranked Tennessee Volunteer team in their own backyard. Don't overlook that. Neyland Stadium is a 100,000+ seat stadium that can be incredibly intimindating for a visiting team.

Anyway, here are my thoughts postgame....

1. For yet another LSU game, Tigers got screwed on a blown call by the refree. I am sorry but to me it looked pretty doggone convincing that on that punt the ball did hit a fellow Vols hand.

2. LSU still is shooting themselves in the foot. Twice up 21-17 LSU got into Tennessee territory and turned it over. The game should never have come down to that Russell touchdown pass.

3. JaMarcus made some dumb mistakes, but he made up for it by having 3 solid touchdown drives. The player I was most disappointed with was Dwayne Bowe. I could not believe how many balls went right through his hands...and that fumble at midfield. Those are freshman mistakes by a senior.

4. Les Miles's comments after halftime were a very good thing for the Tiger Nation to see. LSU fans have always had the impression Miles does not have much emotion. That all changed Saturday. He needs to continue to do that. No not cuss at reporters but show that extra emotion.

Next game: Alabama

Prediction: Bama is coming off of a home loss to Mississippi State. I think that is the first time in six years the Bulldogs have won a SEC road game. LSU is coming off an emotional win against the Vols. This could be a trap game for the Tigers. These teams are rivals so you never know. Alabama's season is already down the drain so they have nothing to lose. Regardless, I feel Tigers get a good grip on the game.

LSU 31 Alabama 14

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