Wednesday, November 22, 2006

For Some It Ain't All About Money

Fresh off of winning the National Championship, the Florida Gators are ready to make a run at title #2. Behind this team's hopes is junior forward phenomenon Joakim Noah. As dominating as Noah was last March, his impact will be felt even more after he decided to pass up on the being the #1 pick in the NBA draft. The quote below is one said by Noah in a recent interview. It is nothing short of powerful.

"People say, 'You could have been the Number 1 pick in the NBA draft! Why did you come back?'" says Joakim Noah. "I'm not in a situation where I need money to put food on the table, and I just feel like it would be that more special for me and my teammates to stay as a group. There's nothing like the college environment. My stock might drop- and it probably will with Greg Oden around- but it's not about that."

Honestly, how can you not have respect for a guy like Noah? He is someone who passed up millions because quite frankly, he was not ready to leave the college environment.

When his time is done at Florida, I will not be surprised if years down the road they are still talking about him...

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