Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sloppy Saints

A week off of a 7 point loss to the Steelers, the Saints were determined to go back to N.O. and beat the Cincinnati Bengals. Unfortunately, winning in anything is hard to do when you shoot yourself in the foot. Sure Brees threw for 510 yards, but 3 INTs? Yeek. 2 INTs where thrown by Drew inside of the Cincy 10 yard line. It doesn't get more painful than to watch your QB throw an INT that close to the end zone. To make matters worse, the 3rd INT was not thrown deep inside the Bengals' territory. Instead, it was thrown around where it was taken back for 6 points.

Main reason for the Saints recent slide is...

1. Defense. Earlier in the year they were a consistant, effective unit. Now, N.O. is giving up 200 yards rushing one game, followed by 200 yards receiving another.

2. Get the ball to Joe Horn more. I know he's still recovering, but #87 has always had a knack for making the big play. Use that ability.

3. Stop beating yourself, getting silly penalties. Make the opponent have to beat you. Ex: Throwing 2 INTs inside the opponents 10 yard line.

Next game: @ ATL

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