Sunday, November 12, 2006

Saints Meltdown Up North

Going into the game, the Pittsburgh Steelers were an uncharacteristic 2-6. The Saints at 6-2 going into the game knew that Pittsburgh was much better than their record indicated. Nonetheless, Saints came out flat, started playing well, and finished flat.

The 38-31 loss against the Steelers was a disappointing one. Not because of the mere fact N.O. lost, but how they lost. Turnovers and sloppy tackling. Coming into the second half, Saints had a 24-17. In the 30 minutes of play that were left in the game, Saints gave up 2 70+ yard runs by Willie Parker, 2 fumbles on offense by Reggie Bush and Terrence Cooper, and an inability to make tackles.

Now there were some positives in the game. Drew Brees. His play was excellent. When a play breaks down, Brees has the unique ability to make a play. That throw to Aaron Stecker for 48 yards is a perfect example.

Along with Brees the other impressive performance was by Marques Colston. As a rookie this Hofstra graduate is making plays like a seasoned veteran. 10 catches for 169 yards? That's amazing and Offensive Rookie of the Year material.

Next week: Cincinnati Bengals.

Off of a tough loss to the San Diego Chargers 49-41, Cincy will be coming into New Orleans.


Anonymous said...

Saints suck - what do you expect?

Anonymous said...

Day three - Saints still suck - what do you think?

The Real Deal said...

Bet you aren't saying that anymore!